Leadership practices of bad managers

hi my name is dr. Kevin Gazzara and
welcome to this video today we’re going to talk about the 10 competencies or
practices that build great leaders. Now these are listed in alphabetical order
not priority order the first one is authenticity
coming to the workplace of who you are second is communication building that
great communication within the organization and the people that you
work with so that they are clear on what you expect the third is actually
building competence and building your in-depth knowledge of what you’re good
at and what you’re supposed to be good with at the workplace the fourth one is
confident leadership it’s showing up in a way that people will look towards you
and follow you the fifth practices creative leadership it’s bringing new
ideas it’s being open to new ideas now in the workplace and the sixth one is
cultural leadership understanding different national cultures as well as
organizational cultures within the organization so you can fit in and also
be welcomed the seventh one is empowerment it’s giving the opportunity
through a delegation and letting people fail so that they can grow and learn the
eighth is reinforcement it’s taking that time with the individuals that you work
with whether they’re working for you or with you to recognize them for the good
work that they’re doing ninth is stewardship and stewardship is about
taking the opportunity to bring others with you to do things for them and help
you grow together and the tenth one is visionary
leadership and visionary leadership where the competence of being visionary
is all about looking in the future keeping your eye on the long term making
sure that the tactical things get done without losing the sight of where you’re
going and having that vision and mission so what can you do about this today well
invest the time on these practices don’t do all of them pick the one that makes
the most sense that will have the most impact for you with your organization
and do one thing today or tomorrow when you get back into the workplace invest
today and you’ll get unlimited rewards for tomorrow thanks for joining me on
this video and look for the sequential videos with in-depth detail on each of
the 10 leadership practices or competencies find out

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