How to Determine Brand Personality

How to Determine Brand Personality

You know you’re all grown up when you’re
sending pictures of yourself to friends and family for the holidays. I realized as I was writing a blog post this
weekend that I talk a lot about developing your brand personality and I don’t think
I’ve ever actually talked to you about how the heck you would even know what your brand
personality is. The key to reaching an audience online to
be personable and likeable and sometimes when you’re hiding behind a logo it’s hard
to figure out exactly how to project that. So if you’re one of those brands that’s
not really sure exactly what your personality should be so that you can relax a little on
the business side and really connect with your followers I have some ideas for you to
help you figure it out. First of all no matter what you do in terms
of marketing, social media, PR, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing
when it comes to your business and your brand you should have a goal. Maybe you have two
goals, usually you only have one and that has to do with making money in some capacity.
So whatever that goal is, that is always top of mind. No matter what you’re doing. Once you have that ironed out, which you should
if you have a business plan or if you’re just a brand and you just sort of navigating
the idea of being a business you still should have a goal and once you’ve ironed that
out, it’s a pretty big indication of where your personality can originate. Aside from your main goal, we have to look
at exactly what your brand is. You might be a personal brand in which case there is a
person whose personality is weighing heavily on what that business is to become. Or you
might just be a business with a business name and a logo but there could be a personality
who is a big presence of that brand. Or you might be neither of those things, just be
a company, and nobody is really stepping forward and saying ‘by the way I’m the one talkin’
to y’all.’ First of all, if you’re the last one you
need to make a change because nobody likes to talk to a logo. They don’t make friends
with a logo or a company. They make friends with the people that are within the company.
So there should be one individual that is speaking out and saying ‘by the way, you’re
talking to Heather from ABC Company when you’re talking to this account’ so people feel
like they’re actually connecting with an individual, not a various group of people
who may or may not respond at some point. Those businesses with a personal brand that’s
very active really have an advantage here because there are a lot of personality traits
that are going to come out of an individual and those personality traits can weigh on
how you decide the brand itself has a personality. So I’m kind of talking in circles here.
I’m sorry about that. So I feel like I need to give you an example. And that would be
I’m Amy Schmittauer. They call me Schmittastic on Twitter. And this is a video for
Savvy Sexy Social is its own brand but because I do a lot of video, I am clearly the one
that responds to a lot of tweets and other status updates online, my face is sometimes
within my branding on social networks, that makes me a strong personal presence for the
brand, therefore my personality is fair play. So you’re going to get a lot of sarcasm,
and witty, and fun but you’re also going to learn about digital PR and how you can
take advantage of it for you business. I think it’s a pretty good combination, wouldn’t
you say? The last thing I want you to consider is a
big part of having a personality is not being business all the time. And that means taking
into consideration the indirect topics that have to do with your business. For instance
you could be a business that is in the food industry. So you’re a cook, or your share
a certain type of recipes on your website, you make money by selling food recipe diet
consulting, something like that. Something in the food industry. You could easily tap
into the latest holiday flavored Pringles and talk about how ridiculous they are. When
you talk about things that are outside of your business strategy and are just fun and
easy to engage with you’re going to get more of a personality around your brand and
certainly more interaction with your followers. Cause really who needs peppermint candy cane
Pringles? Nobody I know. So don’t be the business that’s like ‘why
am I on Twitter? People always just show pictures of the food that they’re eating.’ That
is not an excuse not to use social media but you do need to take a cue from that people
are just there to share their lives and they want you to share your life behind your business
plan. If you want to connect with people then you need to show them that there is somebody
to connect with behind that logo. That’s all for today. I really appreciate
you tuning in. Make sure you continue the conversation on Twitter @Schmittastic and
of course @SavvySexySocial. Definitely subscribe to this video and my newsletter is in the
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And I hope you have a fantastic rest of your week. I’ll see you on the next one.

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  1. Are you seriously going to put a video up on christmas? That is dedication! Love your attitude! I just got myself some work for the next weeks apart from studying… Wooo for the working girls!

  2. "Ironing out" is a great phrase to describe it. It took me a while to iron out my own brand and it turned out being completely the opposite of what I expected. But it's what people respond too. Love the video. We should do a collab sometime. We have the same amount of subscribers and the same target market.

  3. Thank you for your comment, Renae. I would love to connect. I absolutely adore what you're doing for the families in Connecticut and I really want to join. I'm a mom of a beagle, but my mother is an elementary school teacher and my sister has a 7 year old daughter. I'm all in. You're in Vegas? Are you going to be at Blogworld or CES in January? I'll be at both. Email me!

  4. Thanks for your help with the cause. Love beagles. So cute! I would LOVE to go to Blogworld or CES but January is my busiest season for my stationery biz. I even order groceries cuz I can't leave the house. πŸ™‚ But seriously, if you're here let's meat for lunch and we can come up with something fun to put on both our channels! You are such a character. I can imagine us getting kicked out of Starbucks!

  5. thanks for the advice Amy but did you really just jam up your home office desk against the wall – doesn't look comfy if you wanna lean back

  6. Hi Amy, I just came across your channel last week. So far you are helping me develop my brand and videos. I hope to have videos up soon. Thank you for all the information.

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