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  1. Hi gabby i love your accent and want your help from you for my english elocution competition and you help as i am one of listener who use your tips in daily life please!please!please!please!

  2. Did you know that we have over 101 ways to talk about money in American English? This lesson talks all about learning to speak English by using slang to talk about money. You can read more about it out on our blog @ gonaturalenglish.com/blog! 😘

  3. Hello, Gabby! Thank you so much for your video. I Laura, I am from Russia. We have rubles and we also have some slang for our money. we sometimes call million of rubles with the word LEMON , we also use the word CABBAGE for money especially for dollars and euros.

  4. Hi teacher thanks for those slangs I really enjoyed watching this video by the way we say bread as a slang world for money too here in Algeria

  5. Hi, Gaby! Thank you for the lesson. it has been really fun. There`s a most common slang word in Russia about rubbles (national currency) – "bubky". It comes from a kind of ancient sport game something like baseball in US in which players were striking animals` stones (bubky) by a "bat" (also a bone but a big one) from a distance. The player who had struck more stones became a winner. The Russians usually say: to make bubki, to get back bubki (out of some investment), to blow bubki on sth (to lose money) etc.The synonyms for "bubky" are such words as "bablo", "lavandos" (both sound like Spanish words) and "capusta" (cabbage). The last word referred to US dollar obviously for its color. To make (or coin) money = to chop cabbage.

  6. In Mexico we use 'peso' (mexican peso actually, 'cuz there are other 'peso' in Latin America)

    4 ways to say it:

    Peso as in: "Cuesta 1 peso" (It costs 1 peso).
    Varo as in: "Sólo tengo 5 varos" (I just have 5 varos)


    Lana (wool) as in: "No tengo lana" (I don't have money)
    Feria (Fair/Fun fair) as in:
    ¿Cuanta feria tienes? (How much fun fair do you have?)

  7. In my nation we do business through Rupee, is the currency of my nation, when it comes to money each one wanna be a billionaire like Mukesh Ambani, L. Mittal, Aditya Birla who's your favourite currency Gabby???

  8. Hi Gabby,
    I'm from Egypt which the currency is Pound, but I'm living in Britain which the currency is Pound too, but different value!
    In Egypt, we have the Pharaoh characters and symbols on the currency, but in Briain, they have the Royal Family on their currency.

  9. If you would like to mention a bit about the British English through your videos it will be great, because I'm really struggling sometimes to understand them, especially when they use idioms, phrasal verbs and slang.
    Thank you in advance!

  10. I need someone who taught me English as a language
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    * I'm sorry for the scribes' mistakes because I use Google Translate

  11. Hey i m from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 currently we use tenge (тенге) slangs: aksha(деньги),tiyn(тиын) Thats all thank you so much ☺️

  12. 3:45 be careful Gabby, if you say that you have lots of Moolah here in Brazil, especially in the northeast area they will think you are a Farmer. Moolah sounds like "Mula" which is an animal very common here. It's an offspring of a Donkey and a Horse.

  13. Hello from Russia! We call our money 'cut paper' because our money cost just like paper on the world trade market unfortunately =(

  14. Hi teacher You're learning portuguese…here a good youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_IuWPJwBUtapGuGTt7TAAg/featured

  15. Hi! in Mexico when we talk about money usually we say: "lana", "feria", also "money", "luz" and sometimes "plata". Regards!

  16. Why don't you provide your own handwriting notes on your each videos in the PDF form..
    It will help a lot to learn easily for learner..
    Your sound is too clear and your eyes are also pretty..
    Thanks for your videos..

  17. In Russia we have rubles and the most common slang for our money is "bablo" (stress on the last syllable) or "babki" (stress on the first syllable) .
    The real meaning of babki is old women in plural. So funny slang))

  18. In Russia slang words for money are "бабло" (bub-loh), "баблишко" (bub-ly-shkoh), "капуста" (kah-poos-tah) which is actually a cabbage, "барыши" (bah-ry-shy), lol. Money itself is "деньги" (den-ghee)

  19. Hi Gabby.
    I have been living in the states for 7 years now. I came when i was 18 years old. I was used to the English accent and grammar. I haven't dropped my heavy accent. My question is: will that change to were i can have an American accent?

  20. In Costa Rica we use to say "una teja (a tile)" to refer to a 100 colones' coin haha after it, we say "un rojo (a red)" to refer to a 1000 colones' bill… if you want to use another slang here you can use "a toucan or un tucán" to refer to a 5000 colones' bill.. sometimes we use "una teja -a tile" as well to refer to 100 thousand colones and we say "un palo (a stick)" to refer to a million of colones.
    Greetings and a hug!

