If You Have These 7 Signs, Most Likely You’re an ISTP Personality Type

If You Have These 7 Signs, Most Likely You’re an ISTP Personality Type

7 Unmistakable Signs You’re an ISTP Personality
Type Discussing personality types is always fun. You can start understand others, and it will
give you an edge in a relationship. One of the personality type that you should
know is ISTP. If you want to know whether you belong to
this group, or you want to know whether your friend is an ISTP type, you should watch this
video. ISTP, which stands for Introversion, Sensing,
Thinking, and Perceiving, are very independent and analytical people. As Sensors, ISTPs process information using
their five senses. They are practical, concrete and realistic
people. As an introvert, ISTPs direct their energy
inward, and they are energized by spending time alone. ISTPs are objective and logical. They make decisions with their head and can
be impersonal. They step away from situations in order to
analyze and make adjustments. ISTPs are flexible and not keen on organization. They adapt easily and are able to change tracks
midway. In so many cases, ISTPs are capable individuals
who always use their freedom and space to constantly improve themselves both physically
and psychologically. While normally step aside from the crowds
and not talking much, they often show their angry face when their way of life is threatened. Sometimes, they can be very territorial, and
that’s why ISTPs often called as the bad boy of the MBTI. However, they typically do not mind sharing
their space with others. ISTPs often live in the moment, planning for
the future is not one of their strong characteristics. If you’re an ISTP, or you know someone who
might be an ISTP, here are 7 unmistakable signs of an ISTP personality type. #1 – Logical minds They know how to fix a faulty system since
they know how it is logically and systemically arranged. Logical minds of ISTP are usually used to
troubleshoot in the engineering, electronic, and IT fields. Though they are pretty brilliant in troubleshooting,
they are somehow reluctant to create a new system. #2 – Skilful hands Technician. It is one of the most common reference to
people who have ISTP personality type. It is due to the fact that they are able to
perform intricate task with great accuracy using any tool provided. Their accuracy is great because of great coordination
from eyes, hands, and other body parts. #3 – Challenger Their innate ability to see through mechanical
system is helpful for ISTP to challenge themselves doing big project. It is very common for ISTPs to dismantle car
engines, computer hardware, and house construction without the help of manual. #4 – Independent ISTP does not like to work for other people. They even hate a job that requires them to
follow faulty system. They prefer to create their own system which
usually works for other people, and they enjoy to be entrepreneur. #5 – Upgraded taste It is worth noting that ISTPs like to work
efficiently. That is no wonder why they tend to purchase
new equipment that can support their work. Moreover, they also try to buy sentimental
items that also related to their current occupation. #6 – Workaholic One of the most dangerous traits of ISTP is
being workaholic. Sometimes, they may even abandon their family
even though most ISTPs are usually not doing that. #7 – Public servant ISTP enjoys helping people in the time of
need. Due to their quick response and their physical
coordination, they are really great help for other people. All in all, that’s the 7 Unmistakable Signs
You’re an ISTP Personality Type. Really cool information isn’t it! Please share your thoughts and experiences
in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and
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30 thoughts on “If You Have These 7 Signs, Most Likely You’re an ISTP Personality Type

  1. I guess I'm a ISTP but don't really like building shit (except for computer hardware, legos, car engines, household stuff, etc…)

  2. All these people, including me, an istp, just want to be flattered after a long day cause boasting to other people we don't do so hearing this just makes me feel like a am special or something. I know its the same for everyone else as well, atleast if they are istps'.

  3. I'm an ISTP, but I don't have skillfull hands. I learn electrical engeneering. The theory is very easy to understand for me, but when it comes to laying tracks or something I mess up. And I don't enjoy helping people, I don't about what other's are doing and I do my own stuff.

  4. I tested positive for I NFJ but I'm borderline ISTP according to the present chart. maybe I missed typed

  5. I'm me! My own private label. Need no label for identification purposes. Youll know when my electricity zaps ya and you become the team lead….hello

  6. Based off of stereotypes and could apply to a male ISFP that's been shaped by society. Not helpful at all.

  7. Istp female. Very rare. Since we dont mind being single and arent a slave to our emotions. We dont chase guys or cry over people that treat us like crap. No. Second chances. I was a tomboy growing up. I played with the guys because they had the most fun running and playing games while most girls played sitting with dolls.

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