Mairi Sinatsaki & Charalampos Zografakis – Acne Challenge | Celebrity Science

Mairi Sinatsaki & Charalampos Zografakis – Acne Challenge | Celebrity Science

ΤCelebrity Science is a show where Celebrities face science! In today’s show, we have invited a specialist, Charalampos Zografakis Charalampos, what is you relationship with science? I have been a Dermatologist-Venereologist for the last 25 years. Everyday I meet patients with acne, so I am close to it. Let me remind you that Remos or Marinela (Greek singers) hold the microphone like that! You need to bring it closer! Great, thank you! And Mairi, what is your relationship with science? Well it’s a long distance relationship! We try, but it’s hard! I have studied a different kind of science, Psychology at Pantio University in Athens, and that is the closest I have. Well that will do for today! GETTING TO KNOW ACNE Our first game is called ”Getting to know acne”. So Mairi, tell us, which one from the 3 given answers is the scientific term for acne? a) Acne Sigmatis, b) Acne Vulgaris, c) Valar Morghulis I don’t know much about Game of Thrones but I think Valar Morghulis has something to do with it. So through the inductive method I will exclude c. So, I think that sebum (smigma in Greek) is relevant so I will say a. The doctor is already trying to help me! The name acne is comes from Ancient Greek (akmi) and Vulgaris is in Latin the common acne. OK, thank you very much! Let’s give an applause to Mr Zografakis who found the right answer! Let’s go to the next question. Which of the below refers to pimples created from acne? a) Comedones , b) Buckwheat, c) Centrifugal Again, I will exclude c. I am trying to remember if my nutritionist told me to eat comedones or buckwheat! I think that buckwheat is something edible, so I choose a. Which doesn’t even sound like Greek! Before you respond Charalampos, let’s see what the audience thinks. So the audience chose a, as well! You are correct! It is the fundamental damage of acne, where acne begins! We will talk about it later. What is acne? a) Seasonal allergy, b) Natural state of the skin, c) Disease. – I will choose c. What about the audience? Well the audience is not sure! So what is the correct answer Charalampos? Acne is a disease. It’s not natural for the skin, though 85% of teens have acne so you see how common it is. Most of the them don’t need treatment, but a significant percentage of them need to visit a dermatologist. PRACTICAL ADVICE Mairi, meet Mairi! She is a teenager and we want you to give her advice for some situations. See? She is a red head like you! So, what should Mairi do when it comes to her morning skincare routine I’m thinking that she should wash her face because there are chances of sebum secretion during sleep. She could also use face cream, if her doctor prescribed one. That is all. That is correct! In the morning, we wash our face with a gentle cleanser. Apart from that, we may need to use a supplementary product, or nothing, or sunscreen if we leave in a country with plenty of sun. Great, that went well! What should Mairi do when it comes to the sun? I recently learnt that I have acne rosacea. Here, there are so many lights that I should have worn a sunscreen, my face will turn red soon! But that’s OK, I wanted to skip make-up for this and look natural! We should definitely wear sunscreen, even when it’s a cloudy day, right? That is correct! With acne rosacea, the sun always creates problems. In common acne, a few minutes of sun daily can help. Larger quantities increase sebum, increase redness of the skin and create flares. We soon prerscribe a special sunscreen. Now, something that mostly concerns girls: make-up. I guess there are products more suitable for faces with acne. In any case, I know that we should remove our make-up before bed. That is true! Make-up is necessary when the scars of acne are intense, but choose products that have no fat, no oils. Of course, in the and you should completely remove your make-up using a cleanser. SHAVING well I know all about that! We know that shaving affects the skin. We want Mairi’s and yours opinion on the below answers. How often should you shave? a) Everyday, to avoid new hair, b) Every 3 days, so the skin becomes accustomed to it, c) Only when needed. I have no idea! When you have acne on your skin and you shave, you hurt yourself. So I will choose c, but I’m not sure. I’m so stressed! The audience says b, often so the skin becomes accustomed to it. What is the right answer Charalampos? – We want to have a schedule when shaving.
– So the audience is correct! Well done guys! How many blades on the razor? a) 1, b) 2, c) 5. – One? What is that?
– Is the old one, what barbers have! – I say the more, the merrier! So 5!
– 5 also from the audience! One blade and then we throw away the razor. The germs from the skin stay on the razor, we can’t sterilize it. So shave and throw it away. 5 blades cause irritation on the skin, imagine that 5 times a blade passes from the same point! MYTH OR REALITY Now I will read some statements and you have to say if they are myth or reality. Acne is contagious. No, that is a myth. – Correct. Squeezing the pimples makes them go away faster.
– No. – Does stress make acne worse?
– Stress makes everything worse! – Does solarium make acne worse?
– Why don’t I have an answer? I am not sure how the rays work, but I’m guessing yes. – By using more product that fight acne, it will go away faster.
– I think not, that’s a myth! You should use the quantity of a walnut? Or something more specific! – When you are clean, you don’t have acne.
– People that have acne are more clean and take more care than others. – Do greasy hair make acne worse?
– I think that they can cause problems when they fall on our face constantly. – Does sweat make acne worse?
– Yes. – Acne came to earth by aliens?
– Of course! By those who wanted to conquer us and live inside of us! The sebum-aliens! ΕΠΙΣΤΗΜΟΝΙΚΟ ΤΑΜΠΟΥ – Now it’s time to play taboo.
– OK, let me channel my inner Monica Geller! Sure! I am preparing the 60 seconds on the timer. And imagine I look at the doctor like that! Doctor, now it’s the 2 of us! These are your cards, and you will start when I tell you. 1,2, GO! – It’s what you need, we said that nutrition is not part of, it’s not…
– An imporant factor? – No. I will come to you and we will tell me that I have to do some things. What is that?
– Medicine. Medication. Cream. Treatment. – Great! It is not buckwheat, nor centrifugal. It’s…
– Comedone. – What are you? Don’t look!
– Dermatologist. – I am…
– A patient. – No.
– Don’t look there! Time out! We have 3! Great! Let’s give an applause to Mairi! No, without Mairi looking, Charalampos will start describing. 1, 2, 3, GO! – It appears during acne.
– Pimple. – It doesn’t matter when it comes to acne.
– Nutrition? Cleanliness? – It start during…
– Puberty? – And it mostly appears on the…
– Face. – So it is out of…
– The skin? Me? It’s over? You have 20 seconds to spare! Congratulations! Now I would like to talk about the psychological factor. Did it affect you in your experience? How do you face it? As we said, I don’t have common acne, the one we talk about. However, in times of stress or intense emotion I do have flares. Of course! For kids or teens who go through a though period in general, imagine having a visible problem. This causes issues in school. Often these kids become introvert and have low self-esteem, or depression. Treatment can really help them. So I want parents to know that this isn’t natural and will just disappear. If they use a treatment from the drugstore for a while and it doesn’t work, they should visit a dermatologist. That way, they will be no psychological effects or visible scars on the skin. It’s important to treat it as soon as possible. I would like to thank Charalampos Zografakis for joinin us I would also like to thank our guest who also talked about her own issues with acne, Mairi Sinatsaki. You can find out more about acne in the description box below, and you can subscribe to our channel here.

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