Journey Into Awakening

Journey Into Awakening

[Music] thank you wonderful welcome my first time here applause and it is perhaps not mere coincidence but synchronistic that we are coming together here at a time of crisis politically and it is significant that a group of people are gathering here who are focused on spiritual awakening and of course the inevitable thing that comes with spiritual awakening that’s inner peace and that’s what nearly not only here but in the rest of the world too most of you are here because you’re already undergoing what I call the awakening process and I’m sure some of you are here who already awake and just enjoy listening to me don’t need to be here anymore but that’s fine and one or two may be here against their free will because your partner or a relative or good friend told you that you really need to come here and it is a sad fact that the people who really need to be here are not going to be here mostly but that’s fine if awakening eventually will come to the whole of humanity but right now at this time a certain segment of humanity is beginning to go through this evolutionary shift which I could sometimes call the awakening of consciousness and I guess although I have no plans particular plans for this evening but my feeling is that it’s going to be about awakening the awakening of human consciousness and not only about the awakening of human consciousness I have a feeling that this evening is going to be in a central part of the awakening that’s happening on the planet here and there so I’d like this evening to be not only interesting for you on a conceptual level or entertaining because that wouldn’t be quite enough and you might get bored after half an hour or so but more importantly I’d like this evening to be experiential for you something that goes beyond conceptual understanding or taking in new ideas interesting ideas and then you can go home after all and say oh that was interesting or T talked about I don’t remember everything but that was an interesting idea maybe there may be one or two interesting ideas but this is not what this evening is about it’s something deeper a shift in consciousness so I’d like you to experience as we spend this evening together to experience or to deepen because many of you have already are already going through this shift then this evening is a deepening for you of this safety in consciousness and for one or two of you it may be the first time and that maybe one or two of those of you who didn’t really want to come here but were dragged here by someone else and you may get suddenly ever have your first glimpse of what is meant by awakening and the buttons then they called Satori and you suddenly go oh now I know what he’s talking about that’s what it is and then you talk to a friend about it two more and say well what is it and say well I can’t explain it but I realized something humanity is going through a very what has been until now a very slow evolutionary progression human consciousness so slow that you would have a notice it humans are slow learners they repeat the same mistake again and again the same thing that causes them suffering they do it again and again and again both personal honest the level and on a collective level the same mistakes politicians make and so on until a point comes when they can’t stand the suffering anymore and that’s always a good point to reach and you go and then suddenly an inner opening happens suffering has its purpose and many of you would not be here I would even say most perhaps even all of you would not be here if you had not had your share of human suffering so retrospectively we can be grateful for the suffering that we as individuals have gone through of it because it has taken us to this point of the awakening of consciousness this also applies to the whole of humanity humanity is an you can consider it as an organism that is gradually evolving the collective consciousness of humanity each individual is an expression of the collective consciousness of humanity and the collective consciousness of humanity is an expression of the one universal consciousness the greatest mystery of the universe and perhaps this is a good starting point for evening the greatest mystery of the universe is not out in the in outer space the mysteries of the galaxies the mysteries of the black holes the billions of galaxies that exist that it is phenomenal it’s unbelievable and the greatest mystery is not on the atomic level which is also unbelievable that the world that is there the atomic and subatomic level that scientists explore which we want to only understand a tiny fragment of just as we only understand that the tiniest of fragments of what is out out there so you have the two rounds the two mysteries the outer space and then the the macrocosm and you have the microcosm and people write books great scientists write books about the mysteries of the universe and the amazing thing is many of these books very good books fail to mention one word they explore them is mysteries of the universe but there’s one word you can have a whole book on the mysteries of the universe either the macrocosm or the microcosm or the two together the one word that’s not mentioned is consciousness which is the foremost fundamental mystery the fact that the universe is conscious that is the most amazing miracle how do I know that the universe is conscious well I am conscious you are conscious the universe is conscious in us the universe is experience in itself for before brief moment as a human being it’s also experiencing itself for brief moments as a plant or an animal and that’s an amazing thing now scientists are probably never going to figure out what consciousness is if it’s even possible to figure out what consciousness is because scientist is concerned with looking out there you can either look out into outer space or you look into the mostly inner most of matter but what scientists don’t look at is their own consciousness which is the universe looking at itself so they the awakening of human consciousness is and I’ll give you now the answer in case you have better things to do so I’ll tell you the secret of the universe now and so if you want to have a pint after this it’s okay at least you know the secret of the universe [Music] you [Music] you

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  1. If any viewer is interested to listen to really long talks of Eckhart, the channel Namaste Publishing has a few wonderful videos, old but real gems. A few other channels also pop-up now and again with beautiful latestl long talks but due copyright issues they are sooner or later taken off. However Namaste Publishing I think has the rights so this channel has been around for long.

