39 thoughts on “Looney Tunes World of Mayhem | Ask Me Anything Vol. 5

  1. Not only am I really enjoying this game, but I’ve also been on a roll lately. In the past two months, I’ve activated Valkyrie Bugs, OG Foghorn, OG Porky, Scarlet Pumpernickel, OG Daffy, Grand Duke Sylvester, OG Sam Sheepdog, Elmer The Sure, and just recently OG Granny, and OG Sylvester. I apologize for bragging, but man, I’m just so happy with that line up!

  2. marvelous work, loving the game. Thank you and the unstable one and all your staff for keeping this interesting and entertaining….Cheers!

  3. I'm 30 pieces short of Treasure Hunter Tweety. So not even close to Taz it's not funny. The only Arena I did great at was Hippety-Hopper… guess because it was beta vs global release. I did manage to also get Bellboy Gossamer after a long time of having to miss out on him. I too want a Lunar Petunia because I don't have her yet. Yes to Beaky Buzzard and K-9. At volunteer work now so I will rewatch at home. How about a sort of battle mode where you do battle but when a toon of yours is defeated, you cannot use that toon until your whole roster of toons is defeated and then you get your rewards and then your whole rost can be used again? In TMNT Legends it's called "Beproeving"/Test and Age of Magic it's called Tomb of Horrors. Maybe it could be called Looney Wacky Battles or Mayhem Mania.

  4. Please invite battle-mode in his clan. It's so interesting to fight with your teamate without loss of points, but perhaps for minor achievements or etc. I want spent more time in game. Cheers.

  5. Здравствуйте ! Игра Луни Тюнз потрясающая ! Разработчики , вы большие молодцы , всегда прислушивается к мнению игроков !😍😘

  6. Any plans to do anything about inactive clan leaders? Recently I've been finding it hard to a find a clan where all the leaders and sub leaders haven't been offline for over 99days. Annoying when trying to find a clan to do wars with.

  7. I’ve been anxiously waiting for Hippety Hopper and Taz rerun in Arena. Now it sounds like they will never come back. I hope the way to get past legendary toon pieces will not be for whales only. Other people who are not rich deserve a chance to get legendary and Tazmania toon pieces too. Not just a few pieces that won’t matter. The whole Tazmania region frustrates me to no end. We don’t even get reruns of Witchdoctor.

  8. Scusate un attimo ma si può sapere perché non aggiungete nuovi livelli della modalità campagna?? E poi anche il livello dei personaggi e fermo a 59! Cioe' invece di aggiungere battaglie alleanza ecc che non servono a niente prolungate i vari livelli e aumenti originali! Almeno non diventa monotono!

  9. I believe it was lots of harder questions to be answers…easy to see on discord regarding the events…but no questions been taken as can see. Shame

  10. I think because roadrunner and wile coyote have somewhat alot of trains i still think train conducter coyote and rail roadrunner and in the new looney tunes episodes their is petunia so i think passanger petunia can also be a character in looney tunes world of mayhem.(also the event can be called coyote express.)

  11. Wow….just wow. She didn't give a single solid answer the whole video except talking about making animations at the end. Other than that it's 5 minutes of her saying "We're totally going to improve the game in the future." I literally could have created this video myself.

  12. Still didn't answer why you are putting the boot to new players the events are nothing but a joke needing a 5 star to play event is a joke

  13. В особых усилениях можно поднять игнорирование брони до 100%, как это работает? Если действительно идет полное игнорирование брони, то тогда зачем вообще броня мультяшкам? Ведь все выучат это усиление и броня всех мультяшек сойдет на нет

  14. Can we please get a show biz Daffy duck event or campaign he's one of my favorite toons please and thank you so much

  15. My big question, will they ever bring back event reatomizers? I've got over 400 illudium burning a hole in my pocket, and don't want to waste it all on nuclears.

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