JoJo’s Bizarre Academia: Making Stands for My Hero Academia | Get In The Robot

JoJo’s Bizarre Academia: Making Stands for My Hero Academia | Get In The Robot

– Your next line is “Floor!” Yeah, I read the comments. (popping) Real original, guys. Look, it’s possible to like
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and My Hero Academia. So don’t sweat it, My Hero Academia fans, you can sit with us. Because today, we’re stabbing your
favorite My Hero characters with Stand Arrows. (relaxed hip hop music) Last time I gave My Hero
Academia characters JoJo Stands, people in the comments were like, “Bakugo’s Stand is Killer Queen. “Bakugo should’ve had Killer Queen. “Why isn’t Bakugo’s Stand Killer Queen?” Good grief. The point of this video isn’t to give My Hero characters
Stands that already exist. It’s to create entirely new Stands that we haven’t seen before. – [Adrian] And they don’t have to be good! – Yeah, they can be awful. All of ours weren’t. No, they’re actually pretty good. Go try out the first one
and you’ll see what I mean. And hey, I get it. Bakugo’s Quirk makes explosions and Killer Queen makes explosions. But doesn’t that feel
a little, like obvious? If I’ve learned anything from JoJo, it’s that the most important aspect of a Stand is that it makes
almost no sense at all. So let’s do Bakugo one
better than Killer Queen. I wanna give Bakugo a wearable Stand, because his Japanese voice actor, Nobuhiko Okamoto, played
Ghiaccio in part five, and his Stand, White
Album, is a wearable suit. But I’ll leave that ice crap to Todoroki. Bakugo’s Stand needs to
match his explosive powers, and one of you in the
comments had a great idea of what it should look like. I can’t say your name because
that might get us demonetized, so just like JoJo subtitles, I’ll use your legally
distinct name instead. Anyway, shout-out to
Youthful Blade Detective for channeling their inner Araki. They said, “Bakugo’s
stand should look like “an ’80s jazzercise instructor “since his quirk depends
on him to sweat so much. “Leg warmers, sweatbands, and everything. “The whole shebang. “That can be his activation word.” Now this is the kind of
creativity I’m talking about. I have the perfect name for it, too. Maniac. I do wanna make one adjustment though. Instead of shebang, let’s have Bakugo’s activation word be (Curtis speaks in foreign language) (Bakugo speaks in foreign language) He says it all the time,
it’s his favorite word. To activate Maniac, Bakugo just needs to break a single droplet of sweat. From there the Stand takes
over and covers his entire body in a glistening, literal sweat suit. And then, just like his Quirk, the Stand can ignite the
sweat and cause explosions. The more sweat there is,
the larger the explosion. Mainly Bakugo can charge in and detonate his entire
suit, causing a massive boom. Thing is, a move that catastrophic means Maniac will need time to recharge. Bakugo’s got plenty of options, though. For instance, he can also
fling his sweat igniting the droplets to create a
kind of explosive shotgun. Even better, Maniac can ignite Bakugo’s opponent’s sweat too. But the Stand is still missing one thing that screams Bakugo, a special move. White Album has Gently Weeps and Bakugo himself has all
kinds of flashy maneuvers, like Howitzer Impact and AP Shot. So Maniac’s flashy move can’t be anything other than Flash Dance. If you’re a Dragon Ball fan,
think of this as a cross between Solar Flare and
the Afterimage technique. Basically, Bakugo propels
himself in a circle around his opponent while hitting them with blinding flashes at the same time. Even if they aren’t blinded,
Bakugo would be moving so fast that all they’ll see is an
entire exercise class worth of Bakugos circling them
and screaming “Die”. But, like with most Stands,
looking at you, Requiem Stands, Maniac has a weakness, and
it’s not all that elaborate. If Bakugo sweats too much, he’ll get dehydrated and
stop producing sweat. Yeah, still a pretty
strong Stand considering he can fix Maniac’s biggest
weakness with Gatorade. Next up, I’m going in the
complete opposite direction. Instead of sweating to activate the Stand, all the user has to do is take a nap. Yep, I’m taking about Eraserhead. I feel bad, you know. To use his Quirk, Eraserhead
has to constantly keep his eyes open. Well, now he can finally
give his eyes a rest. While he catches up on his beauty sleep, Enter Sandman watches over him like a giant, overly-protective nanny. If you’ve ever played Guilty Gear, it’s kind of like Bedman, but like a giant carriage with a mobile. Also Krang, if Eraserhead looked like a disgusting brain creature
with little tentacle arms. Anyway, Aizawa slumbers away in his favorite yellow sleeping bag while Enter Sandman fights
his battles for him. For some actual protection,
