INFJ Motivation | How to Chase Your Dreams once and for all

INFJ Motivation | How to Chase Your Dreams once and for all

infj hi guys sweats from blowing a bus system
and today’s topic is I have J and chasing after our dreams
once and for all and the main problem with this is that I
think we think we take care of our niece but
we don’t and there so many wishes and imaginations that we have that we don’t
really think I possible in reality because we can’t
achieve everything that we have in our hand
reality that we don’t wanna achieve will try to strive for that at
all and mainly this is because you’ve gone %uh struck a concept in your head that
allows that but mainly you feel I everybody people are just good they just need a
little compassion a little love you just need to sacrifice make their lives better and daylle realize what you doing for them and
they’ll give you some kinda appreciation they will you know you feel like you doing
something giving life meaning by protecting others by not putting
yourself out there and making other people uncomfortable
sima any feel a few you can’t do that because people a week in and they just
need protection but we don’t realize that I really neglect
ourselves in this whole process we neglect going after our own dreams
after everything we want and a if things that you know it its just simple things like things like recognition things like feeling strong
and powerful and really going out there and doing what we
want not something that’s I tell was something that makes us infj feel good
about ourselves their existing saying I heard yesterday
it was if they don’t see it let’s on them but I’m bringing then that’s on me so when you’re me know when you’re dead oh and you’re
you’re about to die in one year like this over in 10 back on your life in 10 that you
did something to your life this gift of life meaning any we always strive for that and we
want to do this by sacrificing and I’m you know I helping and saving others but
we don’t realize that by that we do two things number one we enable the other
person to keep on going with a destructive behavior and second volume everybody around us a negative example because because I have set your not taking care of yourself well what
what are people and learn from you people don’t like her from what you tell
them people learn from which shoulder that’s just how we are and no one does
anything because they you know the ACE people do things
because they feel like they have to do it because they have some kinda motion going on or something that that gives them a feeling I have no
other choice everything else is a lie and promised that you Don or bUSN we all and that’s how I I imagine how it
worked for me I don’t believe in my truth as a it should make it different
anybody’s lives than mine I know better now because I know that by telling my story and trust me we I have
Jays have great stories SBI care if you lift at one place in your and
highlight or him traveled the world that’s infj not
what this is about what we’ve gone through
mentally is just at a like this we see the world in our
life in an equity every single day and this is
something so inspiring to so many people and keep it inside because we don’t want
other people to feel bad about their way of life their way of thinking we feel like if we
do that people are not gonna love I’m not gonna wanna a No wanna be with us or or accept us we would come i cant kind
outcast the following goal around robots that you know that society tells us to other I’m the best
example online banking I’m very apt on all the successful
things and I realized that this is it’s okay it I should I’m not gonna quit
my job right away because I actually like you know I like the fact that brings me the money
that I need right now but I know for sure I’m not gonna call that direction
and make a career out of it and your partner 15 years or ten years because this is not something I want
from my life what our from my life is to grow our own
inspire people I wanna tell my story as for me if you don’t people don’t see which about and that’s
their thing but if you don’t put yourself out day and you thought and
were you are and that’s on you n you have to be
willing to sacrifice and me sacrifice not on the way that you
neglect your needs and by that show how much you infj can do but
actually sacrifice the control that you have all
your life because once you put yourself out there people are not unlike you they’re not
they’re gonna be a lot of people last day why are they doing this I don’t wanna see this Anna they only
heard a crazy thing I don’t want anything to do with that but you have to realize that you have to
do it for you and the best part about it once you have resell you inspire so many
people to do the same thing you wanna say people save them by being
a good exact same by chasing your dreams and all your dreams others ethics
stories in your head actually become the person that you
imagine to be in real life and what to do that you
have to start somewhere and trust me person you’ll start at the
beginning will not be that perfect being in your head trust me
again wanna tell you that you’ll never be that perfect outside
world but as long as you follow that road as
long as you really strive for things that make you
