I’m not an Individual

I’m not an Individual

Please we are looking at it together Your own consciousness Which is you Fear And with it naturally goes hatred Where there is fear there must be violence Aggression The tremendous urge to succeed Both in the physical world as well as in the psychological world Fear has many factors, which we’ll go into when we are talking about fear And the constant pursuit of pleasure Pleasure of possession Pleasure of domination The pleasure of money, which gives power The pleasure of a philosopher with his immense knowledge The guru which is circus Pleasure again has innumerable forms And there is then also Sorrow Pain Anxiety The deep sense of abiding Endless sense of loneliness And not only the so-called personal sorrow But also the enormous sorrow of mankind has brought about through wars Through neglect Through this endless sense of conquering one group of people by another And in that consciousness there is the racial group content And ultimately there is death This is our consciousness Beliefs Certainties And uncertainties Great sense of anxiety Loneliness Sorrow And endless misery This is the fact And we say this consciousness Is mine! Is that so? Go to the Far East, the Near East, India, American, Europe Anywhere you go where human beings are They suffer They’re anxious Lonely Depressed Melancholic Struggling conflict Same like you Similar like you So is your consciousness different from the another? I know it’s very difficult for people May we logically accept this Which intellectually verbally says That is so Maybe But to feel this total human sense of that there is no humanity except you You are the rest of mankind That requires great a deal of sensitivity It’s not a problem to be solved It isn’t, ‘I must accept that I’m not an individual And how am I to feel this global human entity?’ Then you’ve made it into a problem And the brain is ready to solve the problem Do this Don’t do that Go to a guru You know all the circus that goes on But if you really look at it With your mind With your heart With you whole being Totally aware of this fact Then you have broken the program It is naturally broken But if you say ‘I will break it’ You are again back in the same pattern I wonder if you understand Shall I go over it again? Is it necessary for the speaker to repeat this? But please don’t accept this because the speaker feels this To him this is utter reality Not something verbally accepted Because it’s pleasant But it is something that is actual Then if that is so Which is logically Reasonably Sanely, examine and you’ll see It is so But the brain which has been accustomed to This program of the individuality is going to revolt Which you are doing now Which is, the brain is unwilling to learn Where as the computer is willing to learn Because he has nothing to loose Here we are frightening of losing something And if you don’t understand this We’ll go into it over and over again But a serious person confronting the world situation The world catastrophe The terror The atom bomb The endless competition between nations That is destroying human beings That’s destroying us Each one And the decision comes When you perceive the truth that you are not an individual.

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  1. The mind can never see the truth of consciousness, that you are not an individual. One must hold on to the inside nature, not the outside nature, then the truth, your truth, my truth, our truth can come into this so called reality. When this happens there is only consciousness. Many can listen, but only a few hear, of those who hear only some will know, when those few who know let go of knowing, then they will see.

  2. The mind cannot see. The mind is a collection of thoughts the consciousness identifies with. There is neither an "inside nature" nor an "outside nature". Body, Mind and the outside world are neither real nor unreal. They are the projections on the screen of this universal consciousness. It's nature is luminosity. It is projecting the world it grasps for and the body and mind it identifies with. It is like a breath that is held. Words can never describe it and many sages use them so differently.

  3. What is without is a projection of what is within. There is neither an outside world or and inside world. What see's is consciousness, this is nature. One cannot live in two worlds at the same time and place without conflict. One who observes the world trusts his inner (nature) vision. As a bow is incomplete without the arrow, one wins by stooping, the other by remaining low. There is nothing lost and nothing won.

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