Enter Sandman also swaddles him in that super strong binding scarf that Eraserhead uses to catch bad guys. The Stand can also use
that same cloth for arms to bat away anyone who would try to wake its precious cargo. And it better be careful too. If anyone wakes Eraserhead up, his Stand completely deactivates. The only way to get it
up and running again is for Eraserhead to go back to sleep. So Aizawa better swap out those eyedrops for some Ambien or something. It’s kinda like an inverted
Death 13 from part three. That Stand has to put its targets to sleep to be of any use. Of course, Enter Sandman puts
Eraserhead into a deep sleep by singing a lullaby. But this lullaby doesn’t
just soothe Eraserhead, it nullifies the Stand of any Stand User who happens to hear it. Just like Aizawa’s Quirk, but with sound. Next you’ll say, “Oh, just make a lot of noise “and cover your ears to
drown out the lullaby.” Thing is, it’s not that simple. Have you ever made too
much noise at the library? Yeah, me neither, I
don’t go to the library. But we’re all familiar
with the classic trope of the shushing librarian. That’s Enter Sandman in a nutshell. This thing won’t let anyone
wake dear Eraserhead up. So not only does it nullify other Stands, it nullifies other sounds too. Really the only way to stop this thing is to attack Eraserhead directly. His face is exposed while
he’s in a sleeping bag. You can’t use your “Stando Powah”, but you could at least try
to outmaneuver Enter Sandman with a well-coordinated team attack. While Eraserhead is off dreaming
of cats and Present Mic, Tomura Shigaraki’s Stand
is more like something out of a nightmare. Or maybe a wet dream if
you’re Yoshikage Kira. We all know how devastating
Shigaraki’s Quirk, Decay, can be. So I gotta talk about the hand. They have nothing to do with this Quirk, but they’re there just to be creepy. Well, I think it’s finally time for them to see some action in Shigaraki’s
Stand, Nine Inch Nails. Shigaraki sends nine hands out
to grab and claw at anything, or anyone, he wants them to. They can crawl on the ground like Thing from The Addams Family, or break into a two-leg sprint like everyone’s favorite video
game character, Glover. Yeah, you remember Glover. (cartoon footsteps)
Yeah? Either way, you don’t want
these things to touch you. It’s bad enough that they’re
disgusting dead hands with long sharp nails. Getting scratched by one of
these things wouldn’t be fun. But if one grabs ahold of you, you start to decay, just
like with Shigaraki’s Quirk. You know how Shigaraki
needs to grab something with all five fingers to disintegrate it? Nine Inch Nails works in a similar way. See, one hand will cause a slow decay, but the process gets faster
with every hand that grabs on. Since Nine Inch Nails is a Colony Stand, Shigaraki can divvy up
the workload depending on what he needs to destroy and how quickly. He can slowly decay nine different targets or just have the hands gang up on one. If all nine hands grab at once, then poof! Mister All For One, I don’t feel so good. Even Speedwagon is afraid of this Stand, but it’s not too scary once you start to think about its weaknesses. For one, the hands themselves aren’t all that fast or strong. You can smack them away pretty easily before they have a
chance to latch onto you. But once they’re on, they
are not easy to pull off. Another potential drawback
is how the hands attack. Nine Inch Nails isn’t like Sex Pistols. Unlike the bullets, the
hands aren’t really capable of independent thought, let
alone forming strategies. They will blindly and viciously attack whatever Shigaraki sends them after, even pushing each other out of the way to be the first one to
impress their master. Really though, a villain as
cunning as Shigaraki isn’t gonna just launch them into battle. He’ll probably have them hide
in the shadows as a trap. Okay, as worried as I am about Nine Inch Nails hiding somewhere, I’m more worried about running into Toga. Just like her Quirk, Toga’s Stand, Halfbreed, is all about deception. Halfbreed can perfectly imitate anyone, as long as it’s had enough of their blood. That’s where Toga comes in. She fuels her Stand almost exactly like how she fuels her Quirk, Transform. There’s just two major differences. First of all, Halfbreed
is a long-range Stand, so Toga can hide safely while the Stand is out
doing her dirty work. But the other key difference
is how Toga uses the blood. With her Quirk, the
amount of blood Toga takes from her victim determines
how long she can imitate them. She needs a cup of blood to
copy someone for a single day. But for her Stand, the
amount of blood determines the accuracy of the imitation. Like remember how Toga
imitated Uraraka during the Provisional Hero License Exam? If she didn’t have enough blood, her imitation would have been incomplete. Like Uraraka, but with a ditto face. Convincing from behind, maybe, but definitely not enough
