I took the most popular personality test in the world – Here are the results. (Myers-Briggs / MBTI)

I took the most popular personality test in the world – Here are the results. (Myers-Briggs / MBTI)

Hi! I’m Dave from Boyinaband, Psychological tests… ‘Hey Dave, hey Dave, have you ever heard of Myers-Briggs?’ ‘Hey Dave, are you an INFP?’ ‘Or perhaps an INFJ’ ‘Or you’re E- or even INFJ or even ESFP’ ‘Dave have you tried your…?, Hey Dave, have you ever tried the Myers-Briggs?’ ‘Dave, what’s your personality type?’ Oh woah woah woah, calm down fellas. Today we’re gonna take a look at the Myers-briggs personality test, Basically it’s one of these ‘personality type quiz things,’ but it’s like one that businesses use. Test is taken by 2.5 million people a year, Arguably the most popular psychological, uh, kind of personality type tests Cause a lot of you have been asking me to take it and I’ll do it on one condition, Hear me out when I talk about the problems with this test, Because a lot of people hold it in such high regard, When perhaps there are some areas it’s not so good There’s four different letters… Extroverted or introverted, Judging or perceiving, Thinking or feeling, Categorize you on these four different things and that can kind of define your entire personality, So on different ends of the spectrum we’ve got here like ISTJ… [goes on to read that^] And on the other side, ENTJ… It’d be funny if it just like, said not responsible, insincere, un-analytical, stupid, stop it. All of the descriptions are positive so people want to say “Yes I am that thing it’s accurate!” So uh the problems with it, 89 of the Fortune 100 companies so like the 100 richest companies in the world use this To categorize their employees [reading] Psychologists use a lot of other psychological tests from what I understand the Myers-Briggs is really inconsistent [reading] Not a very scientifically useful thing That said, it’s a lot of fun to find out your thing in the moment, so…! Lets finally take this bloody test 16personalities.com 70 frickin million tests taken so far 70 million 7 billion people That’s 1% of the world’s population Has taken this test Is that right? That’s crazy And you know it’s legit, ‘Cause they have cute graphics That make the website look nice Anyway, [reading] Okay let’s start! [reading] Here we go! I think I’m pretty forward in that respect, Like a couple of Youtuber parties and stuff If I see someone that I like, I will be the kind of person to go over and say “Hey I like your videos” And that kind of thing And then they wouldn’t know who I am Yes, that happe– That happens a hell of a lot to me I think that’s ‘disagree’, In general I get quite stressed and really struggle Like I did this video ‘A.I will probably kill us all.’ The day before releasing that I was just sitting there thinking: ”Is this good enough?” ”I don’t know if I should release this.” Just kind of like a perfectionist mindset maybe Pretty similar to that one Nah, I disagree with that Nah, nah I do that a lot I do that all the time I’d say Like I’ll try things I’m not quite comfortable with, Just to see how I feel after I’ve done them Like I’ll release a video that has a title that’s a bit more ‘clickbait-y’ than I normally would, Just to see how I feel and see How other people feel about it, Generally I’m overthinking things like that as well So it’s really good to kinda push myself out of my comfort zone. Heh, see, this one’s a bit of a… If I answer this in the wrong way everyones going to think I’m an egoticistical ass *clears throat* So like, If you look at the numbers on my videos it seems logical To say I have some skills Which are higher than other people Uhm, building an audience for instance Like, just in a practical sense not in an egotistical one, But in terms of feeling, I never feel like I’m the best at anything. I think I covered that in the song ‘I’m not dead’ *I’m pretty good at like 20 different skill sets at the expense of never being great at any one of them* I’m in air on the side of arrogance a bit, If I’m honest like I feel above average And from what I understand that’s a normal thing I think it was like 97% of university professors Thought they were above average teachers ughh God, each one of these is just tearing me *You are tearing me apart, Lisa!