Hufflepuff Traits

Hufflepuff Traits

welcome back, my name is Rodney and this is Kwikspellco let’s talk about Hufflepuff Traits because either you’ve just been sorted into Hufflepuff or you’re just about to take the test and you want to make sure that it’s the right house for you now there’s no shame in being a Hufflepuff I’m a very proud Hufflepuff I’m
gonna say exactly why and also I’m gonna share a few of my tips with the
Pottermore sorting hat quiz so, let’s get on with the video if you haven’t been sorted into Hufflepuff yet then you won’t know that when you do on Pottermore, there’s like a Hufflepuff welcome message and it’s all by prefect Gabriel Truman, which welcomes you to the house and here’s a little bit of the excerpt of that, which
tells you exactly the Hufflepuff traits and why is such an amazing house to be a
part of our house emblem is the Badger and just like the badger can live very
peacefully until attacked and when provoked can fight off animals bigger
than itself including wolves our Hufflepuff colours are, as you can see, yellow and black and our common room lies one floor below the ground, same corridor as the
kitchens here are few things you need to know about Hufflepuff house now let’s deal with the first perennial myth that Hufflepuff is the least clever house WRONG We’re certainly the least boastful we’ve produced many amazing witches and wizards in our time, let’s go through we’ve got Grogan Stump, one of the most popular Ministers of Magic for ages, he was in Hufflepuff we also have Artemesia Lufkin, we also have Dugald McPhail of very very successful Ministers we also have the leading world authority on magical creatures Newt Scamander, of course you
know Newt Scamander we’ve also got Bridget Wenlock, a fantastic Arithmancer, 13th Century Arithmancer who discovered the magical properties of number seven and finally we got Hengist of Woodcroft, who founded the all magic village of Hogsmeade, now if you go to if you’ve go to Hogwarts, you’ll know Hogsmeade, you’ve been there often as you can see we’ve produced our fair share of amazing and powerful witches and wizards, but just
because we don’t shout about it We don’t get the credit we deserve Hufflepuffs are trustworthy and loyal but we don’t shoot our mouths off, but cross us with
peril because just like the Badger we’ll protect our families and friends
and honey badgers don’t give up what? okay yes it is true Hufflepuff is lacking
in one particular area, yes we produced the least dark witches and wizards of
all the houses of course you would expect Slytherin to churn out as their fear share of evil doers because they have never heard of fair play and prefer cheating over hard work no hate but just like Gryffindor (who we get on the best with, by the way) have also produced their fair share of dark wizards, so, just saying what else do you need to know, okay the Hufflepuff common room is in the same corridor as the
kitchen, but I’m not going to show you exactly how to get in there because some non-Hufflepuffs might be watching this video so if you take sorting hat quiz and get into Hufflepuff, we’ll tell you then you’ll hear about other houses boasting about their
security arrangements but for over a thousand years the Hufflepuff common room
and the Hufflepuff dormitory have never been seen by any outsiders because just like the badger we know how to lay low and how to defend ourselves and of course you’d
expect our house ghost to be the friendliest of them all yes that’s right it’s not Casper it is the Fat Friar he’s very easily recognised. He’s quite plump and he’s wearing monk clothes and he’s very helpful, if you’re lost or if you in any other spot of trouble I feel that’s nearly everything, I do hope that if you’re joining Hufflepuff there’s some good Quidditch players because we don’t normally do that well at Quidditch so
I’m hoping that will change soon if you have done the Pottermore test and
managed to get into Hufflepuff welcome to the friendliest, most decent
and most tenacious house of them all if you haven’t taken the
Pottermore sorting hat quiz yet and you’ve made it through this far into the video, like
what are you waiting for? like go and take the quiz, just answer as truthfully as possible and what the answers are for yourself, it’s not sort
of that you can trick it, it’s not not like there’s gonna be four answers, like how do you brush your teeth? Bravely, cleverly cunningly and then like, nicely and then like I’m going to get into Hufflepuff with that one it’s not like, it’s like really difficult questions with multiple answers and it’ll be like, which one do you like? Stars or the Moon and then there will be like, chess pieces black or white you can’t guess it, so just like answer what you’d feel would be right for you and it’ll put you in the
right house so if you’re not in Hufflepuff and you’re in any other houses and that is the right house for you but if you’re not sure and
you want to retake it, there is a way you can do that apart from creating multiple
Pottermore accounts, because that’s just ridiculous if you haven’t done anything else in your Pottermore account and you’ve just taken the House quiz then just like delete your account go and create a new one with the
same details and everything will be blank again and then you can do it again that’s it for this week’s video thank you very much for watching much watching I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some more Hufflepuff traits because if you’re not a Hufflepuff then you wouldn’t have read that welcome message if you are new to this channel, please do
subscribe for more of the same wizarding world content which you can do by clicking on their box over there and if you missed my last video you can find
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68 thoughts on “Hufflepuff Traits

  1. It’s kind of weird I have 2 Pottermore accounts. One I’m in the Hufflepuff the other one I’m in Gryffindor

  2. Hufflepuff is the only house with only good people in ravenclaw you have the ghost of ravenclaw who killed hear mother, in gryffindor you have peter petegrew, and in slytherin you have a lot of bad guys🤣🤩🤔🤗

  3. I’m a Ravenclaw but I’ve been sorted into Hufflepuff on some quizzes haha. I’d love to see some videos where you discuss Harry Potter theories. I’d love to hear your opinion on stuff like how a horcrux is made, or maybe the theory that Dumbledore is death, stuff like that. 🙂 I’ll watch anything you upload though!

  4. Loved this vid! And I totally agree with you – I trust the sorting hat (aka JK). I thought I'd be in Hufflepuff but I got Ravenclaw and I'm very happy with that 🙂 In a way the sorting hat knows you better than you know yourself.

  5. i re-took the sorting hat test three times and twice it sorted me to Hufflepuff
    So i can safely say that I found my right House and I'm loving it.

  6. Funny thing is all the Gryffindors I've met I absolutely hat, they have a huge ego and they're reckless, soooooo yeah

  7. Can I mention that honey badgers also can kill a fully grown lion along with ratting venomous snakes and take baby birds out of their nests?

    Don't under estimate the hufflepuff's

  8. I’m a hufflepuff. My old bedroom used to be next to (off of) the kitchen and my new bedroom (when we move house) will be right below the kitchen with the staircase (just outside the bedroom door) leads up directly into the kitchen.

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