to fool people for long. With the right amount of blood though, her Stand could trick just about anyone. Also, she’s able to store
blood from multiple people and switch between them at will. With her vanilla Quirk,
Toga can look like anyone but like we saw during the License Exam, sometimes that’s not enough. She needs time to study her
victim and truly understand how they behave to trick
the people around them. Thing is, Halfbreed doesn’t
have that limitation. Like Heaven’s Door, once Halfbreed transforms into something, it’s able to see some of their
memories and experiences. And again, the more blood
that Toga feeds the Stand, the more memories it will have. Really, everything hinges on
how much blood Toga can get. And that’s the biggest limitation for her Stand and her Quirk. Let’s say Halfbreed needs a cup of blood to perfectly replicate someone. (funky music) Yeah, I think I’d know if
a cup of blood was missing. Toga’s best bet is to take this whole phlebotomy thing and go pro. Get a job in a lab somewhere, that way she can build
up an entire wardrobe of disguises for her Stand without drawing attention to herself. Okay, between Shigaraki and Toga, I’m starting to creep myself out. Can we go back to someone who’s not trying to disintegrate or imitate people? Please? I need a serious palate cleanser, but it’s okay, because All Might’s here. He’s probably one of the most
purest, benevolent heroes to ever exist. Aside from being incredibly
powerful himself, at one point at least, he
inspires others to reach for their fullest potential,
plus Ultra and all that. So his Stand will empower others too. All Might triggers Destiny’s
Child the same exact way he passes One For All along
to Midoriya, with his hair. You know the drill, he
plucks one of his hairs out and gives it some aspiring young ward and they eat it to inherit his power. Super strength, super
speed, super durability, all the stuff we’ve come to know from the hero of all heroes. Oh, and more importantly,
they get All Might’s face. But here’s the catch, they don’t get to keep that power forever. Once the strand of hair gets digested, their power goes away. I mean, at least they don’t
have to worry about breaking their arms over and over again. Destiny’s Child is
basically a Bound Stand, with the bound object
being his glorious mane. It’s kinda like Yukako Yamagishi’s Stand, Love Deluxe, from part four. She can use her hair
like a bunch of tentacles to capture her target, usually Koichi. All Might’s Stand relies on
someone else to be affected. But that’s not new for Stands either. Just look at Baby Face. On second thought, don’t. It’s disgusting. Eating hair doesn’t
sound that great either, but to get top-tier superpowers,
I might think about it. Thing is, All Might can only
have one ward at a time. So even though he’s
got thousands of hairs, he can’t create a massive army of justice. Also, every time he pulls
one of his hairs out, it won’t grow back. So even though he’s got
a full head of hair now, he better watch himself or he’s gonna start looking like Saitama. If he wants someone to use his
Stand for an extended period, he has to feed them a
steady supply of his hair. Still, Deku was a good pick. So we can trust All Might to
only use his stand on someone who will make the most of his power. If you can think of any
more My Hero Stand ideas, I’m all ears. Do you know how many
possibilities there are? I don’t know, how many breads
have you eaten in your life? It’s a JoJo reference. (laughing)
In the last video, OniMedicham had an awesome
Stand idea for Mineta. Mineta’s Quirk, Pop Off,
is already pretty handy. Those sticky purple balls
have all kinds of uses. But his Stand, Rockwell,
would take it a step further. Those little orbs would grow eyes, and allow Mineta to use them like biological security cameras. Look, I mean, it’s a
perfectly gross power for him. Remember that scene from the hot spring? Instead of trying to scale the wall, he could’ve just lobbed
one of his orbs over. But hopefully someone
would’ve stopped him. It’s not that strong, but it’s a great Stand for surveillance. Kind of like Hermit Purple. Kind of an odd coincidence. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Mineta can’t just have
eyes anywhere at all times. He can only use two of his eyes at a time, including the ones in his head. So he’ll basically have to bind himself for long-range scouting. He’d be like a pervier version
of N’Doul from part three, the blind guy in the desert. Anyways, thanks a ton to
OniMedicham for the idea. I wanna see way more out-there ideas in the comments from you guys. We’d love to shout you
out in the next video. I’m Curt, this is Get In The
Robot, and it’s comfy in here. I’m gonna go back in the clouds now. (relaxed hip-hop music)