* Nah I think, I think being adaptable is more important, Even though I really like being organized Uhh maybe slightly Nowhere near as much as I would like Okay, first of all I don’t care whether I win a debate or not, I want to find out what the correct answer is, So therefore making sure no one gets upset is more important to me I would totally agree with that Because winning a debate doesn’t matter, What matters is having the correct outcome from the debate. Whether or not I am the winning side, I might be incorrect I think every youtuber has to do that to an extent IT’S A REAL JOB I SWEAR! Like, I feel like a lot of my value is determined by my work as well so… Uhh It’s not too bad… Little bit of mess, at the moment from brushing my hair And some food, It’s not too bad Ugh, again it’s gonna be one of these Like slightly to one side Than maybe a little bit more practical I’d agree with that, It takes a lot to upset me, Generally it has to be someone talking about something that I really agree with uh like they really have to strike a nerve YES! I have to be so methodical when it comes to traveling, Like where am I gonna be what time, what’s the, like uhm… There was one point where I was going to see a friend, And I took pictures of all of the blueprints of the train station, So I knew how to get from one place to the other Cause I get so frickin stressed when I’m traveling uhm I don’t think so I’m not like hugely empathetic but I’m not like super autistic And I don’t mean that in the frickin ‘internet insult-y’ way Just like, literally I don’t think that I have trouble connecting to people like that Nah If I’ve got a bad mood I have to sleep it off Damn right! I would much rather people got really hurt and then knew the truth, And were able to make decisions based on fact, Otherwise that’s going to lead to more hurt in the future So I think by pressing ‘disagree’ there you’re thinking “Long term I don’t mind if this person gets hurt again and again and again… as long as I don’t have to deal with it in the moment.” Like that’s how it comes across to me Perhaps I miss something I don’t think I rarely worry about it Like there are times I have to push myself, To do videos that I wouldn’t normally do Like when I made the Prince Ea video, I was really kind of anxious that I might be going too hard But, like, I did my best to try and make it about the issue, Rather about the person, So I kind of had to, Push myself to, to make that call Naturally, that’s so true. It’s really frustrating. I feel like I’m kind of… Trying to think of a good metaphor…. … Nope, no metaphors. I don’t really get jealous or envious, If I find some, Like a really successful youtuber or a musician, I’m really curious to see how they did it. And I want to find out like whats my equivalent, But I wouldn’t say I’m jealous of them, I’m just fascinated by it. [heavy Drum ‘n’ Bass and Overwatch game play] I think being able to adapt to project is really important, But if you built a plan that allows you to adapt… ahhh Nope Yep if I’m walking,
If I’m doing anything I’m probably lost in thought. I’m lost in thought right now, Often I’ll be talking to someone and I’ll realize “Crap I haven’t been paying attention to this person” for like 5 minutes!” ”What were they saying?” I worry a bit about that kind of stuff Heh, don’t see myself being a parent, First of all that’s an unlikely scenario. But, now I’m starting to think of like, Is there any scientific evidence As to whether it’s easier to become kinder, Or easier to become smarter as an adult Because if it was easier to become kinder as an adult, Then it would make sense to make a child smart. I think maybe a little I’d rather have a fun-loving dumb kid than an intelligent ass. I was the latter. Nah, I do, I think if someone has a really good point I try to take it on board Before I release a big video generally I’ll ask a bunch of friends, like: ”Is this good?” ”What bit should I change?” And stuff like that What was the first YouTube event? I think it took like 3 or 4 years for me to go to a youtube event so, Maybe disagree there. Yeah, I don’t think that’s my kind of thing if I’m honest So basically this is the sociopath