Making My Hero Academia Babies | Get In The Robot

Making My Hero Academia Babies | Get In The Robot

Fans ship characters. But typically they
stop there. Well today I decided to take it to the next level and see what kind
of kids I could create out of our favorite couples. [record scratch sfx] Okay , that sounds a little weird. I mean I would pair up characters and try to see what their
kids would look like. Okay I think I saved it. You’ve seen how quirks are
passed down to characters or not passed down. Sometimes a hero might inherit one
of their parents quirks, sometimes they’ll get a mash up quirk, and
sometimes their quirk might be something completely different. But for this video
I’m specifically looking for mashups. And through the magical power of head-canon,
I’ve come up with some quirks that these hero babies might inherit. So I’ll be
counting down my favorites. Number one ship in the show, you know I had to do it:
Deku and Ochako. Go figure. What do you get when you combine zero gravity with a
booster perk like One For All? A damn good protagonist level baby that’s what
you get. When you look at how Ochako uses zero gravity you can see she only
has the ability to make things have zero gravity. She doesn’t really have any way
to just control how gravity affects an object. So I thought the combo of the two
perks might look a lot like… that guy with a particle juicer in Naruto. Not that
I’m biting, or anything but come on you can’t tell me that wouldn’t work. An
ideal version of their combined quirks could result in complete gravity control,
meaning they can control the amount of gravity on an object at will. Pretty cool.
So for some reference, with their powers they could pick up a sheet of paper,
then use said sheet of paper to crush someone flat. Or they could just straight up
juggle some elephants… and then use them to crush someone flat. I feel like they would do a lot of
crushing. But on the flip side what would happen if One For All took center stage
over zero gravity? Would this new baby possibly be the strongest hero to ever
attend U.A? A hero to trump all heroes? One that would triumph over any
obstacle, any enemy, and–– no not at all. They’d actually be pretty sh–– All right
so this baby would have super-strength like Deku or All Might. But they’d
also probably have no control over zero gravity. I mean zero gravity probably
would only affect them, so even if they line up a sick Detroit Smash, it would
feel like a love tap. Because you know, you’d be weightless. So welcome to B-class baby Deku. You’d pretty much look like All Might when he first goes up
against All For One. Basically this poor baby is a terrible superhero who would
have zero useful combat ability so sorry to all the Izo… is O… is Ocha… is O… to all the
Deku and Ocha co-shippers okay? There’s way too many names.
Alright so Deku and Ochako are kind of underdogs in the pro hero world. So
what if we combine heroes who came to U.A on recommendations?
Todoroki and Momo. Momo’s creation quirk seems pretty powerful on its own. Sure
Momo has to know exactly how to create the object of her desire–– like
night-vision goggles–– but whatever she can create them nonetheless. So combining creation with an equally OP quirk like Totoroki’s half hot and half cold was
a bit of a challenge. So for the next quirk I had to get a little more
creative. Alright, so Momo has to eat in order to
use her quirk to create things. So, if she were to hook up with Totoroki, their
kid might have to eat spicy things or cold things like ice cream to power up.
That’s if Totoroki’s quirk takes the backseat, but with Totoroki’s quirk
driving we might see something a little different. Like let’s say you can still
create like Momo, but all of your creations come out
either on fire or encased in ice. Pretty much like Totoroki’s goofy-ass
character design from season one. Bones! Are you serious? He looks like a freaking background character. So yeah, you can make those night-vision goggles,
but they’d be like like you know, on fire or encased in ice, hopefully the latter
though, so pick your poison. So if we’re being real, making s’mores might be this
hero the biggest strength. But I’m sure they could find a way to make it work
during a fight… probably. If you’re not a Deku/Ochako fan you’re probably
shipping Dark Shadow and Froppy. I mean we’re all cultured here, Froppy is
best girl, so why not. With these two you’re gonna get an animal no matter
what. If Froppy’s powers dominate the combo, you’ll still look like a frog, but
you’ll inherit a lot of Dark Shadow’s traits. But instead of having a bird
shaped shadow creature inside you, you’d have a frog shaped shadow creature inside
you. Which is a sentence I’d never thought I’d have to say. We know that
Dark Shadow gets stronger the darker it gets. So Froppy and Tokoyami’s kid
might get stronger than near they are to water. Hey I love the episode where Froppy
interred with Selkie on the Oki Mariner, and I think this version of Froppy and Tokoyami’s offspring would be Selkie’s next sidekick–– absolutely no question. The
next pairing is a ship made in heaven: Kaminari and Kyoka. Is there a better
combo than Kaminari and Kyoka? Probably. But I’m not talking about that right now.
