I Tried To Get Twitch Famous ft. Pokimane

I Tried To Get Twitch Famous ft. Pokimane

– I have never known anyone
to become Twitch famous in a month. – Right, okay, that’s
never been done, yet. (upbeat music) Hi, my name is Kelsey and
I am a BuzzFeed producer. For the past couple months, I’ve been really, really
interested in Twitch and seeing a lot of influencers that I really admire using Twitch, so it’s inspired me to
start my own Twitch channel and, I mean, I wouldn’t
be a BuzzFeed producer if I didn’t want to make it extreme, so for the next 30 days, I’m gonna
try to become Twitch famous. – Alright, I mean, good luck. – A month? – In a month. – A month. – From like zero to a million in a month. – I don’t know, Kelsey, you’re great. – I feel like people spend a lot of time building up Twitch followings. It may be hard to short
circuit that whole process. – What did Oprah say? “It’s preparation plus luck”, right? Like you prepare, but you
also get a little bit lucky. Just having a very clear
idea of what you want, what type of games you wanna play, and what type of gamer you are. – Big personality, entertaining, engaging. – I feel like the people I see who have like a huge following, have very strict schedules
that they post on their page and it’s like eight hours a day. – So I’m essentially gonna
like sign up for a second job. – Yeah. – Cool. – Totally doable.
– Totally doable. – You’re not gonna burn out. – It’s a lot. – You’re not gonna go crazy. – It is I, Kelsey, the– (mumbles) – You need like a game plan. – Yeah I need a game plan, so I’m gonna talk to Pokimane and she’s gonna set up
my game plan for me. – Oh nice, well then maybe
you do have a chance. – Maybe, we’ll find out
if she knows any secrets. Thank you so much for having me over. – No, I’m happy that you invited me and that you trust me
to give you Twitch tips. – I wanna know how I can
become Twitch famous, which I know sounds kinda crazy. – Since you already know
it sounds kinda crazy, I think the first step
is a positive mindset. And make sure, before you even
think about becoming famous or making money or whatever it is, that you enjoy streaming. And then we can move into the actual stuff so growing your brand on Twitch. It helps to first identify your brand. What do you want people to know you as. Post on all of your social
media, every time you go live. A lot of people just kinda like
stream and stream and stream and expect people to show up, but it helps a lot if you
give people an entrance. No, but I can tell you’re
also upbeat and energetic and people love watching that. They want to see someone who’s having fun, who’s enjoying themselves, who’s happy. That’s why I know you’re gonna do good. – Thank you so much. After we mapped out our
challenges for the month, Poki let me watch her
stream to see a little bit of what goes on behind the camera. – We have some BuzzFeed
friends here with us today. Do you guys wanna introduce yourselves? – Oh, sure. – She’s gonna be Twitch famous. Feel free to shout yourself out. People actually come check you out. – Hi, I’m Kelsey, I’m a BuzzFeed producer and I’m also a Twitch streamer. – Dangerous at any speed, is that right? – Yeah. – Twitch.tv/dangerousatanyspeed. You hit 3000 followers
Kelsey, congratulations. – What? Thank you so much. – They’re just asking
for your Twitch, dude. – Oh my God. I didn’t mean to take over your– – No, I don’t mind, I’m like always happy to feature new people on my Twitch, like let’s go. Next stop, 4K. – I’m thinking about what
I want my brand to be. On my other social media I’m
very friendly, positive, upbeat and I’m very nerdy, so I think that I’m gonna be fairly consistent. So I’ll probably play a lot of Overwatch. It’s violent, but like not overly so. For an audience I really
want to attract people that are positive, really love gaming, aren’t judgemental and just
like wanna have a fun time and be themselves and be excited, cause that’s me. So I’ve got to take a selfie and post it onto all of my social media, to let them all know that I’m going to be streaming today. Hopefully some people show up. Oh hi, Holly Sage, thank you so much for showing up from Poki’s stream, it was so cool to hang out with her today. My first week was a
pretty big learning curve and I was still getting
comfortable on camera. This is kinda the set up
that I’m starting with. I’ve got a ring light here, webcam, PC that I’m borrowing from work, I don’t even have a PC, I don’t have a monitor,
I just have a television. And then I put my Mac,