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  1. Who has your favorite stand, or who do you want to see get a stand? Let us know in the comments below.

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  2. We all know MHA stands..But what's Kurt's stand?

    It's like Golden Experience from part 5 and Love deluxe from part 4, instead of turning nonliving things into living things and vice versa, Kurt's beard stand "Shaving Cream" gives just about anything and everything..Well, a beard. It can use the things it has turned into a beard to be used to trap enemies, but can also absorb material from the nonliving things And weaponize itself.

    Say, metal. Shaving Cream will turn the texture and color of itself to be like metal, then Shaving Cream can use itself as a weapon..Basically a metal boxer..With metal skin and punches that are hard as heck.

    It'd be nice if you could give this some consideration for a future video! 🙂 Merry Christmas Kurt! ⛄⛄⛄

  3. Mirio's stand could be able to break apart and rebuild a living being's or object's cellular structure. Stand Name: Demolish

  4. For Momo Yaoyorozu
    I dunno much about either anime’s but here I go
    Arsenal fortress (i don’t have a name)
    It is a massive tower that stretches to the heavens. It has walls covered in weapons
    (A quote I found on wiki) “we’ve got to start at the bottom and work up” the higher you go up the tower the stronger the weapon. As her leader like personality the tower must accept the person before entering and can keep people safe.

  5. I have a few idea’s please let me know what you think.

    Kaminari’s Stand : Thunderstruck, working similar to Pikachu’s Electric Blasts this Stand could fire at its target. But only for 2 minuets before he becomes an idiot like after he uses his Quirk. This Stand would be Long Range to blast enemy’s from far away.

    Present Mic’s Stand: For Those About To Rock or FTATR for short, is very similar to his actual Quirk. His Stand would take the appearance of his speakers to amplify his banshee screams. It’d be Short Range, and the only downside being Present Mic losing his voice.

  6. Kirishima's stand


    It can be hardened and can turn into anything thats close to how hard it is. Its like if rock baby gets as hard as a rock it can turn into that rock. Its weakness is that while rockbaby is activated kirishima's bones are as soft as raw ground beef.

    It can also turn other things hard(basically anything). He can harden air making it hard for opponents to breathe.

  7. Ok stand for Kirishima . So his quirk makes it so he can harden his body , cool , but he struggles to keep up the hardened state sometimes what if he had a stand that turns things super soft, making them easier to attack/ break. For example if he needed to break through a wall but it was too tough for him , he could use his hand to soften it so he could break through it , or if he needed to make his opponent an easy target to attack, he could use his stand for that . Perhaps it’s name could be ‘ Feel smooth inc’? (like Feel good inc -Gorillaz) the downside I’m not to sure about but perhaps it could be that the stand may need to be able to touch the thing to make it soft , and a obviously an opponent isn’t gonna keep too still .

  8. Amajiki stands name: CRAZY EATER AT first it's just a mouth with big teeth, then when Amajiki eats something it can turn into something awsome. When he eats ice the stand can get ice body, when he eats eagle the stand can get eagle feet, and if he eats a stands body part his stand has that body part. Weakness would be if amajiki deosnt eat it then the stand can't transform and wants it digest and go's out of his body the stand turns back into a mouth

  9. Shinso should have a stand next episode. They could be like spores that attach to someone and he could control them without touch. Though they're easy to fend off and while they work better than Shigaraki's stand they can't think for themselves either. You could call them Parasite or something.

