Making an Impression: Pete Buttigieg – Getting into Character Pt. 2

40 thoughts on “Making an Impression: Pete Buttigieg – Getting into Character Pt. 2

  1. Loving the behind the scenes look! It's great to see how many people are involved in the process and how many ideas are needed to reach the final product.

  2. just watching somebody learn their impression is funny in of itself lol watching him repeat what he's watching is lol

  3. I don't watch Fallon normally, but I was watching Mayor Pete on Bill Maher's show a few weeks ago, and one moment, in the end, Mayor Pete has this sheepish expression on his face (reaction to crass Bill joke) and I said, "Holy crap, he looks like he could be Fallon's overachieving little brother!" I mean, Fallon is successful but…c'mon, Mayor Pete is not from this world! 😅. And then, this. 😂

  4. Funny his Hair guy looks like the Singer from foofighters

  5. Pete Buttigieg sort of sounds like Keanu Reeves. LOL someone had made tht point and I was like damn he does!!!

  6. Pete Buttigieg has ZERO policies prepared. Andrew Yang is the best candidate! He has a plan that will help everyone, not just democrats. 1.) Single payer health care. We all pay taxes we might as well have our taxes go to taking care of ourselves. 2.) The freedom dividend will give everyone, regardless of income $1000 a month. if you work you, can make your regular income and plus $12,000 more. Thats car payment and rent for many. Business owners will have a market where everyone hase 1000 dollars extra to spend on their business. EVERY COMMUNITY BENEFITS FROM HAVING 1000 A MONTH EXTRA.

    Andrew Yang understands technology. The majority of retail workers, truck drivers, low skill workers will lose their jobs in the up coming years due to automation. He plans to take a firm stance against all countries who pose a threat to our national security. It is especially important that our president understand the true nature of future warfare, such as cyber attacks, hacking, etc. Please listen to what these candidates are offering before you vote.

    I thank pete for his service in the military.

    But I frankly don't care that he knows 7 languages. Or that he can articulate himself well.

    I need my president to be able to understand the problem the United States faces and to be able to find reasonable solutions to those problems.

  7. At first I was excited about Pete but since he continues to discuss his religion and his god and says that the democratic party needs to embrace religion, I will most likely not support him because he doesn't represent me and religion has NO place in government.

  8. Buttigieg (roughly) means Lord Of Poultry in Maltese. If you like Pete AND Poultry- why not join this fun Facebook group? : Poultry for Pete Buttigieg! Thanks!

  9. He's the 'man', wants to dick poke the Presidency.
    From Shrillary Hillary of lying infidelity, to this, an
    oiled up dick looking for a "real" arse.

    The choice was a lying bitch, now its an oiled up
    Dick ……. I VOTE he sticks his Dick Ideology into
    his mouth.

    *He is openly irrational!!* *

  10. #StopTheFullTermAbortionLaw. Be the voice for those helpless full term babies, who are murdered alive suffering excruciating pain and who don't have a voice for themselves.


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