happy may give you like this feeling up I’m invincible lacking you everything I what and I can really in inspire people and
me just and epic as MSN to be because our lives are Catholic and we
have the ability to see everything exactly that way and has lost me don’t hide it from now work will be a
week in just really go out there and say this is
how I am this is how I live in I’m wanna live like this now I show you that you
can do the exact same day you gonna stay a lot of people then by neglecting your needs and neglecting
where you are because and that’s it you can it’s a
control thing do you feel lucky they hit you can safe
others by neglecting your needs its just you know it’s just like some country all
you want our situation and you don’t have that control you have to fight the
fight and yeah its E I’m getting there more and more
and I realize how I wanna I wanna do some on my life and I really
want to give my love i mean because my life matters like if you want to ask me I don’t know
year ago I would have said well what is my home life matter pretty much
everybody in our I didn’t have I have a concert well infj Las I didn’t have boundaries everything was just like this one me people as so
I’m people we were all once because
everybody was good you know what I was thinking that because reality was too painful for me to actually realize it was too painful
for me to realize that yes people are going to abandon you no
matter how would you treat them annual thing all I wasn’t good enough
I’m like still strong and I would’ve I should have just been more open and
them now you putting there any San Fran get home every time every single day I this every single day I talk to my
friends I talk to my family well I talk to you when there’s a situation like this I
really think about a share really care more about what they
want and what I want and by doing so I get more and more
concentrated on this is my life I have control over
my life we don’t wanna take control but anything
because we scare when we take control we cannot take control everything able
to take control over everything you won’t but their names you have to do because otherwise just dying inside hours this is is well and we have this epic
vision nor have we had this ethical life that we dream about and we
think one day hopefully somebody will see what we’re about people are not going to see what you’re
about if you keep to yourself I realize that more more I’m open now and I don’t let people talk to me in a
bad way in like when I have boundaries for like
really here right now na re setting boundaries like up here saying
no no further and now I realize how many people have
actually thought that I was week that I was just %uh you know not willing to fight for what I
am worm what about people don’t change until they have to you and this is I whole I hope that you’re smart enough
that you don’t push yourself to edge like I pushed myself or my like had no meaning
whatsoever allows pretty much head had lost hope
for any good thing in my life and I dot dot
content with being me like having no positive emotions and
doing something so you feel to don’t worry so much about if they’re
suffering if you doing something that’s good for yourself country setting a good example you have
to concentrate on your life anything that matter to you and you know what the
differences between take mike is high and job on doing all
those things that you’re so good at it the difference is that we do those
things because we have some kind of social recognition for that we’re K we’re addicted to having that external on influence on
us for this external validation that were good that we’ve
done something if we take on all those roles that tells
only accomplished something but once you but really for that all
your cell and realize now I’m not gonna let he by
I don’t care do you mother I don’t care your a boyfriend a lot alike where it is
if you don’t take if you don’t make your life a priority and really just don’t let Ebadi Purcey that much that you really protect
what’s yours n I mean like should not be opened
people be open but realize that people don’t see larger about and this day but if you give up
and then you think they call it just have to you know be nice room be better and stuff like this you’re not
helping anybody especially not your cell you you do those jobs are you do all
this external thing from time to time so
somebody will recognize what you are about but you don’t need people to recognize
which about what you need is that you realize what
you’re about and that you believe in what you are and
then she trust that this is the best thing that’s ever happened to you
because you can be anybody else and every time
tonight meet every time tonight at 10 she something that you wanna be strong
and you wanna put your energy out there affect people
and help people inspire people and mmm a lot of people will think
you’re over the top that’s what happens to me people think what I how this
speech like two weeks ago it was innovation be under people saying afterwards %uh
whatever conjure up she’s on I want them to you you know I heard tell
stories and I heard people like there were people hate me for that
is also a I love my job I’m really do I i was out there now saying how much I