which is over there, at the side here for
notifications and chat. It’s not ideal but it’s
been working for me. You gotta start somewhere I guess. – Chat interaction is so important. Try to say hi to everyone
that comes in your channel, especially when you’re just starting out. Also try to say thank you to everyone that follows your channel. People just appreciate,
you know, being recognized. – thesimplepie, thanks for following, welcome to the stream. Hi, first time here, you’re from Malaysia, that’s so cool. Astralking999, thanks
so much for joining us, welcome to our stream. – The best thing about streaming is that it doesn’t have to be one sided. Really try to have a
good time with the people that are there for you, instead of just feeling like
you’re putting on a show for others. – Yeah, who’s everyone’s
favorite character? That’s such a good question Velcrose. Mine is probably Han. The chat was pretty awesome to begin with, because, you know, if you’re
sitting for several hours, you’re gonna run out of things to say. So instead it was just
like having a conversation, which was actually very easy to do. Oh my gosh, I just finished my stream and I saw that I made Partner. I honestly didn’t expect for
that to happen so quickly. I think the big thing that happened was that I talked to Pokimane. I really do think that
making more streamer friends is definitely a great way to grow. – Networking on Twitch is so important, but also it’s important
to do it genuinely, like find other streamers whose
content you actually enjoy. That’s your homework. Okay, find– – Found one. – Aw, thank you. And just show them that you support them that can really help in
building communities, because once you join
someone else’s community, you start to know people there. Maybe they find out that you stream, they join your stream. Networking in general is great. – I have like a little bit of anxiety. I found a lot of streamers that I like. It’s just that next step of
trying to jump into their chat and participate in their community and try to befriend them. I don’t know why this is so difficult. It’s just like trying to make friends. You’d think it would be the
easiest thing in the world. Like children do this,
children make friends. Gotta push yourself to grow, right? I reached out to a pro
Overwatch League player, Surefour, and he graciously agreed to come on my stream, so I’m really excited, I’m really nervous. Ready to become a pro? Mayhemblitz, honestly, I’ve never been more ready. No, I’m so excited to welcome Surefour to the stream and to talk with us all, you guys can ask him questions and I can look like an
idiot and I can’t wait, because my whole life has
been building up to me looking like a total fool on the internet. It’s like my job. – What’s going on? – It’s going well, thanks for being here. – Thanks for having me. – Thank you so much for the 100 cheers. The real question is, Lane,
best kind of spaghetti? – Spaghetti carbonara. I usually ask that question
as a troll question cause if I asked you what your
favorite type of spaghetti is what would you say? – I like arrabbiatta. – See that passes. See what a lot of people do is when you ask them their
favorite type of spaghetti is, they’ll say a different kind of pasta. – What do you enjoy most
about streaming on Twitch? – When I first started doing it, it was so people could see
how good at the game I was. It’s more so for showing off my skill. – He’s super cool, definitely a different
perspective on Twitch. Twitch can be kind of
whatever you want it to be, which is kinda cool. I’m really glad that I reached
out to Overwatch League, reached out to Surefour. It was a lot of fun. The reason why I got into video games is cause my brother played them and a lot of times I would sit and watch my brother play
games and talk with him. Once he went to college, I kind of had to play games by myself and I’d never really done that before. Being on Twitch reminds me so much of gaming with my brother
and getting to hang out and share games in a community, I think that that’s something
that I’ve been missing for a long time and actually my brother has
watched some of my streams too and chatted with me. I think it’s really not about the numbers, it is just about the people. – How many times a week
should I be streaming? – Minimum three. The more the merrier. – The more the merrier. – Try to stream at the
same time every day. That way, the same people
will tune in regularly and they’ll become
