Jocko Motivation “GOOD” (From Jocko Podcast)

Jocko Motivation “GOOD” (From Jocko Podcast)

one of my direct subordinates one of my
guys that worked for me he would he would call me up or pull me aside with
some major problem some issue that was going on and he’d say possibly got this
and that and the other thing and I look at him I’d say good and finally one day
he was telling me about some issue that he was having some problem and he said I
already know what you’re gonna say I said well what am I going to say he said
you’re gonna say good he said that’s what you always say when something is
wrong and going bad you always just look at me and say good and I said well yeah
when things are going bad there’s going to be some good that’s going to come
from it didn’t get the new high-speed gear we wanted good didn’t get promoted your time you get
Oh mission got cancelled good we can focus on the other one didn’t get funded
didn’t get the job you wanted got injured sprained my ankle got tapped out
good got be unexpected problems good
we have the opportunity to figure out a solution that’s it when
things are going bad don’t get all bummed out don’t get startled don’t get
frustrated you
if you can say the word good means you’re still alive
it means you’re still bleeding and if you’re still breathing or now you still got some fight left in
you so get up dust off reload recalibrate re-engage go out on the
attack you

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  1. Currently out of action with 2nd BJJ injury in 4 months – This video surely is useful! Thanks Jocko and Echo – Good!

  2. This should be taught in every household. Would have loved to had this Guidance at an early age. Thank you for making this video.

  3. Ha that is Good lesson!

    These comments! I love people! Jahahaahahahaha.

    I died. Good. You finally got what you went after for.

  4. I got a dui after listening to this….guess it wasnt too good to drive drunk and get chicken…..wont do it again tho.#Good

  5. Jocko takes the SAT's:

    The recommended daily calcium intake for a 20-year-old is 1,000 milligrams (mg). One cup of milk contains 299 mg of calcium and one cup of juice contains 261 mg of calcium. Which of the following inequalities represents the possible number of cups of milk m and cups of juice j a 20-year-old could drink in a day to meet or exceed the recommended daily calcium intake from these drinks alone?

    Writes in "E. Good."

  6. This is the concept of "Amor fati" by the Stoics it is the exercise of embracing and loving whatever obstacles you're going through in life.

  7. I’m currently at a Internet cafe and this big roided out of his mind guy is looking over my shoulder reading everything I write. I bet this stupid guy won’t be able to stop me from writing GOHdhejuukfkeiiufjuhgggddhddddddddduuudjjg

  8. Ok, I'd like to suggest applying the principles on this podcast to the energy industry dilemma:
    – military angle: incorporate some renewables to increase efficiency when gas is not readily available (i am not including specifics on here but if you start from that mindset I do believe it is possible to make good, solid progress.)

    – society angle: you actually go through all the numbers, realise and make clear to everyone else, that there is no perfect energy extraction system and they ALL produce some pollution and then just focus on effective clean up. Everything in nature produces waste. That is just a fact. If you don't deal with it, it will make you sick. The end. Simple.

    And yes, this is the only podcast I know of which is politically neutral and spans both business and military.

  9. This video changed my life. IDGAF if something goes wrong, I knew it was going to happen, before it happened… it’s inevitable… so be prepared… be prepared to say GOOD.

  10. Dear Jocko,

    My role models in my life have always been my parents. They have always worked as a team, and they've never stopped. My Dad was in the military for either 20 or 21 years. One of those two. I respect him a lot !! And I am grateful that he served his country! I am 26 years old, and before that age ,I didn't understand or appreciate enough what kind of freedom I have. I still have attachments. I don't want to anymore. I am grateful that my parents tought me everything that I need know. Sometimes though, because I'm human, I like to get advice from others as well. Like my friends or the videos that I listen to that you do. So now , I want to thank you for your service,because you also gave me the freedom that I don't deserve. So thank you! I may not be a marine. I know that I have never served my country. But I will never give up on anything, even if I fall flat on my face. Giving up is not an option. Thank you for your videos and for all the time and effort you have put into them! I'm not as strong as I would like to be, because I keep going back to the same habits. But that doesn't matter, because I will always continue to try, nomatter what life throws at me.


  11. Hey just wanted to give you a shout out, I’m serious body builder/LEO who got introduced to your content via another bodybuilder…just wanted to give you a shout if you read this. I am currently on a shuttle for Basic as we speak and I’m jacked/and ready for them to bring it on. You encouraged me to make the jump and to keep in mind we are unstoppable.

    P.S had the FLU 2 weeks prior and I thought “GOOD”, that means i won’t have to worry about getting a cold or FLU at basic, that means my immune system will be at its strongest at basic.

    “The word Bad mean nothing unless you give them definition.” 💪🏼✊

  12. My GOOD bumper sticker is on the way. For a simple word, Jocko gives new meaning that can be applied to most everything in life.

  13. i never know who is my real vocation , the army smile at me but I was waaay to idiot and aggressive to get in there, im sad that atm I am something that cant make a difference in this world

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