If You’re an INFP Personality Type, You Might Face These 9 Difficulties

If You’re an INFP Personality Type, You Might Face These 9 Difficulties

9 Difficult Things about Being an INFP Personality
Type INFP personality type is one of the 16 personalities
in Myers-Briggs. INFP stands for introverted, intuition, feeling
and perceiving. INFP is basically a really good personality
with its sociable trait. INFPs are dominated by introverted feeling,
followed by extroverted intuition, introverted sensing, and lastly extroverted thinking. They are also one of the idealist family along
with the INFJ, ENFJ, and ENFP. As a true idealists, INFPs see the best in
everyone and everything, processing everything in their rich internal world and constantly
dreaming about how the world could be a better place. With similar functions to ENFPs, they are
often mistaken to be them. Despite their special personality traits,
INFPs also have some struggles they have to face everyday. If you are wondering what it is, here’s nine
difficult things that make INFP struggle a little bit. If you’re new to our channel, make sure to
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information is helpful to you. #1 – Cannot finish what is started INFP wants to experiment with something they
like. Unfortunately, this makes INFP difficult to
complete the task at hand. Sometimes, the working strategy is not enough
to satisfy the INFP. #2 – Indecisive Something being INFP actually makes you feel
like a procrastinator. It also happens even though they are afar
something important. It is so difficult to be assertive, and it
is just the character of being INFP. #3 – Over planning Being INFP also limits you’re from doing
things recklessly. You want everything to be perfect and you
start planning things. However, at some point, you just never plan
anything anyway because you just want everything to flow nicely as is. #4 – Offering compassion It is really nice attitude of being INFP. Unfortunately, you also offer this luxuries
to people who do not care about you. This way, you actually make yourself difficult
in having enjoyable life. #5 – Not focusing on your goals No matter how smart or powerful you are, you
always want to make sure you have the required skills and ability to achieve your goals. So, instead of achieving your goals, you actually
only focus on honing your skills instead. #6 – Worrying about helping others INFPs actually likes to help others. Unfortunately, they forget that they need
to help themselves first. #7 – Having high standard INFP is quite idealist. They want to be someone special in this world. They want to change the world. #8 – Low self-esteem Even though INFPs tend to have high goals,
unfortunately they have low self-esteem for obtaining required skills. This in turns makes INFP to stick in a dream
of becoming. #9 – Go with the flow This has been stated earlier. However, it is worth emphasizing that INFP
is frequent drawn into general current. It makes them feel like they have no control
of their life. This is actually counterproductive, but sometimes
it just cannot be helped. All in all, that’s the nine difficult things
about being an INFP personality type. Really cool information isn’t it? Please share your thoughts and experiences
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25 thoughts on “If You’re an INFP Personality Type, You Might Face These 9 Difficulties

  1. I have an INFP personality type and this video is somewhat true. I am try to be better tho.
    Is there any videos which maybe can help?!

  2. I am an INFP-T and i realy suffer from these difficulties .. how to overcome it?? Specially #indecisive 😭
    I want to change ..😔
    any book or advice to overcome these difficulties?

  3. How do can I not think about helping others I even somewhat care about? And others I care for A LOT? I can't help myself.

  4. I'm INFP and I just had not a good day and watching videos about my own personality types makes me feel better and relatable to this video as if this channel understands who I am and what I'm going through…

  5. behindthescience do you still have those full version of “INFP : the idealist all you need to know about infp person “ i saw that 4 months ago but it is gone. i hope you can publish it again .thanks

  6. my constant struggle is making a conversation with anyone even when i needed it badly, its just im way too overthinking things like what if this, what if that, you know, so i need to learn things on my own just to not make a conversation with anyone, so if i try to ask questions, just those qs answerable by yes or no and leave the rest to me cause i dont trust anybody so ill probably search for the answer too, google is my bestfriend

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