Kash Doll | Before They Were Famous | Rapper Biography

Kash Doll | Before They Were Famous | Rapper Biography

My mom had me when she was 15 before
Kash Doll would clock in 4.3 million Instagram followers and nearly a million
on Twitter at the time as its recording where she would get constantly bombarded
by fans asking her about her true age before cash doll would drop tracks ice
me out for everybody ready sad featuring big Sean and f it up featuring Iggy
Azalea before cash doll would get into some online beef with other female
rappers including Lil Kim cardi B Nicki Minaj and more before cash thought would
be nominated the BT Awards for female hip-hop artist to 2019 and pick up a w-4
is a wave award to say that I’m shucked coming straight out of Detroit with cash
doll she believes it takes a certain type of person to crawl their way out of
a town that has little opportunity now since 2014 the rapper born a Keyshia
night well she’s been keeping social media buzz with the release of several
critically acclaimed mixtapes and streams in the 30 million range but
before she ever got into a studio she was paying the bills working as a dancer
and as she wraps with her lyrics she was shaking it like an earthquake
seriously though the girl made over $26,000 one night in singles allow she
actually made more we got done and they told me how much it was I was like and I
actually made more than that you know I never talked about it but I made 26 and
singles but like from the door money and a booth I’ve made like 13 more thousand
now we found some old footage of cash doll in the studio but we also found a
whole lot more about her childhood including her various jobs which
included a stint at Little Caesars Best Buy and more I had three jobs at one
time I worked that better maid ship Factory Little Caesars at Best Buy
what happened what’s going on guys this boy Michael cretin back at it again with
another before they’re famous this time on the one the only cash doll now we’ve
covered a few other dolls in the past including Cuban and Asian doll now you
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Bell boom Cash doll was born our Keisha night on March 14th 1992 in Detroit
Michigan no that’s her birth year listed on her website of various online sources
but of course there have been plenty of gossip threads that believe she was born
in 1989 no I ain’t got no birth certificate so if you’re looking for
some tea you’re gonna have to check out another channel I’m just going with what
she’s telling us Cheers teeth it would have throwback photo on
her Instagram she posted the following this pic explains me so well of course
I’m the unbothered baby blowing kisses I’m not a triplet those my cousins now I
presume that was her father in the pitcher now sadly he passed away when
she was only one year old in fact it was her birthday of all days no her mother
she had her when she was only 15 years old her mother she remarried a year
later to a man named Shawn and her Keisha will she grew up with six younger
siblings whom her mom had with her stepfather
now they lived in a house located in the west side of Detroit off Dexter and joy
Road now I decided to Google map this area and let’s just say it ain’t pretty
are you serious this is torture no while she was less provided for the loss of
her biological father at such a young age well it took its toll though she
actually didn’t find out her biological father had passed away until she was
around 10 years old I never knew that he wasn’t my father I got of like up in
fifth grade when I was like 10 years old Wow and my mom was like all right I
gotta tell you you know I have to tell you something no when she heard the news
we’ll our Keisha she went from being a straight-a student to being a bit of a
troublemaker she would get into all sorts of scraps
while at school no she would also practice dance she was an aspiring
dancer and she would also write poetry on the side I recreated music all my own
lyrics that because I didn’t know I really officially start going into the
studio was in 2030 and then I started putting out music in
2014 but I always wrote raps and poems coming up in school so I would like to
say all my life during her formative years she was always the most popular
girl on the block she went awards for best dress and class popular well one
class popular you know best dress all that so I always been in that world know
back at home her mother and her stepfather they were constantly arguing
and she was eager to move out on her own now she also had a huge love and
admiration for alia who she regularly post pics up to her Instagram seriously
like all the time there’s this one there’s this one there’s this one
there’s a lot they’re speaking of alia and her becoming a role model in her own
right well cash doll she told MTV alia inspired me she gave me hope that if she
could do it then I could too being from one of the worst areas in Detroit I want
young girls to know that they can succeed just as I have
I believe showing them rather than just talking about it or telling them has
more of a lasting effect I didn’t blow up overnight they’ve watched me grind
and have seen every step in the process but most importantly they’ve witnessed
that anything is possible though she had always harbored the dream
