Introvert vs Extrovert vs Ambivert – Which One Are You?

Introvert vs Extrovert vs Ambivert – Which One Are You?

Brainy Dose Presents: Introvert vs Extrovert vs Ambivert – Which
One are You? There’s been a lot of buzz about introverts
vs extroverts, and for the longest time, you were considered to be one or the other. But, there’s another personality type, called
ambivert – and it falls in the middle of the introverted-extroverted scale. In this video, we explore all three personality
types, and their traits. Knowing the differences can help you understand
yourself and others better. Perhaps even make you more successful in your
day-to-day life. ARE YOU AN INTROVERT? If you are an introvert, you tend to recharge
by spending time alone. Being alone with your thoughts is as restorative
as sleeping, and just as nourishing as eating. You also tend to think things through, especially
before speaking or making a decision. Unexpected changes and last-minute surprises
usually make you upset. You prefer to have a small, close group of
friends and you appreciate spending one-on-one time with them. But, you are not necessarily shy though! You may not even avoid social situations! However, you lose energy from being around
people for long periods of time. You definitely need some time alone after
spending time in a crowd. ARE YOU AN EXTROVERT? If you are an extrovert, you actually gain
energy from others! Your energy is outward, towards people and
things. You need a lot of stimulation, and have no
problem expressing your emotions. You find that your energy is depleted when
you spend too much time alone, and you recharge by being social. You like variety and action, and strive for
achievement. Many of you also want to change the world
– at least in one way or another; and are more willing to put yourselves out there and
actually do something about it. As an extrovert, you are easily accessible
and understandable, and you possess a relaxed and confident attitude. However, you tend to act first and think later! ARE YOU AN AMBIVERT? If you have both extroverted and introverted
traits, then you are an ambivert. This means that you generally enjoy being
around people, but after a long time they will start to drain you. Similarly, you enjoy quiet and solitude, but
not for too long. You recharge your energy levels with a mixture
of social interaction and some alone time. You may also come across to others as being boring
– simply by falling in the middle of the spectrum. But, this balance can actually be a good thing! You are flexible and you can adjust pretty
well in most situations. Introverts and extroverts are the extremes
of personality types. Ambiverts fall somewhere in the middle, and
are quite balanced between the two tendencies. So, does this mean that one personality type
is better than the other? The answer is no. The truth is, the world needs all of these
personality types, and we come in contact with a variety of personalities throughout
our daily lives – from extreme introverts to extreme extroverts, and everyone in between. Which of these personality types do you belong
to? And how do those traits impact you in your
personal or professional life? Let us know in the comments below! As always, thanks for watching! If you liked this video, please LIKE and SHARE;
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100 thoughts on “Introvert vs Extrovert vs Ambivert – Which One Are You?

  1. When i was a kid i was an ambviert but more on the extrovert side now i'm 100% Introvert but not all introverts are shy.
    One day at school i got mad at my sports teacher because he was yelling at me cuz' i was late and he said he will call my parents and then i got mad and i said that i don't care and then dad came to school and talked to him but the best part is that i didn't got grounded and spent the rest of the day doing my homeworks,watching anime and playing on my ps4 #G3tR3ktTeacher

  2. I am an Introvert! I work best when alone and focus more…. I love to do things alone! Like if u are an introvert

  3. i'm an ambivert but fall more on the introvert side. i love it when my family is out and i'm just alone in the house writing and reading while eating lol. i hate crowded places but i like to go to parties that have less than 10 people invited. i also hate it when i'm with my parents or siblings. i just want to be alone

  4. I’m an ambivert but lean towards extrovert I really like to hang out with PEOPLE I KNOW not strangers however I have a tendency to disappear for weeks and I crave alone time often when I’m with people I know I’m probably the most talkative one there then I’m comfortable with the people there. After we chill I sit in my room and think and I focus inwards a lot too. Also I hate meeting new people and will go inside if I’m outside or move to a different part of the yard if someone is walking by and I’d rather stay at home then go to the movies. BUT I’m definitely the life of the party with my close friends.