question, okay That’s why, isn’t it like 20% of CEO’s are sociopaths or something? Okay it was psychopaths not sociopaths [reading] If you are gonna be, If you’re gonna be rich it pays to be a psychopath [PewDiePie] I’m nervous, oh no, oh no, *chuckles* oh no! For me that depends on the problem If it’s a problem they likely can’t solve Then I’ll go for the support but otherwise I would definitely suggest solutions And help with solutions if possible Considering the lengths I had to go to make myself stick a time table Bugger off! I can get frustrated But like that’s probably the most common emotion That I get that’s unstable Come on just guess it’s a cup Oh my god! *I’m sick of saying I still don’t have anything done* Oh boy! Results, here we go, here we go ENTJ-T I’ve gotta say, I feel good thinking about my self in that way So I can see why this is a successful personality test, So I’m a bit more thinking than feeling I’m surprised it is not way more thinking I struggle to know what I’m feeling *I’m still unsure of my emotional state* Okay, start reading. [reading] Oh Steve Jobs said that Thanks for defining what dogma is, Steve Jobs People with this personality type Embody the gifts of charisma and confidence Yay~! …And project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal… Apparently we have a common goal, what is it? I’m actually genuinely curious Leave it in the comments below However, uhh here we go, some negatives …Commanders are also characterized by an often Ruthless level of rationality… perhaps it is best they only make up 3% of the population So that’s, that’s quite a rare type then I wonder what the rarest type is Oh wow, down here is says 1.8% That’s freakin rare That’s interesting, so I’m a super rare type Supposedly That makes make feel good about myself! I dunno why [reading] Nice mustache This quality makes people with the commander personality type brilliant entrepreneurs [reading] Why bastard? *He’s the commander, we turned to, when the night was darkest.* [reading] :thinking: hm Commanders will do well to remember that they Absolutely depend on having a functioning team Not just to achieve their goals But for their validation and feedback as well Something commanders are, Curiously, very sensitive to. Who isn’t sensitive to validation? Everyone likes to get their Facebook posts liked, Everyone wants to have people double tapping on their Instagram Follow me on Instagram! Commanders you may know Aww, Steve Jobs, got a lot of respect for his business ethic. ‘Steve Jobs pissed off moments’ Come on, let’s, Let’s see where that commander personality type comes out [Steve Jobs] What’s that? I did slide it and let go, Not turning on, here. [throws the camera] Okay We’ll let an expert to see if he can turn it on Oh snap! That passive agression though [Jobs] Our networks in here are always unpredictable, so They are slow today You know, you could help me out, If you’re on Wi-Fi, can you just get off?! That’s just funny not pissed off Gordon Ramsay When someone has best insults As like, one of the top things I’m probably a little insensitive so that’s fair Okay, so apparently… [Ramsay] Listen, listen, listen, listen, Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off GET OUT! Just like me!*sarcasm* Harrison Ford [Degeneres] May we see that? [Ford] What? [Degeneres] That picture of you. [Ford] Ew. *Dave laughs* [Degeneres] What’s your favourite swear word? [Ford] *beep* *crowd laughs* I feel like Harrison Ford reminds me of my dad, Very to the point Slightly less punny than my dad though oh Francis J Underwood! Happy with that. [Underwood] And the butchery begins. I don’t wanna keep reading off all this Freakin complimentary crap It just, it just feels like I’m boosting my ego constantly, Alright let’s have a look at the conclusion [reading] heh [reading] Alright so this will be where they charge me a bunch of crap [reading] Sigh, looks like an E-book. $32. frikin’ 99 Couldn’t I just Google ENTJ e-book? And see what comes up Well there you have it So apparently I am ENTJ that was fun, I’ll put a link in the description if you want to take a test yourself But remember take it with one of these,
[Take it with a grain of salt – not seriously] That’s a lot of salt, so *cough*

