How to Tie a Tie In a Minute: The Easiest Tutorial

How to Tie a Tie In a Minute: The Easiest Tutorial

Oh boy! Do you also struggle tying your necktie? Today’s dressing rules don’t require men
to wear a suit and tie to work every day, but everybody has a special occasion from
time to time, and that’s when this piece of clothing comes into play. And if you have no idea what to do with this
long stretch of cloth, then let me show you all the fancy ways to tie it! 1. Oriental Knot
This knot is the simplest to tie, so let’s start with it. Take the tie so that the thick end is in your
left hand and put it around your collar with the seam towards your body. Adjust the length: the thick end should still
be on your left, a couple of inches lower than where you want it to be at the end. Pass the thick end across the thin one from
the front, then do the same from the back, effectively surrounding the thin end in a
loop. Reinforce this loop by turning the thick end
from the front and back again. And — yes, you guessed it, — do it once
more, but this time only from the front. Now put a finger between the loop and the
loose thick end. Bring the end behind the loop, pass it between
the loop and the collar, and slip it through the gap you’re holding with your finger. This time, when you pull the thick end, the
knot will tighten. Help it by holding the knot with one hand
and pulling slightly on the thin end. Congrats! You’ve managed the level one knot! Now, if you’re okay with the most casual
and easiest tie knot, that’s good. But you should know that it doesn’t fit
all occasions. There are situations that require other types
of knots, and you’ll see why. 2. Half Windsor
This is a tougher knot to tie, but it’s totally worth it. It’s medium-sized and symmetrical, which
makes it more official and yet makes you look more slender. Take a tie and put it around your collar with
the thick end dangling somewhere at your right hip. The thin end’s tip should at the same time
be near your rib cage. Make an X with the ends of the tie by crossing
the thick end in front of the thin one. Make a single loop like the one you did with
the Oriental knot: bring the thick end around the thin one and behind it. Now grab the thick end from the top and pull
it through the hole in the initial X. Pull it tight to make the first knot. Now make a second loop with the thick end
— bring it around in front of the thin one, right to left. Hold the resulting triangle with your left
hand, and with your right, pull the thick end from behind the loop and over the X. Help
yourself with your left hand and open the triangle. Now pull the thick end through the opening
and all the way down. Adjust the length by pulling the knot to your
collar while pulling the thin end down at the same time. Flatten the knot a little bit, and here you
go! 3. Full Windsor
Now this one is a large knot for longer ties that’s probably the most official one. It also makes your neck look thicker, which
adds to the masculinity. Take a tie (obviously) and put it around your
collar so that the thick end is on the right about a palm’s length below the waist. Make an X of the ends, bringing the thick
end over the thin one. Pull the thick end behind the thin one and
through the loop around your neck, holding the X in place with the other hand. Pull the thick end completely through the
loop, tuck it around behind the knot, and bring it right to left. Now take its tip, bring it diagonally up and
through the loop around your neck from above. Pull the tip down and to the left from the
thin end. Then bring it left to right across the knot
and put a finger between the knot and the horizontal band to make a small opening. Now pull the thick end upwards behind the
knot and then down through that opening you made — and I mean all the way down. Smooth your handsome new tie knot and you’re
good to go to a meeting with the Queen! 4. Saint Andrew
If you want a more easy-to-tie option of the Half Windsor knot, Saint Andrew is your choice. It will be a medium-sized, symmetrical knot
good for any formal occasion. Take a rope and throw it away because why
would you need a rope? (Unless you’re guest of honor at a formal
hanging!) But forgetabout! Take a tie! Put it around your neck seam outwards, with
the thick end on your left side, a finger-length below the point you want the tip to be in
the end. Make an X of the two ends by passing the thick
one behind the thin from left to right, then pass it horizontally back over the thin end,
and pass it behind again. Take the tip of the thick end and tuck it
vertically behind the knot, over the front of your collar. Pull the tip out to the left of the knot and
bring it across the front, making a horizontal band. Put a finger between the knot and the band
to make an opening. Now bring the thick end behind the knot again,
pull it out from above it and immediately down through the opening you should still
be holding. Now, if you pull the thick end carefully down
while grabbing onto the knot, you’ll tighten it and be immensely proud of yourself. I know I am. 5. Victoria
Want a smaller and more casual knot on your tie? Look no further! Well –look over here. Place a tie around your neck with its thick
end on your left, finger-length below where you want its tip to be in the end. Without making that X, just cross the thick
end in front of the thin one and then immediately behind it. Repeat the whole thing, front and back, then
cross it over the front again and put a finger between the loop and the horizontal band you’ve
just made. Take the tip of the thick end and pull it
upwards through the loop around your collar. Without pause, push the tip through the opening
you’re holding with your finger and pull the end all the way down. Now hold the resulting knot with one hand
and tighten it by carefully pulling on the thin end. Ooh, that’s nice. 6. Eldredge
Finally, if you’re up for a challenge and ready for experiments, here’s the Eldredge
knot for you. It’ll certainly turn some heads! Put the tie around your neck so that the thick
end is on your right side with its tip where you want it to be in the end. Make a dimple on the thick end by pinching
it and bring the thin end across it horizontally in the front, then back from behind, and tuck
the tip into the loop around your collar, coming from above. Make another horizontal crossing over the
thick end and pull the tip through the loop from below. Tighten the knot and pull the thin end diagonally
down, left to right. You have a diagonal band now. Bring the thin end behind the thick one and
back in the front, feeding the tip behind your diagonal band. Tighten it all up, and you now have two diagonal
bands, one on either side. Take the tip of the thin end so that it looks
straight upwards and pull it down through the loop behind the knot, pulling it out to
the right. Pull up again and down through the loop on
the left side of your neck, leaving some space on the right. Pull once more (careful not to strangle yourself!),
get the end in front of and above the knot, and — yep — pull the tip through the space
you left on the right. Finally, tuck the tip over the top of the
loop around your neck and out of sight. If necessary, adjust the tie. If you’ve done that on your first try, you’ve
managed much better than me! Aaand this is it! You now have six ways to tie your necktie. Want to share your own methods? Feel free to go down to the comments! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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