  10. What about that bird guy, is there can be his shadow that can either completely cover him like a blanket/suit or he can send it by itself to stalk, sneak up or attack somebody without them seeing it because it's a shadow, but he can only use it where there is a source of light beaming on him in a dark place.

  11. Sir nighteye from season 4 of my hero academia can have a stand that looks like a giant grandfather'sthat convinces their opponent of their death or any fatal event that will come upon them in the near or far future, but the stand will only work if not I touches or looks into their eyes

  12. Miro's Stan could be a bunch of little yellow buff guys that scream a million every time they punch, they can also go invisible but still have an so it is not hard to see them they could bunch together to make a bigger version of themself this stand could be called Million Men

  13. Class 1A representative I forgot his name but his stand could be a human-like engine that only cares about order, hissed and could move super fast but will only have a organized fight that is fair. His stand it could be stalled if move too fast and will stop working if the fight is unfair or disorganized, the stand will be called Orga Engine

  14. Stain: razor's edge
    Reference: acdc album
    Aperance : two daggers on stain's shoulders
    Ability: the daggers can absorb any spilled blood and coat themselves in it gaining power and range like skarlet from mortal Kombat slowly turning into full blown katanas but they will leak all blood so stain has to keep drawing more blood to keep his swords or they will turn back to those small daggers

  15. For our man RED ROIT we know how much his quirk is more like a shield. so let give him a stand CALLED PAINT IT RED. his stand allowed his harden skin to becomes spikes face an opponent that he can’t stand his Harden body and break his solid skin for too long. his body becomes a sharp spikes all over his body but only when his body begins to give out. he can even throw his spikes. his spikes won’t grow back and become harder if he has a low consistency of calcium. and if someone can guess what band and song the non copy right song is. I’ll sub you if not must sub back

  16. ALL FOR ONE:his stand should be (steal a stand) the opponents stand disappears and transfers to users body therefore he can have multiple stands at once

  17. Bakugo: Funny considering Maniac is based on Michael Meyers. Look it up

    Enter Sandman: I don’t know. The Lyrics suggest something else happening

    Destiny’s Child: If it wasn’t for the fact that if it was anyone else it could’ve been real easy for it to be a kind of gate way drug.

    Now as for some other changes to design aesthetics: Green Tambourine, Considering the design and one of its primary attacks is kicking how about something based on Kamen Rider? specifically the OG.

  18. How about doing the reverse for Jojo characters? Turning most of there stands into quirks, it will be easy for some characters like Jotaro and Josuke but for people with bound stands might be a bit more complicated

  19. present mic could have like a stand that can take a sound (he can make it have a physical form) and throw it at someone that sound will travel into the enemy's ears and have the same effect as when you call someone and put your phones together it will get louder until they have a headache and daze them another ability involving capturing sound is he can choose a sound that his target made and use it as damage for example he chooses when his enemy whispe red his punches will be weak while he chooses when his opponent screams he will give them strong blows
    looks: he will have eyes like hierophant green hes yellow and has hands that look like microphone gloves (for capturing the sound) and is about 6 feet

  20. For Kirashima how about we give him a stand that’s bound to a rock but it can create giant or small walls if the rack is destroyed he can’t use the stand anymore.

  21. Kaminari’s stand is [Thunderstruck] and it has the ability to control thunderstorms
    The stand takes the form of a very regal medieval knight with a sword and shield but doesn’t use that as its main form of attack. The sword is used to give a broad area as to where the lightning will strike. If Thunderstruck is pointing at an area during a battle, that area will be struck by a few bolts of lightning but the area of affect is large so there’s a chance an ally can be hit. The shield is used to protect kaminari Incase the lightning backfired onto him. All Thunderstruck needs to be activated is a large enough cloud to be manipulated to a thunder cloud which makes him a weather situational stand like [Ride the Rainbow]

  22. Stand Master: Ejiro Kirishima
    Stand Name: Rock-Star

    Stats:-Durability: A (Basically it's not destroyable.)
    -Speed: C
    -Strength: A
    -Precision: C
    -Development Potential: B
    -Range: C

    Appearance: Just like his quirk but he's protecting himself with every layer of his body by someone cracking his "Armor" he will look like a medium sized person taller than a adult. Make sure he's aggressive because when he knocked out his stand will be released instead of his "armor" layer and his stand will be undone.

