Les Brown: NEVER LOOK DOWN ON YOURSELF (Powerful Motivational Video)

Les Brown: NEVER LOOK DOWN ON YOURSELF (Powerful Motivational Video)

LES BROWN>>you must work on yourself continuously
never be satisfied with yourself always know that as you invest the effort and
time on you that’s the greatest ability that human beings have above animals see
a dog can’t be anything but a dog tree can’t be anything but a tree human being
you’ve got unlimited potential you can put effort on you and by
concentrating on you and developing you you can transform your life wherever you
are right now and as you continue to work on yourself
you will begin to expand your vision of yourself you’ll begin to work towards
self mastery and you will begin to see it reflected self in all the dimensions
of your life your mental life your physical life your social life in your
relationships your monetary life so concentrate on developing yourself the
next thing is develop a health plan so you can’t feel well and do well if you
don’t have good health you can’t perform if you don’t have your health
you’ll help this valuable develop a health plan a plan that you will follow
because this is the only vehicle that you have to carry you through this
experience called life and you want to take good care of it because you love
you enough you care enough about you and that’s not easy it is not easy having a
health plan and sticking to it you want to live life with energy and
passion you want to make a conscious effort to be Lively you want to be happy
you got a lot to be thankful for so you’ve got to learn to stand up to
yourself inside yourself and short-circuit override that conversation
that’s always going on 85% of what that conversation will tell you is negative
it’s negative it will tell you you’re tied when you really are not tired it
will tell you you can’t do it it will feel you in fear so you’ve got to watch
that conversation and when you find it going on you’ve got to stand up to it
and say I’m gonna do this anyhow I’m afraid but I’m afraid not to do it and
I’m not going to let you stop me the biggest challenge that you will have in
life is you there’s an old African proverb that says is this no enemy
within the enemy outside can do us no harm what do you want what gives you your
life what how will you know when you got what will make you happy you need to know you need to start
asking yourself some questions what do I really really truly want you need to be
exact about that don’t be feyo I just want to be happy
that’s too vague what will make you happy how will you know when you got in
what you’ve done with your life thus far is it giving you what you want is it
giving you what you want when you look toward the future when you look at all
this going on out here is there some place within yourself you say hey I know
I need to be out there in that arena I know I can do more than what I’ve been
doing I know there’s some great music that I have within me that I haven’t
brought out here is that something that you begin to look at within yourself so
I used to do that and I used to go to big rallies and see guys up speaking
when I wasn’t courageous enough to go out there and say hey my name is les
rotten the motivator made me Brown’s boy I want to talk I would never do that I
just was I just be back there looking at if it wanted to get their autograph it
would say can I can I meet you mr. Lister Wiggly or miss can I meet mr. Zig
Ziglar please tell him who are you let’s Brown because I’ve felt within myself
hours ago – they want my to go talk to these guys and go get their autographs
I’d like to do what you do see I say if you look at your life and
if you’re not getting what you want you owe it to yourself to do something
differently you are if you want a job eighty-five percent they say of
Americans go to jobs but they’re unhappy if you’re doing something eight hours a
day that you don’t like it’s not giving you what you want it’s not giving you a
strong feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment you’re miserable you hate to
go there you’re depressed just thinking about it you’re saying they thank God
it’s Friday song every week it’s giving you headaches just thinking about it on
Sunday afternoon after the football game goes off if that’s what it is you owe it
to yourself to start strategically working to change directions see but you
know what most people will do most people will resist change
most people will fight change as if change would be worse than what they’re
experiencing see they know this they’re familiar with this most people will not
challenge the unknown they won’t just step out there see this well see there
certain things has got to be in place they got to see it all together and like
this and like that that’s not how you grow so as you look at your life you say
I’m not getting what I want as you begin to look toward the future
begin to know that whatever it takes for you to create that you’ve got that in
you you got that you’ve got genius in you you’ve got goodness in you you’ve
got creativeness in you if you decide to take the initiative to change the
current quality of your life I say to you that you will find that the universe
is on your side then life is on your side now will it be turbulent yes would
it be easy no no well you have some opposition yes will I make a lot of
mistakes yes will I get hurt yes yes see a lot of people won’t try anything
different in life because they don’t want to get hurt let me tell you
something it’s too much pain to doc pain is everywhere you can hide under here it
will come where you are I’m really if I go back to your pay to
come hey les come on out it will come it’s everywhere Viktor Frankl cause it
unavoidable suffering you can’t duck it but most people spend their life not
wanting to deal with the pain of rejection the pain of defeat the pain of
being disappointed the pain of losing the pain of failure the pain of being
criticized the pain of not being liked the pain the pain the pain that’s called
life life is full of pain it’s everywhere but guess what there’s no
gain without pain now if you won’t hurt anyhow get some yardage out of it because it’s the pain of regret that you
experience if I had it to do over again that’s a pain don’t you know that’s it
when you know I was in a seminar once and this lady’s stood up if I had my
life to live over again she talked about all of the things that she would do and
you can feel the pain of regret in her voice a pain of regret
she still experience pain she was trying not to experience the pain of defeat the
pain of disappointment the pain of loss the pain of lack of support and she
still experienced pain it was right there
we can’t get around it most people are governed by their habits the fears and
the opinions of others a lot of people never try anything differently because
they have been convinced by people in their lives that they value that they
can’t do it they’re living within the context of the opinions that other
people have of them the low expectations many people doubt themselves because
when they thought about doing something at some critical point in their life