100 thoughts on “I took the most popular personality test in the world – Here are the results. (Myers-Briggs / MBTI)

  1. So funny thing about this test is that it doesn’t realize that people don’t have to introverts or extroverts. Some like myself are in the middle. The middle can piss off

  2. My best friend take this test on her tablet and her computer at the same time with the same answers. She got different results.

  3. I did it a few months ago and my results are 75% different. I’m still an introvert tho. Pretty sure I’m an infj. I just did the test a second time I got different results but now in 85% introvert instead of 59%.

  4. I think ENTJ suits you quite well, but I could see you as an INTJ too (a very mature one). Your Ni and Te are quite obvious and as an INTJ I find myself relating to you a lot.

  5. My husband is an "ENTJ"…..he wouldn't have even taken this test as he doesn't have the time! Your answers were so much like my daughter's who is an "INTP".. btw, Jung (who was the one who really came up with these ideas) said that all personality is in a state of flux, and to concretely define oneself by a label is doing yourself and your dynamic nature a disservice. Much love xxx (but if you are an ENTJ….you've made the video….comments will not need to be read, nor answered, as it is not an efficient use of your time 🤣)

  6. Alright, i COULD brag about being an INFJ (the rarest one apperantly?), except sooner or later i realised what a curse that is to be..

  7. INxx types seem more common than they generally are because they include most people who 1) spend a lot of time online and 2) would be interested in talking about these topics.
    If you look up random MBTI forum pools, usually most people there are some INxx type, whereas in general statistics they are less common.

  8. On that particular site I always gets INFP. But almost always INTJ in other tests, which I also consider to be a better fit.

  9. However, I am personally amazing. I am actaully in the gate class at school, and i am very pretty.
    everyone else is ok, to

  10. Me when i see ANY youtuber i watch: OOOO I KNOW THEM!!!
    also achievement hunter is my favorite youtube channel and gavin is my favorite of all of them. myatt 🙂

  11. I figured you for an INTP, just by listening to the way your thoughts progressed as you answered and analysed each question. Have you looked at the differences between the cognitive functions and how their dichotomies interact? Might be worth looking into!

  12. I like mbti, but I don't think tests are EVER accurate, and the 16personalities one is honestly not good at all lol. MBTI is fun to research about tho, you can take a look at the cognitive functions of each type if you're interested

  13. I love your humor. also I have an ENTJ friend and she’s super funny and helpful in every situation. -INFP

  14. INFP-T I've taken different ones and multiple times too, and take them every once in awhile and it kind of stays the same

  15. the people with the same ineterest will be attracted to the same things, so this is why there a lot of infps in the comments. You wouldn't find them much on more mainstream communties or channels

  16. our common goal is to learn things and judge the rest of the world for not knowing them.

    im kidding about the judgemental bit

  17. Me: I'm different… that is all I know
    * finally decides to take the mbti after a while of it being mentioned to me *
    Mbti: You are INFJ-T
    Me: I have found my people. Others like me exist. And still I am different because I seem to differ from other INFJs in ways like I don't take on other's emotions so easily (can though, won't feel like myself) & I put myself first THEN help people. Also, yes everyone likes being validated, but it must be a poignant thing for ENTJs to be validated in logical ideas and such by many people as they are extraverted… Unfortunately I am used to not being fully understood & have anxiety sharing my opinions to lots of people at once. AlSo, the mbti can definitely stick to more common traits that are manifested in regards to each personality type, but like for me I may easily differ from other INFJs in that I keep a strong sense of self to navigate what I want in life & then I also help people however I can bc I learned to accept that part of myself in middle school/high school & life has been much better.

  18. I'm a INFP! Honestly I'm happy to get what I got, to me it's very accurate. I know to some other people that it's not very accurate or it's just a stupid test but to some of us it's what makes our personality more. my belief is that there's multiple factors to a personality like your zodiac sign Myers-Briggs how you were raised your environment ect.

  19. Oh my. XD
    I used to be so into it and a "social group" based on it. I so remember how the shitty the test was, all the discussing about Jung and cognitive functions like Fi, Fe, Ti, Te, etc. XD

    Turned out too many ppl are making up their own versions of the theory and coming up with their own ideas (like loop or grip).
    Right now the ones that were the best ones in the said group got to the conclusion that it was kinda good theory in the beginning but rn is shitty af xD

  20. The common goal is enjoyment of being people and loving life, with some discrimination ( not refering to you) just all of us collectivly

  21. Dave answered the first question wrongly, he was supposed to disagree since he doesn't find introducing himself difficult


  23. INTJ- I took it 30 years ago, then recently. It's the same. I think those sales and marketing types change types as needed

  24. There seems to be confusion on the validity of MBTI. "Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who had speculated that people experience the world using four principal psychological functions – sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking" from wikipedia. The MBTI are based on Jungs research. The test itself is subjective, but the underlying theory is more objective. Psychology itself is subjective, so to make a subjective field objective is not exactly comparable to other objective fields like physics or chemistry.

  25. I can't find anyone else who got

    86% introverted – 14% extraverted
    70% observant – 30% intuitive
    64% thinking – 36% feeling
    79% prospecting – 21% judging
    88% turbulent – 12% assertive

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