Kumail Nanjiani Met His Celebrity Obsession Hugh Grant

100 thoughts on “Kumail Nanjiani Met His Celebrity Obsession Hugh Grant

  1. How does that fake Fallon person hosts the most prestigious talk show in the US? The guy screams fakeness, down to his weird hand gestures.

  2. Are we supposed to pretend this guy isn't an Indian Jew? Just like we're supposed to pretend Barack Obama isn't a black Jew?

  3. Is there even one person who hates this guy Kumail? anyone? I really want to know cuz i have watched ton of his interviews and couldn't find a single negative comment about him.

  4. Why is everyone laughing" …lol I ask myself that every time I talk about movies I like πŸ™‚

  5. What a sweet guy — as is Jimmy Fallon, of course. My Hugh Grant crush started at Maurice — in only his character in that film could have followed his heart.

    Funny about the hair; Seth Myers did the same thing, imitating Hugh Grant's look.

  6. I hate Jimmy's fake laugh just came here for my main dude Kumail because he is really cool and funny

  7. So weird how some people think seeing someone is a big deal. Hero's? Hero's are people whbig whooo take care of business every single day. People who make films, entertainers, sports people – big deal.

  8. Fallon always interviews like a puppy that's way to excited about something that really isn't that big of a deal to the rest of us.

  9. god i don't think i can take any more jimmy fallon. no human being can find that many people and that many things that hysterical to the point of keeling over that many times. it's almost patronizing to the point where is irrespective of who is being interviewed, it makes the interview unbearable to watch.

  10. Sometimes I just can't stand watching Jimmy Fallon laughing… it seems so forced and fake. Kumail is pretty funny though πŸ‘

  11. Someone needs to tell Fallon he doesn't have to fake laugh and overreact to show that something funny was just said.

  12. If you just listen without watching this this video, you would think that Jimmy is interviewing a fabulous drag queen 😁 and I'm saying this with utmost admiration

  13. Not gonna lie, Hugh Grant is amazing. I'm currently very deeply obsessed with him. TBH, what sane human isn't obsessed with Hugh Grant!?

  14. Jimmy called Hugh Grant's hair "floppy" which is what Grant's character in Notting Hill was nicknamed "because of his hair" πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

  15. I just watched Kumail and now in my recommended is Aziz Ansari. I’m starting to think YouTube’s racist…oh no wait there’s Ryan Reynolds

  16. Jesus fucking Christ. I’m Pakistani but can the rest of you Pakistanis and Indians stop fucking arguing over bull shit. Stop making everything about race. Just shut the fuck up all of you and enjoy life. For fucks sake

  17. I never noticed how annoying it is that jimmy interrupts every guest he has until I couldn’t laugh because he starts talking and then dakota johnson commented about it in the most savage way.

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