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  22. also here in the Philippines, our money currency are we use dead president specially in the money bills but so amazing to know your dollar bill in US. cool place I LOVE UNITED STATES honestly

  23. Gabby, why do I understand almost 99% of what you say, I also understand almost everything an American preacher named Paul Washer says, but I can not understand anything else? I've tried watching movies in English and I do not understand almost anything. I don't know why, it's so frustrating!

  24. Hello, my name is leyser, I'm from Nicaragua so in Nicaragua we call money in many different ways I gonna share a couple of them with you the main name is Cordoba, the we have peso ,plata , buyuyo, pasta ,arina etc. Etc.

  25. Türkler için bi kıyak:
    Moolah kelimesinin telaffüzü , Muğla'yı andırıyor.
    Amerika'da yaşayan bi arkadaşın var ve senle konuşurken en çok kullandığı kelime moolah.
    Arkadaş diyor ki
    Muğla'da moolah kaybettim, gördün mü hiç evin içinde?
    Sen, moolah kelimesini bilmiyorsun ve Muğla'da Muğla mı kaybetti? Ne dedi lan şimdi bu? diyorsun kendi kendine.
    -Muğla'da ne kaybettim dedin?
    o da diyo ki Moolah kanka. M-O-O-L-A-H şeklinde yazılıyo.

  26. Hi Gaby, I'm Ygor from Paraná, Brazil. And we've 101 ways the talk about money too. I gonna give to you some examples:
    When we are child, mothers teach that money is a "din din".
    The word the more common between people can be "cash, grana, faz me rir".
    When you gonna to receive the salary can be "pagode or pagamento"
    Thats a few examples that i can show you, but have a 101 ways for talk about money.
    Obrigado pelo seu trabalho, e de muita utilidade pra quem quer aprender sobre seu idioma

  27. Hi Gabby.
    In China we us RMB
    Sometimes we use "毛爷爷" to refer to 100RMB,because there is a portrait of him on the front side of the 100RMB.

  28. Hi gabby, I'm wanna to say this tips was very useful for me, and I think I must repeat this lesson over& over b'coz it is apply for my contemporary life. Thanks

  29. hi, Gabby I 'm from Egypt and we use the pound it also has sphinx on, it is one of the most famous monument of the world …..and thanks a lot for your videos

  30. Aqui no brasil usamos "10 conto, 20 conto" a nova geração usa muito "malote" pelo menos no estado do Maranhão ^^
    Nota: digito em português porque vc está aprendento 🙂

    Já uma gíria de dinheiro dos Estados Unidos só conheço "bucks"

  31. In Russian, the slang notation of money is "cabbage" (Капуста). Making money is "chopping cabbage" (Рубить капусту). US dollars are often called "killed raccoons," because the Russian government bans the use of the dollar as a basic means of payment, and entrepreneurs, when compiling prices in dollar terms, have to use the abbreviation "У.Е." – which is similar to the cut "The killed raccoon" (Убитый Енот). 🙂 Good luck with your channel!

  32. Thanks Gabby. I just recently subscribed to your channel. It helps me too coz i soon gonna go to USA since my fiance is living in USA.

  33. In my country (🇮Iraq 🇮🇶) our Currency is (Iraqi denar) and it's have a picture of dead iraqi sciences and historic Places in iraq and a different pic refere to our heretic

  34. Hi, Gabby.
    In Colombia the currency is the Colombian Pesos (COP). In some places, the people use to use to refer the money like PLATA (Silver).In our bills or coins, there are wild animals, painters, writers, politicians and scientists. Both, men and woman.
    Thank you for your explanation about money.

  35. Hi dear teacher 👩‍🏫 god safe and bless you I like your eyes 👀 ☺️please forgive me I’m Sajjad from Iraq

  36. At least you have different presidents. In vietnam we have only one man in all the notes, he is consider a hero of the nation, but for the rest of the world he may be a biggest communist (like Stalin).

  37. I'm from Pakistan and my national language is Urdu but native language is Punjab and here in Pakistan currency is Rupees

  38. alot of money can't defence with you the dead ….you must will dead …so iam not like you deading because iam your support ….so please enter the islamic region .

  39. Here in the Czech Rep. we use crowns. I’d have a hard time to come up with a hundred slang money-related words, but the most popular are “prachy” which means dust and “love” (pronounced as two syllables).

    Anyway, thank you for your work on all these videos. This is a great channel as is the content.

  40. I live in the US and I keep some half-dollar coins and 2-dollar bills. You left out bread and butter in the sense of income.

  41. Hi Gabby..I'm from Indonesia.. we have slang to talk about money too. Its like doku, receh, koin, duit, and so on..

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