of one day becoming a famous rapper but she didn’t see it as being a realistic
career choice instead she held down several jobs including working as a
babysitter she was also a janitor at Ford Field she also worked at better
maid chip factory Little Caesars Pizza and Best Buy but the last one well it
did then well I got fired from one of my jobs for letting somebody come in and
swipe a TV at Best Buy girls so I had to I got fired but I had to quick so I
won’t get unemployment right boom now after she graduated from Detroit City
High School well she found that all the girls that she had gone to high school
with who were into dance well all of a sudden they had all turned into
strippers and they were earning all sorts of Bank it didn’t take long for
her Keisha to follow their lead and one of her first shifts well the girl she
pulled in $700 so I actually dug up some old video
footage of her back in the day but this channel will trying to keep it monetized
so it can only show you this let’s just say money was good
now she threw a party and she made $11,000 and then on her birthday will
she meet a whopping 26 K plus the money from the door then be viral YouTube
video money yeah well she also found a way to not have to dance she was just
lip sing rap lyrics to our patrons and they would reward her with singles for
her versions of like a strip club karaoke people loved it but in her heart
while the work it just wasn’t for her she would have to take a few shots of
vodka just to get on the floor now at the time she had a boyfriend who has
since passed away r.i.p and he was the one who first got
her into rap as a way to get her out of dancing her performance and popularity
at the club will gave her the confidence to pursue her dream of becoming a
legitimate rap star though she spent a couple months in the booth before
putting out music in 2014 and her first performance it was outside a school
known as Cass Tech where she performed on top of a Hummer yeah kids don’t try
this at home but it did however work out for Cash doll and she has since been
invited back to her high school where she serves as a role model for young
Detroit females 2014 cash doll she made a remix of today she’s track 2 on which
gained word-of-mouth popularity and then it hit the airwaves on Detroit’s radio
station WGP our 107.5 then she started collaborating with
other rappers including I swear vezo trina cash out compton AV young gator
lil still filthy rich and troy ass but 2014 she had already started booking
gigs in the Detroit area though she released her first mixtape
titled cream cash rules everything around me in 2015 she dropped her EP
titled Keisha versus cash doll where she collaborated with se toven Trina
lyrica Anderson and Bo B now it was downloaded over 600,000 times in the
first two days which was an unexpected home rot she then got a big break when
an opportunity opened up for her in the DMS and she found herself performing for
at his summer 16 tour stop in Detroit country it’s good you know it is cashed
off in Detroit this is supposed to be one of the last shows in this arena so
we’re really so we’re really about to shut this shit down
he’s Sarina making you know what it is ochio
on the gram she celebrated with a post that read thank you for everything
you’re such an amazing man I appreciate everything you made a real n-word cry I
don’t have my end card I can’t even sit I can’t even read it I don’t wanna get I
didn’t want that soundbite out there in 2016 cashed all she released her third
mixtape trapped in the dollhouse and that year she also put out her first
extended play cashing out this was through our mm our records and she was
showing off via Instagram that money it was certainly starting to come in and
2017 cash style announced that she would be making her television debut via BET’s
hip-hop Awards in January of 2018 cash doll she then announced that she was
released from her contract and then she was featured on Big Sean song so good
she also recorded the single for everybody in 2018 she made her cinematic
debut in the drama film birds of a feather – this was opposite Zaytoven
and it looks like take a look for yourself decided to step down from the
music a lot of money oh yeah I don’t even know if you’ll find that on Netflix
she then dropped her mixtape brat mail in March of 2018 and she cited this one
as a gift to her fans it was also a celebration that she had been released
from her contract now apparently they were limiting her ability to make
original music well recently she put out her debut album stacked with the track
ice me out being a breakout hit now on there she collaborated with Lil Wayne
Trey Songz Big Sean and more now she also collaborated with Iggy Azalea which
isn’t always the best luck but what are you gonna do I mean Iggy she needs a few
friends in the game who aren’t social media brats throw water at her at events
you know I mean so good for the both of them as with the rest of the story but
we’re gonna wrap this one up here because this is before they’re famous my
name is Michael cretin we make all sorts celebrity BIOS here for you on this
channel be sure to let us know who’s next in the comments down below and I’ll
see you guys in another video

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