enjoyed what you want my Holly because I’ve gotten to work position
where I don’t really have to protect myself or I can just learn and and so on and a lot of coworkers or you know I was like from sonar people
and they were like you now they were gotten getting mad
because they saw what kinda energy our Spring I how happy
I am am and that make them feel bad about
themselves yes this happens it doesn’t happen and I
think people will not like you and this will happen no one else
happened know how many people afterwards came to me and said that really touched
me thank you I don’t remember the last time
I’ve been motivated like this I felt so good about my job sometimes
you just need somebody to open your eyes and sometimes you need
to do it with force you can expect for everybody to see the
world you see it and like really look into you
understand what you’re about yeah put it out day and you have to be
ready for people to stay at bullshit I what this has
nothing to do with you your dream is to become that person that person that you feel in your head did
you have no like its it’s not so much that you put it out there is an I Wanna Be a
Millionaire I wanna save the world it so much up I know what I am and I
know that I’m bringing value to this world
every time somebody tries to put me down to make a smaller infj just and I
feel I have to do that in order to get love or affection or whatever kind of
recognition I’m not gonna do that that’s my dream
that’s my dream and I know when you’re like me and you I like me
then this everything changes once you realize it
because you know that job only one choice and that’s like
really B&B be your cell be all you can be and you know even when you get addicted to
that and what should be in strong feeling you can call for the world he
can really change because the people were crazy enough to
think they can change the world they’ve really change the world so
please learned something from this video it’s
too feel like I’m feeling right now this is
possible this is the dream let just imagine as
you don’t have to pretend to be like some week will thing or
whatever yet you know someone for life you you can be
good people I’m very very very nice and
nurturing and I how and so on I don’t let ebuddy stop me from what I want in my life from like really be myself an inspiring
people and putting out there and if so much heartache we’ve gone
through not just a moment but just like so much rejection and and people not
understanding would agree about and therefore putting us down the we
have gotten into the shield them with greatest image that just 5 but that’s the wrong
way what you have to understand is that you
are mentally very intense and very very strong and this is something you have to accept
and have to lock and then you have to put out because
they are people who I’m not %uh convinced that this is
the right thing for them a who think like because there are people
who you go out there and pretend to like this bake big person and everything but you
you I know you can tell a difference that they’re doing that because they
have %uh a that cell like best self esteem
and they need that external validation for them to
feel good with it’s different and that’s what I
sent society whenever it decides which is very confusing to us because we have a
different way of going about this whole thing what we have to
realize is that by not putting ourselves out there we
get tix $10 will too much up too much power we’re will lead in society make a small we let
people make a small because they don’t understand and a few bad about themselves and we
put ourselves out there and they don’t understand why so that find something and try to infj make
you feel like you’ve done something wrong with their something not yeah you haven’t tried hard enough and
this is not there well that’s just how humans %uh function
but you have to understand that you have to be an big and great as you can be because you and this is what I mean this is the big
when you do that trust me it’s not something people got I
immediately it’s not everybody’s gonna think Arshi cellco let me so great now this is this is bravery to put yourself out
there knowing that people will react strongly towards you and not
always holiday at bravery and thats strength and that’s
facing your fears and then conquering your fears and when and we’ll do this i won anybody a bus to at her feel like they have to put
themselves down or to make himself small to get some kinda recognition from
outside because then to pretend to be somebody you’re not
your very strong mentally person and it is
time you put it out there because that is a hawthorn a dreams and
that s where you live that what people should love and if somebody
loves you for putting yourself down are making use of small then de not loving you for who you are
anyways so forget that go of your dreams
concrete them and you know let me know what countries
yeah seniors around I love it I see people starting pages of
people saying you know like this that this
whole movement that’s happening and yeah its getting a lot of power and a lot of us and I’m I’m just infj gonna
keep on pushing cuz I see what it does for me and I see
what it does everybody else so please please make you’re alive your priority thank you
very much for watching infj to next week by