These two techno heroes could really buff each other’s quirks. Their techno
baby would inherit Kyoka’s ear jacks, but it’ll probably be more with the
times and have USB-C cables, or lightning cables because–– one, that sounds
way cooler, and two, well shoutout to Apple. These USB-C cables
would allow this hero baby to connect to any electronic device to manipulate it
via electricity. It might not make sense sure, but neither does Kyoka’s ability to
connect too a wall. Unlike Papa Kaminari, with USB-C’s, this baby would also
have finer control over the amount of electricity they emit. The trade-off with
techno quirks is how quickly technology evolves. Don’t tell Kyoka but nobody’s
gonna be using headphone jacks in five years. So an unlucky baby might have Zune
powers, meaning they’ll be tied to some already outdated technology. Or they
might just end up with the quirk that gives them an annoying static shock
every once in a while. I want to put quirks genetics aside since I have
to pair our underappreciated Alien Queen with our overly–– or adequately––
appreciated Frog Girl: Mina and Froppy. This seems like the easiest combo because we
can look to real-life examples for this one. What do you get when you mix
a frog with acid? Pretty much a poison dart frog. And these tropical cuties have
vibrant colors just like their Mama, Pinky. So they secrete acid, spit acid, and are
basically like a pink xenomorph. But let’s say their kid isn’t so Froppy… what
do we get? Something… something awful. We can assume that she won’t inherit
Froppy’s mutation, but she will probably get Mina’s vibrant skin… but green, like
Froppy. One thing Froppy and Mina have in common is secretion. Is there
any word grosser than secretion? Like I’m pretty sure it’s worse than moist, like–– secretion––
like that’s disgusting. Anyway, Floppy secretes sticky frog goop from her skin
and Mina, our acid Queen produces, well acid. So if you put those two things
together their child might secrete like frog pheromones..? Yeah, yeah, yeah I said it,
I went there. How can that be used in battle? Well she could get biblical and rain some
frogs on the battlefield, or get followed around all day by frogs? Either way a
hard pass. In fact I was already lost on the secretion thing. You know as long as we’re talking about it, that is really *****. Before I get to number one,
I had a few quick combos that didn’t make the lists and earned themselves
honorable mentions, as we call them in the biz. So what do you get when you ship
the purest bromance of all? Would probably spawn a hero baby with a
shrapnel quirk. It’s like there’s this pile of dead exploding skin that’s also knives,
and there’s razor blades and rats everywhere and it’s super crowded and
the Metro won’t take your bus pass, because you’re out, but even though you
already paid… I think I think I’m just describing the F train now. If you mix
two unsung heroes: Sero whose quirk is Tape and Sato, Sugar Rush–– you get
bubble tape. Which is a delicious but useless quirk. Also do they still make
bubble tape? I really miss that. Pairing up the man with multiple arms and a bad
haircut with the most clean-cut student of them all? You get a jet. Like it’s just
it’s just a jet. Like imagine yourself at the park as a child
pretending to fly around, like that’s literally their kid. But like for real,
and with three wings like a triplane. But, if Shhoji hooked up Ojiro,
their child would have multiple tails, like tails, sonic. So I feel like this is
pretty universally known but Mineta should always be alone. But if he managed
to land a partner, and if that partner were Baku, their offspring would have
sticky grenades. Think of the plasma grenades from Halo, but you’re ripping
them off your scalp. Now for our number one pairing, I didn’t want to miss this
hero who can blend into the background. These jokes are progressively getting
worse. Of course I’m talking about our often forgettable Invisible Girl, Hagakure.
If she manages to grab Momo’s attention, they’re quirk combination can result in
some really useless kids. Let’s say their child inherits Momo’s creation, it’d be pretty strong and useful right off the bat. But what if all
their creations were invisible? It would be able to create just about anything like
their mom Momo. But no one would believe them… Once they convince the
world that they weren’t full of it and that they totally have a real quirk, they
swear. They could potentially be the most useful hero on the battlefield, creating
invisible tools, weapons, and traps. But let’s take it a step further and say
they also inherited Hagakure’s invisibility. Not only would their
creations be invisible, but they would be too. So you might have noticed I missed
the best boys: Deku and Bakugo. And that’s because I couldn’t think of any
combinations that weren’t too OP people. But I want to hear your thoughts, uh make
some babies in the comment section below–– Adrian, dude I didn’t mean to say––
please don’t fire me man, I need this job… I’ll see you on Tuesday, right? And don’t
forget to click subscribe to join us, the number one anime club on YouTube. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Making My Hero Academia Babies | Get In The Robot

