ISTP and INFP Personality Types in the Workplace

ISTP and INFP Personality Types in the Workplace

Hi, I’m Myers Briggs, your host for the Office
Olympics, where we team up random personality types in your office and have them perform
simple, yet somehow complicated tasks. Our pair today is The Individualistic Doer (ISTP)
and The Dreamy Idealist (INFP). They’re going to have to set-up a board room for a conference
call. To the folks at home, that’s not an easy task to do. Office equipment can be very
tricky. So, how prepared are you for this event? I didn’t spend too much time preparing,
I’m a guy that lives entirely in the present so I’ll take it as it comes. Well, I’m excited
to be here. I’m sure the Individualistic Doer is a really nice person and I’m gonna do whatever
I can to keep him calm and ready so we can complete this task. It looks like they’re
splitting up the work and giving each other space. Dreamy Idealists usually need their
own space to work like that. They’re already off to a bad start. They forgot the adaptor
for the Macbook, you can tell the Dreamy Idealist is a PC user. Now hold on there, it looks
like… yes it could be… the Individualistic Doer has the adaptor! He found a great solution
to this practical problem. They’re moving on to setting up the phone to dial in to the
conference line. The Dreamy Idealist is reaching out for praise from their partner and… (Individualistic
Doer walks right by them) ohhh. Well that’s embarrassing. Hang on a second, it looks like
another obstacle has appeared, the laptop seems to be dying so the Individualistic Doer
is going to get the wire. You know Individualistic Doers have a hard time with commitment, I’d
be surprised if he actually came back. I wonder how the Dreamy Idealist is gonna feel about
this. He seems to be having a mental breakdown. Dreamy Idealist tend to get highly emotional
with stressful situations like this. They just can’t handle the pressure. Ladies and
gentlemen, it has been confirmed that the Individualistic Doer is NOT coming back. He’s
thrown in the towel. Individualistic Doer’s are known for doing things rationally and
logically while Dreamy Idealists channel their feelings to make decisions. What makes this
team so incompatible is that the Dreamy Idealist seeks positive affirmation and praise, while
the Individualistic Doer fails to recognize the efforts of the Dreamy Idealist because
he doesn’t easily perceive other people’s feelings and therefore fails to empathize.
If these two plan on working together, they’re going to have to find common ground across
different working styles, be respectful of one another and lastly recognize that they
have a shared goal in mind.

46 thoughts on “ISTP and INFP Personality Types in the Workplace

  1. Lol, I did this kind of work and did it well. My ISTP boss appreciated the effort and knew half the battle was overcoming ancient equipment. I knew he was aware of the people who tended to see IT or AV types as extensions of the equipment they serviced. We were on the same page in terms of the bigger picture. (INFP)

  2. It's ironic how every single mbti parody video involving infps has more dislikes than any other types… infps are very sweet, admirable people, but there isn't any harm in poking fun at yourselves every once in a while either 🙂

  3. I think a more realistic conclusion would be the ISTP showing up last minute and fixing the problem.  

  4. this channel fuckin sucks stop pretending you understand people you lame fucks , god damn it yous carry on like yous were born after the year 2000 but clearly some people in this vid were born in the 90's or before just a fail all around lol and oh your not funny this "comedy" fuckin sucks

  5. I really don't remember ever doing something like this(1:47) when ever I make a mistake and get overly emotional about. I usually just jump out of the window and be done with it. :p

  6. .. the infp sounds like my brother haha, and i'm supposed to be the infp. . When i get into stressful situations i forget/lose my emotions and become emotionless though. XD Or just believe everything will work out in the end.

  7. No that's nothing like me I'm an INFP and never in a million years would i cry in the corner in front of someone. Also an INFP wouldn't get stressed over that what the heck who even makes these videos… Dumbheads

  8. I don't think it's an INFP attitude. Of course INFP could be very emotionnal with stress but it's an interior reaction. So the behavior could be more staying stoic or saying something illogical but I'm not sure for the manic panic attitude in a work environnement lol

  9. Its awesome that both of the personalities that match to be me are together. I just took the same test today and it came out as INFP.

  10. I think we need realistic show of every personality type live in one house and we don't need actors just bring real people ( by the way she's not an infp )

  11. rofl im dying, took the guy too long to find an adapter. id prob be like ho, you do the phonecall bollocks, i do the comp tech shit. i probably woulda done same thing as the guy, tho I am istp

  12. I am ISTP and I have many INFPs friends and I tell you that they don't act like that, but… I see the point of the video, it is exaggerating but an INFP will feel everything in his interior like that, it is like a represetantion of his inner world. This is what I think it is the porpuse of the video, I guess, to make it more sense. Even so the INFP tries to hide his feelings and overwhelming, it is very notorious in his facial expressions and eyes. It is very revelant in it.They can't be stoic due to that, they have their souls in their eyes and expressions. I don't know if I explained it well.

  13. I'm an INFP. I would've gotten the charger myself so he wouldn't get angry, lol! You can tell he was getting annoyed. I definitely wouldn't have freaked out either 😂

  14. In reality, the INFP would have left to get the computer cord and would freak out internally due to how long the battery last without it, with or without telling the other to help them find it. All you showed was one not caring after a few seconds, and the other having a extroverted panic attack. An introvert is mostly internal, and knows how to work, even if they dream a lot. If an introvert got to a job like that, they likely have control over their daydreaming. I should know, I am an INFP.

  15. Everyone’s talking about the infp but I believe that that is not an istp. I am an istp and I got 49% feeler and 51% thinker and the first time I took the quiz I constantly got infp now I constantly get istp

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