If an ISTJ Falls For You, These 9 Things Will Likely To Happen

If an ISTJ Falls For You, These 9 Things Will Likely To Happen

9 things that happen when an ISTJ falls for
you ISTJs are people with unique personality,
and they are things that will happen if ISTJ falls for you. There are at least 9 things that will happen
when ISTJ likes you. #1 – Emotionally conservative This is the first thing that generally comes
for ISTJ. They really are selective when it comes to
finding the person that they love. They really do not want to care about too
many people. They select a few, and keep them tight. #2 – We consider you as an object until you
are the one ISTJs do not think people as human as others
perceive. ISTJs see things in this world with full of
pattern, and they pretty much ignore the fact that they are also humans with their complexity. However, when ISTJs start fall in love with
someone, they changed. They learn that there is a thing called human
and they have feeling, and they are unique on each of its own. #3 – We hunt details Once they have fallen in love with you, we
will hunt excessive details about you. We will find out information related to you
that will be useful for topic conversation or just for knowing you better. That also becomes the reason why they love
you more. #4 – We observe you in detail Their priority when it comes to someone we
like is always about you. They have checklists about you, and they will
extract the information one by one until they are fully satisfied. There are several information that they are
looking for ranging from talent, employment status, common interest, alma mater, and many
other things. #5 – They evaluate you with their values ISTJs have different characters, traits, cultures
and preferences. They want their partner to survive with the
same condition as the ISTJ, and that is why they observe and evaluate you before even
deciding to fall in love with you. #6 – They decide to fall in love with you Once they fall in love with you, they will
make sure to continue the relationship to the next level. They will create the opportunity and they
will make it happen. Though the fate says the otherwise, it won’t
matter too much because they have tried at least. ISTJ is pretty much committed to any kind
of relationship especially one that they value most. #7 – They send mixed signals Unlike extroverts counterpart, ISTJs have
a unique approach to someone they love. They usually do not give straightforward clues
because of their introversion nature, and it is just their characters that make them
doing so. Sometimes, they avoid you after approaching
you for quite some time. They also compliment you when you are not
around, and it is also for getting more information about you. #8 – They’ll keep things from you One of the things they keep from you is their
interest. They will not show their feeling if they are
still not sure. They also need to prepare a brilliant plan
to express things deep inside their heart just because they do not want to be too obvious
and too demanding. That is why they usually express things too
directly. However, at some point, they are also lazy
enough and wait until you realize it by yourself. #9 – They are too direct As introverts, they usually do not say things
directly. However, their subtleties are usually not
well received. That is why they are too direct when expressing
the things that they want. Well, that’s all about the 9 things that happen
when an ISTJ falls for you. Really cool information isn’t it? I hope you enjoy this short video, if you
have something on your mind, please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments
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35 thoughts on “If an ISTJ Falls For You, These 9 Things Will Likely To Happen

  1. You all are the damn cold, calloused devil

    Sincerely a bitter ENFP. Don't bother pursuing us if you dont plan on staying anyway.

  2. I'm an ISTJ looking for an ISTJ girlfriend
    Research reasons
    It would be a BOMB combination
    But as far as I know ISTJ girls are mythical creatures

  3. Holy shit this is so accurate I am scared I have a camera staring at what i do. I have a page long checklist and notes to record all kinds of shit abt him. I plan and scheme so much but am also so friggin direct it scares ppl.

  4. Also it is so true that istjs see ppl as objects holy crap i view all of my friends as the same and care so little compared to my feelings for him. I hunt details so carefully I also write them down so I don’t forget

  5. Istj's help answer this: im an infp and dated an istj for 6 yrs and we have a 4 yr old together. He expected me to be further along educational wise, moneywise, etc..left me because of this. If i could prove that i could change after break up, will an istj reconsider coming back? I just want to keep our family together and i really love him. Right now hes saying ive had 5 yrs of history and doesnt want the risk.

  6. Well…I'm an ISTJ and I'm in my 40s and I haven't fallen in love with anyone in my life.Will I die single?

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