somebody they respected and honored somebody they believed in somebody that
they loved someone they trusted said you can’t do that and they accepted that
that’s why I didn’t go off to college I had an instructor that I believed who
said you’re not college material mr. Brown you’re not as smart as your
brother Wesley or your sister Margaret and you’re not college material why
don’t you try and get you a job at the post office try and do something with your hand I’ll
go down to the Miami city sanitation department if he can you get a job there
oh why don’t you try and go into the army I took that test mr. Tillis already
what happened I fail I told you anybody fail the army test you’re really in
trouble so I went down to the Sanitation Department to try and get a job because
that’s what I believed was possible for me
as you look at your life ask yourself the question what would your life be
like what would your life look like if you decided not to care what people
thought of you what would your life be like if you decided to give up some of
your fears what would your life be like if you decided to become courageous what
would you like be like if you decided to act on your dream if you did what you
felt in your heart you know what courageous means Tom Ruskin and Randy
Reed said they said that courage comes from a French word which means of the
heart that how does it feel to you he says such courage you know it takes
courage to live since most people go through life not allowing themselves to
step out because they don’t want to let go they don’t want to be blown around
they don’t want to be moved the courage to face life’s whirling wind of
contradictions the courage to love yourself the courage to love for years I
was afraid to love the courage to take a chance the courage to be who you are he says courage isn’t for somebody else
for metals applause immoral debts courage is what at that moment feels
most right for you not just situational ethics but what
feels right in your heart the word of the heart what feels right in your heart
one great philosopher says cowards die many times before their deaths
the valiant never taste of death but once what does that mean the valiant
people aren’t afraid no no no it means that they experience that fear and they
move forward and move forward any how many people are dead now many people
allowing their dreams to die many people applying the ideas to lie
dormant and collect dust many people have all this talent and
ability that they are lying to be embedding side of them that they will
take with them to their games because they didn’t have the courage to be who
they are and I say as you begin to look to all the future and manifesting your
braveness it’s going to take everything in you everything in you that your life
deserves the concentrated effort to begin to look at how is it that I can
express more of me how is it that I can bring my ideas out here now how is it
and start living with a sense of urgency because you’re here today you’re gone
today life is unpredictable it’s uncertain there’s no guarantees no
guarantees out here at all so holding back what are you waiting on ask
yourself what’s the benefit of your waiting what’s the benefit of your not
living your dream what’s the benefit of not listening to yourself
oh please listen to yourself you know the feelings that you started listening
to the feelings in your heart and I’m doing it down lore every day I find that
my feelings I can trust them and I say to you that as you look toward the
future you looked at life on a daily basis if there’s something that you have
been given if you’ve heard something within yourself that you know that that
what you’re doing now doesn’t fit you it doesn’t work for you it’s not
giving you what you want and there’s something else that you want to do don’t
allow that inner doubt in you to talk you out of it
to build a case on why you can’t have it to tell you why you’re not good enough
you ignore that in a voice and all of the external voices don’t judge the
possibilities for what you can do based upon the circumstances because the
circumstances won’t determine who you are don’t determine what you’re able to
do based upon your resources don’t determine what’s possible for you based
upon where your life is right now where your life is right now is not you that’s
just what it is right now but the possibilities for you are unlimited if
you’re in a rebuilding process it’s unlimited if you’re coming back from
adversity and devastation it’s unlimited of what you can do that’s the capacity
of human beings it doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ve made doesn’t matter
how many flops you’ve had doesn’t matter how much money you’ve lost in fact I see
it only as an investment what you learn from life not losses but investments of
what’s possible for you and I say to you that once you start listening to
yourself and as you began to act on your dream as you start just trying to find
your way doing what you can what you have you will start seeing things
opening up for you start attracting people you say where’d it come from
things will start coming together clicking for you say whoa you start
brainstorming ideas will come out of nowhere as you focus on it the key to it
is to begin to focus on what it is you want to do why that’s why is that
important because as you focus on that which you want to do that which we focus
on that which we give our energy to it will begin to multiply it will begin to
expand it will begin to develop your consciousness and out of that comes your
greatness out of that comes a commitment out of that comes a passion for life out
of that comes a special power that you have in you that you haven’t even called
on yet see the the powers that we have will never reveal themselves if we don’t
challenge them if we don’t put ourselves in a position
where we have to use them so one of the most important things is reading a book
that’s a really interesting book called instant millionaire and the guy said put
yourself in a position where you can’t retreat where it’s do-or-die sink or
swim here’s what you’ll find out you’ll
develop incredible swimming skills or swallow half the pool of life you’ll
find yourself stroking unlike you’ve ever seen before through the inspiration
of desperation you’ll become more creative than ever before so what is it
how do we handle that whole piece throw your whole self into it see most people
go at it tentatively they don’t give all their stuff they don’t concentrate they
don’t put everything they’ve got in them one guy wrote a book called all you can
do is all you can do and all you can do is enough but he said make sure you do
all you can do and if we honest this evening we know that we haven’t done all
we can do so as we look at the future we can decide that from this day forward as
I look at my personal relationships if I look at my professional relationships if
I look at my family relationships if I look at all the dimensions of my life
looking at myself mentally emotionally and spiritually I’m going to do all I
can do to develop me to bring my talent out here to make a contribution to life

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