How to Draw People | Drawing Tutorials

57 thoughts on “How to Draw People | Drawing Tutorials

  1. You did a good job with the video. Don't let these negative people tell you otherwise. Editor, focus on the paper please. This is coming from a learner and not a marketer or video editor. TY 🙂

  2. " what I really recommend is getting a small wooden mannequin"
    What I really recommend is getting a lighter foundation

  3. I found this very helpful. Don't feel bad because some people didn't like your makeup. If they were really here to learn, they wouldn't care.

  4. whatever your opinion is on this video and/or her skills, you don't have to be that rude. who cares about her makeup anyways?!? I am a little bothered by her drawing too. but geez don't be mean

  5. I personally find it very mean-spirited to make negative comments about other people's make-up, clothing, speech, etc. No one's perfect.

  6. this is so helpful thanks so much! seriously, who could NOT draw people good after watching this video? thats kinda sad if they cant draw after seeing this

  7. You're not teaching anything you are just going through the motions and not stopping in between and explaining things and why. This is not teaching. Someone can easily just follow what you are doing but no real explanation or steps. Try again.

  8. If she bothering you Don watch it you don't have to be so mean . The only reason why yall are mean is because most of yall have nothing else to do anyway. First , I'm not that kind of people that uses cus words to be mean one I love god. I know people say I can't prove that but you can see a miracle eventually . I'm not giving up on anything

  9. You guys are literally assholes. You clicked on a tutorial about drawing to comment on a persons make up, etc?

  10. Why are there pastels and paints all around the paper when you're not going to use them? I guess it's just my 19% OCD kicking in, but it gets on my nerves.

  11. Good for beginners. The camera person should have stayed on the drawing much more. Beginners need to study the drawing and every time the camera pulled back to her speaking, it was a distraction. Yes, we can pause the video on the drawing, but I think it would have been better to just focus on the drawing after her initial introduction. She was a good, clear speaker and broke it down into simple steps. And calling a cylinder a rectangle made it simpler for beginners to understand. A rectangle with curved ends is easier to understand than just using the word cylinder. My advice for all the self-righteous commenters: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

  12. Thanks alot this video helps me in my drawing career cause my drawing is quiet childish and i have troubles on drawing the legs, it always annoys me every time i draw,but now i draw better than before again thanks (im 12 BTW)

  13. Can people just get over the whole makup thing her makup is fine and why dont you try to learn sumthin from her instead of being rude

  14. Thank you! This was really helpful. Ignore all of the hate comments because a lot of these views are people who you have helped 🙂

  15. A really easy position that I'm doing is an 'At Ease' pose. Simple, without the hands, and a basic 2d look on human proportions.

  16. “Having time to relax, to unwind to let go of stress to tap into my piece and enjoy the creative process”. I GOT AN AUDITION IN LESS THAN A DAY AND I HAVE TO RELAXX???

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