Keep Your Ego In Check

Keep Your Ego In Check

Let’s do the same scenario but with me with an ego. Okay? Go.>>What man?>>What are you looking at biatch.>>What are you looking at?>>You do YOU WANT!>>You can’t freaking walk?>>Get the freak out of my face!>>You want a piece of me? Yeah, come on right now.>>What you gonna do?>>Come on right now, Throw your your dukes up! Let’s do it right now!>>You want to do it?>>Get out!>>That’s really good. Now, that is what a real fight would look like, verbal fight. Now, would my hands come up? Had I decided to strike, I would have probably head butt him because, that was my closest weapon that I had right there, to strike right into his face. But this is, what somebody does when they have their ego. Now, Rock is double my size, I really don’t want to pick a fight with this guy. I want to try to diffuse the situation, and sometimes you see people who end up bluffing, they try to bluff their way out of a fight. That’s a risk you’re willing to take because I don’t know this guy, I don’t know if he’s just been out of prison, maybe he’s spent time prison for years, maybe he’s armed, maybe he’s meeting a couple of his friends. Why not just diffuse the situation, who gives a damn about my ego? I could’ve apologize and walked out. But that is in most situations reactions that you’ll find from people. Okay? [BLANK_AUDIO]

22 thoughts on “Keep Your Ego In Check

  1. I just straight up apologize when I bump into somebody regardless of the scenario. It is just being respectful and common courtesy. Good video!

  2. Best advise ever, just avoid a fight if possible. I have had drunk guys call me a pussy and what not and I just nod my head. By fighting you are giving them what they want.

  3. I teach self-defence, and in situations like this, or if someone starts mouthing off, I always say, have the last word in your head. Smile, apologise and leave it. It's just not worth it. A chance encounter like this can land you in jail or the graveyard.

  4. The fact that you always preach diffusing the situation is amazing. There's really no point trying to be a tough guy (esp vs a 300 pound guy), when you can hopefully walk away. I just wanna go out and have a good night; theres no need to "prove myself" to anyone by picking a fight.
    Thanks for your awesome content, keep it up!

  5. That exactly what i do and have been called bitch for it a several times , but once i walking home with a lady friend and these few dudes were following us … So i told her run and i turned and distracted them and got my shit kicked out… But it turned out okay in the end.

  6. "LET'S DO IT RIGHT NOW, BITCH" Haha, that Rock is scary what does he says before that line , do you fucking ….¿? ,,, english is not my main

  7. That is exactly true! Nobody knows if the opponent is alone, stronger, has lots of fighting experience. The number one thing to do is to diffuse the situation and if there is no other way out you just have to do your best. I love watching your videos and comments on youtube! Thanks a lot for your awesome input and strategies.

  8. Stab and Slash tell you see guts coming out lol joking.Just use your verbal judo. Walk away call police if you have time if not use Smith and Wesson.

  9. Thanks for posting this Nick, it made me feel much better about how I handled a situation at UFC 218 yesterday in the stadium; I had a man be rude to me, and I carried on without confrontation, but I hate to say I let that ruin my night. Looking back now I know I handled it the right way; it's important to be smart and keep the ego in check even if the fight is inevitable.

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