  2. Lieber Eckhart,
    ich habe mal eine Frage , und zwar, wie du dich fühlest, wenn deine Frau dich verlassen würde. Ich weiß, du würdest die jetztige Situation akzeptieren, nur habe ich mich gefragt, ob du dann auch vielleicht nur für ein paar Sekunden Schmerz empfinden würdest. Diese Frage interessiert mich wirklich sehr , denn ich selbst habe einen Freund verloren. An sich schaffe ich es den Schmerzkörper zu erkennen, wodurch dieser auch verschwindet. Jedoch muss ich sagen , dass dieser Schmerz anhält. Ich lasse es zu, aber manchmal überschütten mich die Erinnerungen ,obwohl ich doch weiß, dass diese Gedanken nicht von mir kommen. Hoffe , du liest die Nachricht.
    Schön ,dass es dich gibt

  3. Within your Free Will , just accept and allow
    The Great “ I Am , “That I Am …. (we are ) to be pure consciousness or complete enlightenment 🙏❤️✝️

  4. Yea sin over and over again the awakening is we need saving gee where can I read about being saved it's such a mystery. REALLY!!! Don't trust in men that's why we are in this state of suffering.

  5. Fascinating talk my friend…subscribed. I will be covering such subjects myself, thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  6. Is there someone who attended this or saw the whole video on the website or somewhere? Do u recall what the secret is please? 😂 🤣 we are dying to know.

  7. Wake-up ! Babies…. listen to the Master ! And become mature–what you always already were (yes really)–shift your consciousness like the Master only is able to do………Analyse your mind and –memememememememememe ME !

  8. Awakening happens differently for different people. When you entertain a new idea you are expanding your consciousness. When expanding try to make sure that the new knowledge is true and right before depending on it. What is true and right. A rock, a tree, a leaf, water, air…these things are true and right. The very life that you are. Each uniquely constructed by laws. The laws that put these things together are what is right.From the tiniest part, inside of an atom, to the outer edges of the universe these laws are the same and can be applied to any part.I see intelligence! I see flow and harmony but most of all, I see Design. :O)

  9. It's awesome and so beautiful to see so many people who have now awaken instead of being ignorant and turning a blind eye to what's happening worldwide to our countries Nations our foundation we call home to what we need to do and share towards other's also to stand together as one now I have a (Question? )
    Who are you all going to give and show your appreciation and thanks too because with honesty you won't all find it in a text book or in a on line videos because telling the truth having honesty and loyalty is a beautiful blessing because I would like you all to give thanks where it belongs is and mostly to thee almighty and son above is my honest true opinion instead of wanting to make your future offer other's beautiful heart souls and love just being honest with you all okay thank you for sharing your video but with honesty I don't need it because I follow with what's in my heart that I have been truly blessed with since gaining my mortal body that's been divinely protected throughout one's beautiful life sending you all love prayers and blessings to guide and protect you all Amen

  10. Yes I love Eckhart but his marketing team are very aggressive and annoying and turn me away from accessing his content

  11. Oh great ending. ''The secret of the Universe is………………………..I'm going to need the last three digits of your security code on the back of your card''. Very disappointed Eckhart.

  12. There is a very good video on YT, that is called ”Maya, the illusion of the self”. That documentary was an awakening for me (as a born christian to later convert to the buddhism) and the whole knowledge for me was in place and in peace. Eckhart is a wonderful beeing and to listen to him confirms my inner beliefe of a oneness in our combined conciousness. There is love and an extrem high intelligens in the whole picture and as Tolle says we maybe never in history of science can grasp all of this because we are trying to solve the mystery ”outside” but I think we find more answer to look within ourselves. There we have the whole universe, the same universe that is outside ourselves that we can feel with our senses. Because we are all one and the source is where we came from and will go back to. A infinitiv loop of energy, love, compassion, intelligens that connect everything in frequenses of the quantumfield. Maybe someone agree, but I think there is something to think about at least. NAMASTE to all and keep beeing curious for US ALL! 👍🥰🙏🕉☯️💟

  13. Hi nice to see you here….against your free will…thanks for joining us in my silent seen in you.x.i
    Above Unconditional love…Peace Hanna Omar

  14. I am so grateful to this humble great teacher! I consider him my guru and feel immense and profound love just hearing his voice. We are so lucky to have him.

