53 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Perfectly Named People

  1. My father in law is a mortician his last name is Grimsley.
    My husband owned a haunt attraction (house) and well his last name is Grimsley lol

  2. My elementary school principal’s name was Mrs. Schooley 😂 I also had an English teacher in elementary called Mrs Printy

  3. I had already subscribed but just to save that invisible hamster I hit the subscribe button again and I unsubscribed. Thanks Jimmy. Hope the hamster made it.

  4. I’m a little dense so I don’t get the Hyman one.. I know I’m a little late however if anyone would like to clear this up for me it would be appreciated.

  5. I though their name were Sun Prairie,WI / Austin,Tx / Noblesville,IN /West Hill , Ca and was I wrong (I assume it from sub title

  6. There's an accidental injury lawyer near me with the last name of Gamble. He has billboards that say, "Don't chance it. Get Gamble." I probably just doxxed myself. XD

  7. My sisters and I were named for our birth stories but our names work for our jobs now!
    I’m Patience and I work with kids with behavioral problems. My sister Mercy is a nurse and my sister Content works at a spa.

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