How To Eat Natural Healthy Whole Food With a Busy Lifestyle – Prostate PSA Success Story

How To Eat Natural Healthy Whole Food With a Busy Lifestyle – Prostate PSA Success Story

My name is Joseph Porcelli. New York born
and raised that’s my story. It’s Elmo and Cookie Monster. Right now I
live on Long Island in New York. I’m originally from Brooklyn New York. my
office is located in midtown Manhattan in the heart of midtown Manhattan. I’m an
art director for an apparel company which is where I’m headed right now. I’m
on my lunch break. I commute every day on the Long Island
Rail Road. What’s not to like about New York City I
mean it is the greatest city in the world everybody who comes here knows is
that this is there’s so much going on any time today any day of the week
there’s just so much going on and there’s so much energy there’s so much
culture it’s very fast-paced which sometimes when you work in that
environment it can be a little stressful and overwhelming. I love my wife and my
two sons Joseph and Michael they’re very important to me that’s why I try to keep
myself as healthy as I possibly can because I want to make sure I could
provide for them and always be around for them so I want to keep myself
healthy I think cancer is so prevalent nowadays
especially compared to when I was younger I don’t remember hearing so many
people getting it so often I went to my doctor that I would normally do every
year for my annual physical he suggested I start having my annual PSA test which
checks for prostate cancer but after the initial one every year would go up a
little bit and then from one year to the next and actually doubled so my doctor
saw this as a bit of a red flag. I was put on
antibiotics and things like that I never felt the antibiotics worked really doing
it there’s a lot of confusion out there every day it’s;
oh this causes cancer oh that doesn’t cause good you should take this you
shouldn’t take this I’ll take this vitamin is good this vitamin isn’t good
it’s always changing every day every day I knew that I was never really eating
enough fruits and vegetables that was one thing that I always felt that I
could improve upon but I just didn’t know how to do it I just whether it was
time or whatever it is I just didn’t do it I was so used to eating the diet that
I always ate. Hello can I have the tuna the tuna sandwich and I’ll take a… give me this blueberry banana cake. So when I heard about Balance of Nature sounds
and interesting I was a little skeptical because you know how can you have this
in a pill and all that in a pill it sounds like something from the Jetsons I
went on it I said what the heck I took a leap of faith and I started taking the
balance of nature and I really thought it was something good right from the
beginning. Went back for my next PSA test my blood return much lower so I said
could it really be that this Balance of Nature had that much of an effect now
keep in mind at this point I had already stopped vitamins and I didn’t I really
wasn’t doing anything else so it said this could possibly be
because it is the only other thing, the only thing in my life that was different
six months later still being on the Balance of Nature
was even lower. So now really had a downtrend now I knew beyond the shadow
of a doubt this was definitely working this was good stuff.
And in fact my last PSA test the numbers were lower than they’ve ever been since
I first started having my blood work done when I was 39 or 40. That’s it that
is what is helping me sustain my low PSA I don’t have any more of that confusion
because now I’m not having to worry about, oh I shouldn’t be taking this or I should be taking that or shouldn’t eat it in this because what’s
in it is food. Fruits and vegetables are good for you there’s never going to be a
dispute over that. Aside from cancer I know Balance of Nature helps with the
smaller illnesses the kind of the day-to-day illnesses. For myself in two
years that I’ve been on it I don’t even think I’ve had a cold not never mind the
flu not even nothing close to the flu. I want so much for other people to
experience that you know that good health that sense of wellness you know I
always try to tell as many people that are willing to listen about it. Everyone
will say to me you know… Look, what is it with you with this Balance of
Nature you’re always talking about it you work for them when you’re getting a
kickback like do you get paid for or do you get free
products every time you have someone go on it and I tell no not at all that’s
not that’s totally not the case it’s not one of those companies where it’s like a
pyramid or something like that I believe in it so much and I wanna and I want to
see my friends and family see when you discover something that’s
great unless you’re a selfish person and you don’t want to hold on to it. You want to share all this great news. My answer to them to that question
about are you getting paid for this how you working for them is absolutely not
you know I’m just a customer. My name is Joe, my wife and I take Balance of Nature
along with our two sons, because we know that it’s keeping us healthy, and we’re
getting our fruits and veggies every day. you

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  1. Meet Joe Porcelli! Our newest highlighted success story. Here Joe describes what it's like to live a fast paced, busy, New York lifestyle. Like many other people, Joe had a hard time getting the right nutrition from his diet so he turned to Balance of Nature’s Fruits and Veggies to get a variety of 31 whole fruits and vegetables each day.

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