46 thoughts on “INFJ Motivation | How to Chase Your Dreams once and for all

  1. Thank you for your amazing video. You are an inspiration for me. The problem with me is that i usually feel powerless to pursue my dreams. I feel i am powerless to control anything happening in my life and the fact that many people don't like me really gets to me. My social skills are bad. I guess I feel a little bit depressed right now. I don't know.

  2. I'm reviewing this video. It was easy for me to identify with your attitude and passion for making an impact for good in this wor:ld. I feel this way about my teaching. I'm certified 1st through 6th grade bilingual (Spanish and English) and for health reasons and also that I'm not 21 anymore, I have been doing substitute teaching, going to any place I'm needed, and I love it. I know that I've helped many young lives. Good feeling'.

    I was able to identify with your enthusiasm about finding your life purpose. You're very much into what you're doing and it shows.

  3. Great video, thank you. It's so true, it is difficult to keep our focus on ourselves! I think because we sponge others feelings and have continuous awareness of how to help others, we neglect ourselves very easily. I experience it as 'losing myself' and forgetting my own goals and intentions. I have begun sticking to a daily routine whereby I try to include certain simple things in my day that remind me of what I'm trying to achieve. I'm still learning how not to ditch my routine at the drop of a hat from having being used to making myself freely available to people in the past. I'll get there! Also just think, we could be benefitting from giving ourselves all that love we have to give from attending to 'self' first.

  4. You are excellent at analysis. I am an INFJ but only 1% F. I do focus on others too much and there are things i want to do in the world but do not act on it and procrastinate. I have a lot of ideas and dreams that never happen because i focus on relationships instead of myself and my dreams. We are always there for other people, but nobody is there for us because we don't ask for help and we do feel lost a lot of the time. CONTENT WITH NO POSITIVE EMOTIONS – That is exactly what my problem is and being addicted to success and accomplishment for recognition, instead of living an epic life, which is what INFJs are made to do.

  5. The first video I've seen of you that I could truly and completely connect with. (most are a bit on the technical side I've found). Thank you for making this (and others). You're really inspiring.

  6. You're amazing and inspiring! I's been such a spiritual and financial struggle as an INFJ. I pu everyone else prior to myself and worry too much about society's view of me so I think "am I making the right decision, will anyone accept and embrace my brilliant enterpernuer ideas?" I write all my thoughts and ideas then feel crazy to share them with anyone in fear of being judged.

  7. Wow!  Thank you so much!  I really needed this video at this time in my life.  You are doing wonderful, amazing work!  I think INFJ's (and maybe other NF"s too) really need to unite for support.  There should be INFJ conventions and associations in geographic areas for example.  Historically, we were the wise women or wise men, but modern society does not value us as they should, and rather waiting for validation and being fearful, we should go out there and inspire others, exactly as you said.  There are a lot of days when I dream of living in an NF utopia, but since that doesn't exist, we need to simple be strong and powerful in the world we live in.  Thank you again for the inspiration!

  8. Hey. I'm a stranger to this world of personality types and stuff. But it's amazing how others' words resonate much to me. You can talk btw! you are good. Thanks for opining up and sharing what already in my (our) mind

  9. I've watched some of your videos ( and Of couuuuuuuuuuuurse I am also planning to watch the rest 😀 ) and they are very very helpful…but the energy you give off in this you're talking with your whole body ( I don't know if I expressed my point well :p) but I mean how you're soo into what you are much you believe in what you are saying..and how much your sincerety is apparent ..and how much you want us (INFJs) to stand up for ourselves just powerful..and beautiful…and makes-me-feel-motivated-and-good ..
    (so many ands X'D )
    I hope you got my point :3
    Until now, among the videos I've watched..I think this one is my favorite 😀 <3 !

  10. Hi I'm an infj and just wanted to say thank you so much for this life lesson. I'm 15 and I've been feeling like I have to be this person who waits for people to recognize her by being quiet and shying away from my true self. I guess I started feeling this way after seeing how people including my mom and grandma treat my enfj friend. I always get compared to her and she was born as an ophan of sorts and they always shove it in my face how she does everything right. I felt like I was supposed to be the sidekick and not even have my own story in my life. my parents always compared me to any friends I had, cousins, or kids and teens on the news. I just stopped expressing myself and clammed up to make harmony around everyone and my friend because I was scared of more judgement from my family. I eventually stayed in the shadows behind my friend to keep everyone happy. I thank you for teaching me that I shouldn't feel like a bad child for actually wanting to do something for my life. I want to try to wake myself up from this sleep and take a chance to embrace what I want to do for my life and be who I always envisioned. thank you and please wish me luck!