    Ability:-Barrage (A normal stand's barrage)
    -Strong Punch (A normal stand's punch)
    -Protection (Will disable his stand for a moment to protect himself with his stronger Armor)
    -Wander (The stand will Wandering around if his stand's undone)

    Requiem Appearance: Basically does something. His look is different and his owner will be revived once his stand stabbed them self with an arrow which it is making his stand perfected and done. All ability is still the same but they are stronger than normal

  23. I have a stand for Momo but don’t have a name for it

    So basically it’s a stand that works just like her power she can create anything out for her stand (not using materials it’s literally her stand morphing into something). One thing is she can break her stand apart like highway star or sticky fingers and each part could be made into a different thing like she can turn her stands foot into a shield that’s strong enough to tank multiple blows from other stands and she can even create armor for she can wear. Her weakness is that it wastes her energy a lot just like in Minecraft when you keep running your hunger bar goes down so Momo needs to have food with her at all times most likely a protein bar or banana the healthier the food is the stronger the stand and energy she will have

  24. I always thought Twice would work well for a stand. It’s name could be any sort of musical Duo, but some that could work really well are; Daft Punk, Suicide, or The Carpenters (works especially well since he uses a tape measure)

    Basic idea of his stand is that whilst it’s in its normal state, his personality is whole. He can send his stand into any thing (object or person), and divide into 2 identical copies. He can divide several times, creating a miniature army. With every division, however, his personality also divides, making him lose control, and potentially causing him to retrieve his stand and delete the copies. In summary, it creates clones at the cost of his sanity, and if he pushes it too far then one of his personality splits may decide to retrieve the stand (effectively doubling the likelihood of retrieving his stand with every split)

  25. Stand user: Izuku Midoryia
    Stand name: Collect and Go
    Explanation: he can use his hero book to make copies/clones of the hero he choose

  26. User: Neito Monoma
    My idea is based entirely on his personality.
    Sorry but I'm bad at thinking about names and appearances
    Stand ability: based of Tamami's stand 'The Lock' every time Monoma mocks or be littles someone his words will have a much bigger affect towards that person's ability to use their stand and think.
    Acivate: He needs to touch them
    Weakness/limitation: The affect of his words are dependant on what he's saying and who he's saying it to.
    Example: if he uses the U.A. festival as the toppick to mock Bakugo it won't be too affective becousebhe will just become angry.
    BUT if Monoma does the same against Uraraka she will become extremely depressed making her completely useless until the stand is cancelled.
    Apperance: I can only imagine either a wight to appear on the victims back or a pair of mocking eyes similar to Monoma's on the victims back or chest. You can decide the appearance I'm terrible.

  27. Okay, I'm gonna throw my hat into the MHA-Jojo Stand Ring, even though I'm a few days late. I'll leave the naming to you guys because I'm terrible at coming up with song associations for names. I might add more in the future if I can come up with more.

    Stand: A close-range bound stand that possesses nearby material to turn into armor around Kirishima, similar to Kevin from Ben 10 or Yellow Temperance. The more material he has to work with, the greater/stronger the armor. However, he has to use solid objects (water won't work), he has to make physical contact with the object it's possessing, and can only use one type of material at a time. The stand has a preference for rock and concrete.

    Stand: Similar to Hermit Purple, this stand can take the form of electrical wires or just electricity that can be released. This is an independent stand that Kaminari has no control over and can hurt his allies and even himself in the process, so he uses it incredibly sparingly. (This one I think should be named after the song "Ride the Lightning")

    Ashido or Honenuki (from 1B)
    Stand: A close range stand that turns anything touched into a liquid. It does not revert to its original form when deactivated.

    Stand: A two-part stand that allows her to transmute whatever she touches into the object she desires, similar to FullMetal Alchemist. In order to find the materials she needs, she has to think up the object she needs, and she gains a radar that locates nearby objects with the same material. If she doesn't know what material she wants, the radar can't detect it. This relies heavily on her knowledge of chemistry, and she can't make something she's never seen before or anything living.

    Stand: Takes the form of two gauntlets that condenses the potential or kinetic energy of an object into a single point.