regular viewers of yours. – Trying to keep things
against the schedule is gonna be one of the toughest
things for me, personally and I think probably a
tough thing for anyone that’s trying to do
Twitch as more of a hobby. At the end of the day, trying to stream and I’m on the West Coast, so then when I stream everyone’s asleep. Can’t stream any earlier
because I am at work. I just got off my computer and I’m so tired. I don’t know why I had such a fun time, but I think it’s being on there for like two and a half hours of gameplay while you’re
trying to read the chat and you’re trying to interact. I am in New York, I tried
to stream the other night, an irl stream. Oh, there’s a lunch party. It’s on July 11th, it’s on my birthday. The stream was super laggy and I got just so frustrated, but like luckily, I have
a really great audience that is forming and so they were like super nice. What keeps me really motivated is seeing the same people all the time. I’ve celebrated birthdays
with these people. Thank you so much, SunLenia,
for the happy birthday wishes. I have gotten to know their
favorite Star Wars characters and what houses everyone’s in because we all love Harry Potter. It’s really been eye opening, having this group of people that show up for a couple of hours, three days a week, to just hang out and
play video games with me, which is very crazy and not something that I went into this
thinking would happen. How long should each stream be? – Regular gaming streams,
I’d say at least two hours upwards of six, eight, depending. – What? – No, I know, I know. For me, like at this
point, I probably stream like four to six plus hours every stream, but at the beginning people
like to really grind, because, you know, you want to get as much
attention as possible. Wanna really grind those hours. – Okay, okay. – You’re looking at me like, uh-uh. – Alright, BuzzFeed, I’m gonna
be streaming during work. – Actually that would be hilarious. You have to think of like, what do people want to see that isn’t already readily
available on Twitch. And then do it, and do it good. – It’s nearing the end of the month, and we definitely aren’t Twitch famous, so I think I’m going to
try what Pokimane said, so I’m going to ask all my coworkers to do a live stream with me. I’m gonna stream for eight hours and have a bunch of special guests and just like, do it big for
the last day of the month. We got the set all set up. The end of it all is here, I’m gonna go live and we’re
gonna see what happens. I’m really trying to get more
of my friends to get involved. I’m excited about that. I’m also excited about
playing video games all day. Oh my God, hi. Alright, well, we’re live, so I wanna turn my phone off. I got things to do. Hey, everybody, welcome to the stream. Welcome to Dangerous At Any
Speed goes live at BuzzFeed. We’re doing a live BuzzFeed
video all day today. Today it’s really been about
sharing all of my learnings about Twitch and my love of Twitch that I’ve developed over the last 30 days with all of my friends. Oh actually we all didn’t do the dance. Get in there, Irvin. Left Shark dance, this
is the subscriber dance. – This is so awkward. – It’s gotta be awkward. – I’m big into gaming, but like I didn’t watch Twitch at all and then today I was like on your stream and I saw all of, like
the comments on the chat and I was like, oh, I wanna be
involved in this, like a lot. And then once I left
the stream, being in it, I went to my desk and I like
created a Twitch account so that I could also comment on the chat. – You were such an active
part in building the community on a lot of other social media platforms. You are still, but it’s a little
bit less direct involvement I’m having a conversation for eight hours with all of these people. And some people stuck
around for eight hours. – At least for me
personally, the greatest part about streaming is just, this
is gonna sound so cheesy, I’m really sorry. – Just bring it on. – Finding people out there
that like genuinely enjoy me for who I am, love that. I love gaming and I love makeup and I love memes, and I love like homework and school an all of this different stuff and you feel at home
at the end of the day, when you’ve built a community of people who like you for who you are. – It’s the end of my 30 day challenge. We hit 5300. I’m definitely gonna continue streaming. I’m not Twitch famous, but I’m a Twitch streamer now I guess. – Yeah, you’re a Twitch streamer. (upbeat music)

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