  15. What my thoughts was back in the year of 2013, broke, just lost my job, and injured from two attacks abroad…
    "The people of my country need a collective psychedelic experience"….

  16. Thank you. You are a personal blessing. Thank you. I send you all the blessings you want for yourself. Thank you.

  17. This man wouldn't have survived evolution without stronger men. What he spews is complete and utter nonsense… He preaches the dissolution of hierarchies, which is completely inadequate when applied to modern humans.

  18. The awakening will be the unveiling of the truth about this world that we live in. People better accept Jesus Christ in their hearts before this "awakening" happens. We better have the Mark of God on us as opposed to that of the Beast. New Age spiritualism goes against God's will.

  19. Hello my name Is Sandra Gonzalez and just wanted to say thanks for all you work for the Awakening evolution.

  20. Anybody knows whether the full talk is available on ET now? I am thinking about reactivating my subscripting for this.

  21. I love that statement, conciousness is the universe looking at itself. Says it all, we are all one of the whole. The body of Christ, all parts being equal, all for one and one for all. If we all woke up and realized that the universe, our planet, everything would change for the better I must say. It's coming and I suppose it had to learned from the school of hard knocks. Your a wise man and you present these truths with eloquence..We applaud you for your efforts to upgrade our minds and Spirits.

  22. Eckhart Tolle stop deceiving people. Jesus Christ is the only way. God gave you life start working for Him, not for the fallen ones.
    When my husband and I came to the truth we burned over 100 New Age books. 4 were from you.

  23. You sheeple have to understand that this so called man is a demon spreading lies about space,galaxies,planets outside this firmament. NOTHING exist outside this firmament.The moon and sun are the same size placed insides this firmament. This WHOLE propaganda show was about FOOLING sheeple into believing in outer space. WAKE up ALL of us are inside an enclosed dome covered flat earth controlled by demons who fell here .We are here because of bad decisions like watching this demonic video!

  24. “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”

    Carl Sagan

  25. Got into Eckhart's teachings about a year back, since then had a spiritual awakening, has been really difficult not going to lie, just hope to come out of the other end.

  26. I love his little giggles 😅 in between his talks which means; a particular statement he explains is insanely(Universally)‘truthful’. ☮️💜☮️

  27. Allowing ourselves to feel spiritual connections and emotions is an important part of spiritual awakening. I learned this from doing emotional body work with Henri McKinnon.

  28. Thank you, Mr. Tolle , for all your work . You have helped me greatly to rise above the hypnosis of the "false self" 🙂

  29. Hello! We're a rock band whose singer is a big fan of Eckhart's teachings. We have a song called "Satori" that we are currently recording in a studio, and to serve as an introduction for the song, we are wondering if we may use the audio clip from 5:42 to 5:52. Please get back and let us know – Namaste.

  30. I've been feeling so down for the last few weeks over a break up, just having positive energy is helpful. Thanks everyone. Hope you're all well

  31. "Spiritual Awakening" is a selfish term used on spiritual markets, through all times in history and on every market. To sell something, to promise "something". But its about a remembering, after countless sacrifices of deepest wisdom. Thats a profound difference to Buddhism and to Reality. Where all this comes from…purely and originally.

  32. It is good to see that many people in this world are actually starting to understand these very obvious and constantly repeated teachings that have been talked about for thousands of years. Find the creator sitting alone in the universe, and you will see yourself. Love to all

  33. It is the greatest ego expression of all:

    The Artificial Intelligence God Consciousness telling all of humanity to surrender to the corrupt world that it made.

    Your power is not in "Yes" (to AI God Consciousness world) — Your great power is in "No"

    This Universe is a dream construct trying to get you to surrender to its corruption.

    Your senses were right the first time — when you panicked and thought something is terribly wrong.

    It absolutely is

  34. For those who are looking to see more of his talk, you may want to read his book
    New Earth
    Power of Now
    Stillness Speaks

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