INFJ Relationships with Each Myers Briggs Type

INFJ Relationships with Each Myers Briggs Type

INFJ Relationships with Each Myers Briggs
Type Relationship based on personality type is
always a nice topic to talk to. Nowadays, we have more accurate personality
type, thanks to Myers and Briggs. There are 16 personality types that we are
aware of, and its classification covers almost the most significant traits of our life. When it comes to relationship, INFJ also has
the opportunity to establish a relationship with other 16 personality types including
the INFJ itself. Since INFJ only makes up 2% of the world population,
it is probably difficult to have an INFJ and INFJ relationship. However, when it happens, the relationship
is just amazing. They are both make quite rare relationship,
and it is worth noting that the relationship involving INFJ results different effect. Here is how INFJ matched with some personality
types. #1 – ENTP This one is ideal match, and INFJ likes the
way they think and their creativity. This also gives opportunity for ENFP to develop
their senses and feeling to get things they want. ENFPs are also keen in reading mind, making
them great partner of introverted INFJ. That way, the INFJ does not have to tell everything
to the ENFP since they can read INFJ’s mind. #2 – ENFP ENFP is intuitive and is free spirited. Moreover, ENFP is also more sensitive to situations
that INFJ cannot deal with. This allows INFJ to be warned if things may
be harmful or may be globally disadvantageous. #3 – ENFJ They are basically attracted automatically,
and they are really good match for INFJ. They are also passionate people who make INFJ
excited. They are really good match by any means. You should not expect any kind of fights between
two unless there is a serious problems caused by external factors. #4 – INTJ INFJ is drawn to INTJ because they are intelligent. They also can make decision based on logic
that is accurate and effective. They really do not take personal emotion as
their basis of thought, and it makes them really special for INFJ because they use feeling
instead of logical thinking to solve problems. #5 – INFP The idealist is also a good match for INFJ. INFJ loves them because they are full of surprise. They don’t like planning things, and their
punctuality is also questionable. However, it is worth noting that they are
by far quite interesting people to befriend with. #6 – INTP INTP and INFJ are known to be a perfect match. They are highly compatible for the opposing
T and F function. INTP uses logical thinking process as opposed
to INFJ which is based on mysterious disposition. However, this keeps them intrigued, making
the relationship dynamic. #7 – ISFJ, ESFP, ENTJ, ISTJ, and ISFP They basically have excellent probability
to match with an INFJ. However, they are definitely not the best
especially compared to the previous 6 types of personality. #8 – ESTJ, ESFJ, ESTP, and ISTP These four types are the least likely to match
with an INFJ. No matter how compatible it is, there are
so many other factors influencing a successful relationship such as culture, psychological
condition, and many other things. Well, at least that’s a little things that
happen when an INFJ have a relationship with each myers briggs type. So, Really cool information isn’t it? I hope you enjoy this short video, if you
have something on your mind, please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments
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4 thoughts on “INFJ Relationships with Each Myers Briggs Type

  1. for those who may not know: I = introverted, N = ?, F = feeling, P = … . Does anyone else have a better summary? I think that is where some of the confusion others were feeling was stemming from.

  2. Hi there.
    I am an older INFJ person, who married someone who is usually the life of the party. He's funny, witty and dry humored, and everyone wants to spend time with him. Me too! Of course, 30 years together means that it never really mattered what our differences were. We learned to choose to love each other.
    Other than those that are narcisistic, I see no reason why any 2 personality types can't agree to love the way each other is. Having similar ideas about religion is best, though. It will never be a point of contenion in the relationship. No relationship is perfect. Mine certainly hasn't been perfect. I am a fabulously flawed human, and so is my husband. We have learned that we can very easily bring the best out of each other just as easily as some bring out the worst in each other. It is all a matter of choices. Am I willing to overlook the times when I feel that we aren't connecting well? Is he? When you both choose to try to be better, especially for the other one, you have made a conscious choice to love.
    Do we always get along with other personality types? I say, "No". But when both who are involved choose it, they can.


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