100 thoughts on “I EXPOSED and CONFRONTED My Stalker!!! :O

  1. HEY GUYS!!! I know we took a VERY VERY LOOOONG break, but I’m gonna be honest with you guys here…. Our Gold Digger Videos just take a VERY long time to film and sometimes they don’t go as planned, so because of that, we’ve always struggled to bring you guys videos on a consistent basis….. SOOOOOO, we’ve decided from now on to expand our content and upload different kinds of interesting videos rather than JUST Gold Digger Videos! Our goal has always been to upload on a consistent 1-3 videos a week basis and we feel we can now do that if you guys will allow us! I know I’ve been uploading nothing but Gold Digger Videos for like the past year, but I hope you guys can give our new content a chance! We are putting in just as much time and efforts into those videos and won’t upload anything that WE OURSELVES don’t enjoy. We hope you guys understand and here’s the best news though…..We will still be uploading Gold Digger Videos on the basis that we currently have been, which is about 1-2 videos a month! Thanks guys for your never ending love and support!!! New video will be up later this week 🙂

  2. I can understand people freaking out when meeting their YouTube idols (I'd do the same for some YouTubers) but this is just weird

  3. this video is inoproppiate the dog showed his one dong and two meatballs this is not the content i signed up for lmao

  4. 17:23
    He spends THOUSANDS of dollars for just RENTING a place for a gold digger vid, but for this, he says 0.95 cents is expensive. BTW im freaking broke, so i understand.

  5. ok first of all the stalker could have sent a friend or smt to get the merch and u wouldnt have caught him and plus when matin came and u confronted him u could have msg the stalker and see if he replies -_-

  6. I'm the stalker. I am a 32-year-old male. I have served in the military for about 10 years now hence the clever maneuvers(I played dum in front of you). I watch your channel because it's entertaining but you defame your test subjects and do not care about the protection of their privacy or the situations that might have made them to act in a way which you think is "immoral". I wanted to teach you a lesson by obstructing your privacy and disrespecting your life. I believe I did. But, however, I will give you one last chance to confront me. My zip code is 10001. You have till the end of 2019 to confront me. I am moving out on December the 30th. If you do not locate me and confront me by that time your number will be publicized. I understand you will need some info to find me, so here it is. I got your number from the son of a friend of Martin. I had to pay the son 200 dollars for it. Martin knows me, but he doesn't know I have your number. Also, I am a Bro army soldier(PewDiePie fan) and a naruto runner for the area 51 invasion.

  7. You can tell it's a nicer neighborhood, because where I live the first person who saw a left bag like that would scoop that shit up lol.

  8. You could have just left some cameras recording the bag with some proper angles and lightings to on now the identity.. that way you could tell if Martin was the one👀 🙃 anyways.. good effort..😂😜 even me if I was the stalker.. I'd pick up the bag the next day..lol.. duhh it's typical.. if he's very careful with the conversations he has to be thinking one step ahead of every action..🤔☺️

  9. At 4:37 i was ready to text that number and tell him to back off but when i looked at the top right number i was like nevermind.

  10. I learnt two things from this video:
    1) Sergio is very CLEVER and can make mastermind plans
    2) that black dude is FUNNY af

  11. 20:10
    Stalker: You always catch gold diggers but you cant even catch me
    Siergo: Yes Im giving up. Take the Merch

  12. Bladensburg – (BLAY-DENZ-BERG) Maryland (MARE- LAND) I am so sorry when you butchered that I had to tell you lol.

  13. It’s funny how Sergio talked about the Trojan horse to expose his stalker and one of his suspects (Arjun) had a Troy Trojan jumper

  14. who else is very disapointed they watch all 35 mins!!!!!! ilove you UDY but dang you could have gave us an actual stalker a little fat kid wit braces or something….JKJK😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  15. So I have nothing against what you do but only ONE THING! SAVE THE TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DO YOU USE A PLASTIC CUP! btw I love your videos don't hate on me! 😁

  16. Bro the thing that irritated me about this video is that EVERYONE JUMPED OUT THE CAR…..not one person was like wait a minute…..lemme just drive because you know a car is a little bit faster than legs looool

  17. "The reason I didn't do this in the firs place is because it costs a WHOPPING 95 cents!"

  18. I'm sorry dude.. but your little black friend there is literally your fricking twin! He's literally laughing like you he so very extra with it! Be careful because although someone wanting to be like you is a form of flattery.. it is also a form of Jealousy & or an opportunist.. Be careful😳!

  19. This guy is lying! I think he is jealous of you & wanted to bring misery to your life!!! Your really popular bro & the haters & leeches are going to come out of every rock they can crawl out of. Unfortunately, these might even people the closes people to you 😐.

  20. I'm the stalker not even kidding, I picked up the merch the next day since it was so obvious that he would be there. Dude if your reading this then thanks for the merch, too bad you couldn't catch me! By the way Martin told me about you he just covered up his contacts because he planned for you to ask him when he ran.

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