  5. True introverts would not leave a comment at all because they would risk being exposed to the public eye
    so anyone saying in the comments below that they are introverts is questionable
    Anyone who leaves a comment is ambivert because now they accept acknowledgment from others
    and Extroverts may not leave a comment at all because they are too hyper and lost interest in divulging their thoughts by taking time to type it out

  6. I'm definitely an ambivert. One time I could be sitting down and reading a book about physics but the next minute I could be out there playing soccer with my friends.

  7. I’m mixed with a ambivert and a introvert because the introvert come for me being the quietest person in my class…

  8. Ambivert obviously. Very confused sometimes. But now I know who am I. This video gave me something very important to understand me more than my IQ.

  9. years back I discovered that I’m an ambivert, but as time goes by I get more attached or more in touch with the introvert side.. 😓

  10. I think you can't fit everyone in only three categories….
    I am damn sure there are hell lot of more categories as there are so many different but loving varieties of people, but for now I am an ambivert 😁!!

  11. I am extrovert with my friends & simillar around ages cousins/brothers/sisters
    and introvert in font of unknown & elder person.

    what kind of personality is mine..?

  12. Everyone is an ambivert. If you use extroverted intuition then you'll use introverted sensing. You won't be able to use extroverted intuition with extroverted sensing. It's not possible according to Mbti, if you're into that stuff.

  13. I sometimes burst with confidence..
    Sometimes too. Shy to function..
    I need a large group of friends..
    But. Also like a One on OnE talk.. .
    love to do modelling, acting and rapping(cz not so good at singing) ..
    But sometimes just youtube and chill…

    Love to meet with new people..
    Sometimes having a serious social anxiety.

    It happens to any ambivert like me?

  14. Yes im an #ambivert…………..
    At first i was a introvert then i thought i cant speak to people without getting nervous…..
    Then i chaged myself to an extroverted person then i thought i talk to much sometimes it was getting really annyoing even for me then i try to stay in the middle…
    Then i realized i didnt fall into any of those catagories actually i have become #Ambiverted person…..
    At last im feeling happy about myself……….

  15. I'm definitely an ambivert!
    My personality changes with who I'm with and what situation I'm in. I loooooove being alone, but I also looove being with people.

  16. To be honest categorising is just not a good idea when it comes to humans. You rarely get people who are complete introverts or extroverts and now, you are just making a third category for the majority of people who lie somewhere in the middle.

  17. I'm an introvert and when I'm studying I definitely enjoy being alone. When I'm alone I am much more productive

  18. Im extroverted with no friends. Its horrible hell to want to go out have social intereactions with others but stuck with no one or nothing to. Being alone depresses me

  19. Hmmm, I’m confused, I’m basically the introvert but without the need to charge, and I balance being alone vs being by people.

  20. Kinder garden me- introvert
    1st grade me-introvert
    2nd grade me- ambivert
    3rd grade me- definitely extrovert for the only time in my life.
    4th grade me- ambivert
    5th grade me- introvert
    6th grade me- ambivert
    7th grade me- ambivert
    8th grade me- ambivert

    I’m not weird lol
    My extrovert side died

  21. It says that I'm introvert. I hate seeing people, I avoid them and I don't even talk to my mother unless its necessary but I think I can balanced the situation when I needed too. what was that?

  22. Now, I am clear with these extrovert, ambivert and introvert .. Thank you .. and I realize I'm an extrovert.

  23. Definitely an introvert. I only have about four or five friends that I mainly hang out with. I still have more, obviously, but I just hang out with those 4 most of the time.

  24. Life is a game:
    Extrovert:Easy mode
    Ambivert:Medium mode
    Introvert:Hard mode
    Introvert is hard to enjoy life and I always help them because I understand their feeling.

  25. Extreme Extrovert Here! You Have it right. Don’t shut down to Me Intro’s . I give you the space you need.

  26. I'm pretty sure that there is so many more personalities between them, because I feel like niether of them

  27. Yep! Im ambivert. Before knowing that, sometimes i thinked i was some kind of weirdo because i liked to be by my family side and other times i hated when someone was bothering my solitude. (Sorry for my engrish)

  28. This video is more use full for which persons don't know about introvert ,extrovert and ambivert they Parsons after watching video easily understand and you have good explanation skills

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