ISTJ and ENFP Personality Types in the Workplace

ISTJ and ENFP Personality Types in the Workplace

Hi, I’m Myers Briggs, your host for the Office
Olympics, where we team up random personality types in your office and have them perform
simple, yet somehow complicated tasks. Today’s pair is a clear mismatch of personalities:
Reliable Realist (ISTJ) and The Spontaneous Idealist (ENFP). They’re going to have to
make 1 copy of this 10 page executive committee PPT deck. What are your thoughts going into
this? I know the exact road map to get this job done. I have a 3 step plan that’s going
to ensure success (shows a map of his plan). This is the greatest day of my life, can you
believe we can to collate paper? Reliable Realist is meticulously organizing the tools
needed for this task. He’s all about structure. You see that, that’s the type of leadership
you need. Wait a second look what The Spontaneous Idealist is doing, I’ve never seen someone
so enthusiastic about stacking up papers. Reliable Realist is clearly having trouble
connecting to The Spontaneous Idealists’ level of excitement. But, why is he grabbing the
stapler? Staples are going everywhere! This is insane. He’s trying to spice it up out
there. He’s actually stapling someone else’s paper! I wonder what Reliable Realist thinks?
Judging by his facial expressions, he looks devastated by these drastic turn of events
but he’s sticking to his plan because duty fulfillers always think they’re right. They’re
coming in close to the finish. This is history in the making I’ll tell ya. And would you
look at that, he’s folding the paper. I don’t think that was part of the task. But look
at that passion! And that’s the end of the game. Let’s take their work to the judges.
The cover page looks good. The table of contents looks good. Do you think they’re gonna pull
it off? Oh no! It looks like the next page is origami! Reliable Realists are organized
and methodical while Spontaneous Idealists live in a world of possibilities. What makes
their team so incompatible is that the Reliable Realists likes to follow a structured plan
to get things done, whereas the Spontaneous Idealists prefers motivating people to be
creative, instead of focusing on the job at hand. If these two plan on working together,
they’re going to have to find common ground across different working styles, be respectful
of one another and lastly recognize that they have a shared goal in mind.

65 thoughts on “ISTJ and ENFP Personality Types in the Workplace

  1. I'm an INFJ but these two personality combination videos were too hilarious! Great job explaining personality types. Hope to see more workplace combinations 🙂

  2. Bull***t… I'm an ISTJ… This is actually awesome… I almost believed everything, except for the endings…

  3. lol, watching this almost makes me feel like I'm observing a battle between Spongebob and Squidward XD

  4. this vid confirms it mbti is a complete junk science lol only 16 personality types for over 7 billion people what a crock of shit

  5. This is honestly so exaggerated, seriously people need to stop think of female enfps as airheads we're not. We're actually quite smart we just don't show it-ask any enfp out there about their IQ score and you'll see. I'm a female enfp and that's nothing like me, I'll probs just get it done and over with and then go talk to people in the office heh (:

  6. My myer's briggs result is ENFP and my partner's is ISTJ. (Note that I don't define us as our types, only as people with these results). And yes, if we don't remember our shared goal and both make some compromises working together can be frustrating and I found the exaggeration of this dynamic hilarious!!  This is the kind of stuff we have fun teasing each other over.  Obviously he's not THIS serious or bothered by me and obviously I'm not THIS off task, but I'm not offended by the portrayal unlike many commenters because I realize this is a dramatization that is meant to be funny.  Those of you who understand that it's meant to be funny but think you're making a point by saying "it's actually not" just sound like you've forgetten something basic: humour is subjective…

  7. Very bad acting and any kind of acting is not helping people understand the functions actually. Only real actions, spontaneous or organised, but with the will the explain and express can help.

  8. these videos are great microcosms of actual things that happen at work. You will notice that the message at the end is the same throughout; that people are different and finding ways to work with one another is necessary.

  9. I'm an ISTJ, and this is just an exaggeration of our personalities, right? There's no way a person would act like that…

  10. It's a little weird to explain but I'm a enfp and istj… I like to think and I have OCD.. I'm also a hard worker, sure I'm confusing but I'm mostly introverted in person I like to be alone and I don't really care about social interaction.. the only time I'm enfp is when I'm alone… 😂 or I when I'm texting or doing a video… sometimes..

  11. this enfp is me and ppl cannot cope with my enthusiasm 😂😂laughed too hard coz it's me definitely

  12. I'm an ISTJ & most of my co-workers I can describe falls either ESTP, ENTP or ENFP. They certainly don't act that way at work especially if the bosses are there. I do sometimes find them annoying that they like loud music & chatting while working while I prefer complete silence while they also find me too serious & formal but that's it.

  13. All the ENFPs below whining on "we're not like this! We're smart!" Okay, sure, you guys are smart. Prove it by taking this comedy video less seriously.

  14. more like a retarded ENFP and paranoid schizophrenic ISTJ, god i would love to see how their kids would turn out to be, at least when they put them in the oval office they wouldn't think the president junk is a glass of lemon.
    i cant wait when they make a video about ENTJ my bitch bitches. WE RULE, yeah you better believe that.

  15. This is not how it would happen at work for me at all. When I worked with an ISTJ we were a good team and when felt he was having a bad day I would give him his space and if I had candy I would give him some. I don’t act Enthusiastic and crazy unless I’m at Golden Corral and they have cotton candy lol.

  16. This video is ridiculous … seriously ridiculous. * ENFP male, and also having experience with ISTJ personalities

  17. Well, you exaggerated enfp types into mental retardation… Why weren't istj types exaggerated into the most self centered assholes to ever exist?

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