    Stand: A violent and power fire-stand that is insanely hard to control, if possible. This stand allows Dabi to emit blue fire, but he cannot aim it, giving up all stats in exchange for power and persistence. This would be similar to Purple Haze and The Sun. This stand doesn't discriminate between friend and foe. The more he uses it, the more burns his body endures and the more insane he becomes. If he's against someone he hates, he'll temporarily go completely insane in order to destroy them.

    Stand: Able to turn whatever it touches into edible food. This doesn't actually transform it into real food, just able to turn whatever is around edible. Others are able to eat it and gain nutrients from it. The item that it is effected turns into whatever is the closest food it tastes like based on mineral content (Ex. Iron bars would taste like steak).

    Stand: Gives her the ability to look at any machine or piece of technology and grants her the knowledge of how it works. By being a glutton for engineering, she has the ability to see everything from how it was made to how to improve it to its weaknesses.

    Stand: Another bound stand, this transforms whatever she touches into a dragon. She has to ride the dragon's back in order for it to remain in its form. It has limited flight and, if created from a car, can breathe fire using gasoline and its engine, similar to Wheel of Fortune.

    Stand: Similar to Lover, this mid-range bound stand allows Monoma to mimic the stand of another person, albeit a weaker variant. He can only take the stand of someone he has mocked. He can have up to three stands copied at once, but the more he copies, the weaker the abilities become.

    Lady Midnight
    Stand: Similar to her ability, this stand allows Midnight to inebriate foes whose blood pressure has risen past a certain point. This is more effective if the foe is looking at her and are men (or at the very least swing that way). This is less effective for women. Embarrassment and/or fatigue can make the ability more potent.

  28. Stand Name : Sol/Soul/BlackJack
    Stand User : Just.. Me.

    Can Every Stand From This Series Beat Me / BlackJack?

    Main Stand Power : The World Beyond
    Much Like DIOs Time Stop, But Can Stop Time For 25 Seconds. Can Decrease If Needed.

    The World :
    A Short Ranged Time Stop In An 8×8 Square. Within That Area, Everything Will Stop. Can Shrink As Long As It Is In The Range Of 8×8. Anything Over Will Drain Energy From Me.

    Shatter Time – A Counter To The ZA WARUDO Time Stop. ONLY WORKS When Someone Uses An Ability Like Time Stop ( Will Probably Not Be Used. )

    Self Destruct – Self Explanatory. When Index Finger Is Pressed ( With Thumb. ) Explode Into Many Shards As Sharp As Razors And Can Appear Literally Anywhere.

    BlackJack Can Also Heal Things, With His Fists, Just Like Crazy Diamond.
    the rest of everything is Precision, Super Strength, Increased Senses, And Speed

    Unlike Every Stand In The Universe, It Can Be Seen By Literally Everyone.

    His Looks Will Come Soon.
    Will nerf if needed.

  29. Ive got a stand idea!
    Stand name: crimson samurai
    To activate the stand he needs to incapacitate 2 people with the same blood type at the same time
    The stand would look like the shredder ( tmnt ) but red and the face would be like a samurai or oni mask
    It would be able to incapacitate people if there blood touches it in ANY way whether it be on the toe or a huge splash right on the center of the stand
    It’s downfall would be if the blood type is not the one stain wants it to be F.E stain wants blood type to be O but the blood A would deactivate the stand also after the stand dissapears Stain would be hit with his own quirk

  30. sun eater could have "the gental hum of anxiety" which makes him process time relative to how stressed he is.
    no stress = normal speed
    high stress = slow motion
    heart attack = freeze time

  31. User Izuku
    Just a idea of either a alternate stand for Izuku or a extra ability for his current stand (mabe becouse of the arrow) similar to 'Killer Queen'
    Ability: Izuku can mark/brand a allie with his stand and any damage that person receives will be transfered to Izuku instead of that person.
    Based: from the 'Lovers' stand and Izuku's self sacrifice nature

    If you want to use any of my ideas change them however you want I don't mind I trust your judgement

  32. Just want you to know that I LOVE how your properly creating different stand types for different people instead of using the same type all the time. YES

  33. Red roit thing is call red rock body so it makes red roit body add a ton of rock to cover his fingers hands arms legs feet back face so anywere on a human body becomes rock but the rocks are red

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