  11. Hi I'm an infj and just wanted to say thank you so much for this life lesson. I'm 15 and I've been feeling like I have to be this person who waits for people to recognize her by being quiet and shying away from my true self. I guess I started feeling this way after seeing how people including my mom and grandma treat my enfj friend. I always get compared to her and she was born as an ophan of sorts and they always shove it in my face how she does everything right. I felt like I was supposed to be the sidekick and not even have my own story in my life. my parents always compared me to any friends I had, cousins, or kids and teens on the news. I just stopped expressing myself and clammed up to make harmony around everyone and my friend because I was scared of more judgement from my family. I eventually stayed in the shadows behind my friend to keep everyone happy. I thank you for teaching me that I shouldn't feel like a bad child for actually wanting to do something for my life. I want to try to wake myself up from this sleep and take a chance to embrace what I want to do for my life and be who I always envisioned. thank you and please wish me luck!

  12. You are SO vibrant in this video ! I can totally relate to not having boundarries,not feeling good enough, putting people needsabovemy own needs etc But this is gonna change, like you say I want to 'fight the fight.'

  13. Hello there. that was a powerful video! I could feel you throughout the video because that's exactly the transformation I'm going through right now. I have known all along that the way I'm living is not how I wanted to but I've always suppressed my dreams convincing myself that they unworthy and unrealistic. basically the fear of losing face by doing something dumb and stupid is what stopped me. But now at age 21, I realise it JUST DOESN'T MATTER. I guess we all come to that realisation sooner or later.
    Also, what you said about power, I have been breathing that thought for quite some while now- a relationship has people and that includes Me, and is made successful by the exchange of power between them. you don't Have power,you don't Give power to the r'ship. 🙂

    I'm happy to know there's people out there like you who share their stories so people like me (suckers for validation, lol) feel like we are humans too and it's okay to be us 🙂
    Btw, I am an INFP.

  14. Good morning Wenzes! I was just watching your videos. And I thought, have you talked abour the infj "Door Slam" yet? I started seaching your page then I saw your message, so I just decided to ask you directly.

  15. Hey, thanks for all of your videos. I don't know who you are but I love you. You should be in TED Talk or something like that.

  16. Hi Wenzes,
    Thank you so much for how much of yourself you put into your videos! They have been motivating and inspiring me so much. I feel that I'm starting a new chapter in my life and you've helped me to get a better perspective on how I usually think and act as an INFJ. Thank you!

  17. Fellow INFJ here! You're amazing and beautiful, inside and out. Your fire and determination really shines throughout this video, and your voice has been an echo of my own reverberations in my soul. I hope you're doing well, and stay affixed to what you know is right in your heart!

  18. I'm watching your videos from the beginning. This is my favorite so far.its very inspiring. But I hate your first video I could tell you weren't in a good place.i hated seeing you like that!

  19. WOW!!! three years and 9 months ago I was in rehab in Thailand….literally soul dead….i´m so glad I found your channel as I feel it´ll solidify my journey back to myself…I never knew about being INFJ until about 4 months ago…understanding more will help me reach the goal that I am actually touching….just needs a bit of luck and i´ll make it…wonderful..thank you

  20. my dream is to be the best free flowing artist i can..every piece i do comes from my heart and i never had any I did not want to be corrupted….the little photo on the left is called ´Desert of Wildflowers¨….its as big as my vision…!!!

  21. I re watched this after a week…..and will listen every morning …..its truly inspiring and conveys the energy I want to exist in….thanks again

  22. I love this so much. And i think being a INFJ ive had this exact same thought about how i tend to other people befofe myself. im sure we all KNOW what we are doing, its just a matter of when we decide to start the walk down our own road. <3

  23. One of my pep talks today! I needed this reminder!!!!!!! I can not convey what this messsge has done for me today. Thank you Wenzes for sharing your truth.

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