  1. Maybe the Deku and uraraka ship baby's quirk could just be the gravity quirk and Eventually Deku hands one for all down. To his son

  2. todoroki x deku=
    quirk: cold punches

    when he punches he will freeze them by will.

    cold fire
    option 2: he can set them on fire and freeze them the can be destroyed

  3. I dont think if deku had a kid it would inherit his quirk bc its no technically his like he didn’t get it biologically one for all can only be passed down how its intended to

  4. The moment I saw Mineta I already knew whatever happened next would be downright terrible, and it was, so shame on you for this cursed ship.

  5. Bakugo and Deku should be a ble to boost their movement speed and attack by being able to create powerful explosions from anywhere in their body, and they could also become a human grenade by activating it all together

  6. Deku learns more quirks later on in the anime so wouldn't izucho babies have different types of quirks everytime

  7. Sorry but i think the alien girl and the frog girl will make the baby deformed since woman on woman isnt capable of making regular formed. Not that they arent regular they are amazing wait im not mean

  8. If imma eat scientific with Ochako and Deku, One for All cannot be passed on genetically. Considering he may have some DNA from Inkos quirk, (telekinesis on small objects) then the baby’s power may be making things have zero gravity, but not having to touch it to do so.

  9. If the sticky hair boy with the girl that can poop out stuff had a baby they would have a baby that could have his dads power but he would just have to eat to fuel it😝

  10. PLEASE!! Do an episode with what Izukus quirk would be if his parents hadn't been fourth generation quirks! His mom floats small objects but his dad BREATHES FIRE!!! I'm so curious!!

  11. Kaminari and Froppy makes:
    Quirk: Shock Lick
    Name: Kamiro inappy
    His tounge is made by electric so he slap people with his tounge then shock his enemy

  12. I feel like I have to point out that two Males can't have children.
    Oh yeah, and the same goes for two Females.

  13. tododekus was the same thing as One for All, but their child can do a certain power (fire/ice) based off of which limbs they use, and kiribakus child was like the ultimate offense-defense kid that basically kills everyone in kindergarten

  14. If shinsou and denki somehow had a child it could be mind shock. Get someone answer a question then they could shock someone else's mind and make them not think straight for a bit.

    Quirk: HellFlames
    Quirk: Blue Fire
    Combine and you get Acid Fire

  16. All Might and Aizawa
    okay hear me out
    One for All and a Quirk Eraser would be too OP since it takes a second for All Might to Smash a person into atoms and all he has to do is not blink

  17. Not gonna lie I think that deku and ochakka’s Child would have one of deku’s parents quirks or it be a combination of them and OMG THEY WOULD BE A FIRE BENDER

  18. Eeeeeeeh the first one I disagree because if you could do that you could basically make it fly and go wherever you want

  19. Momo and bakuguo are a good ship i can imagine what their kid would be like the kid would make stuff and throw them and they would explode at the people the kid is the throwing them at

  20. Bakudeku would probs gonna (this is how they do it) punch/kick really hard with explosions or fire like when they punch/kick they also produce fire/explosions…. om no one agrees ik
    If tododeku cold and hot punches/kicks
    And please don't bash me for adding 1 for all… ik it can't be passed by genes

  21. Wouldn’t everyone shipped with Deku just have the other parents quirk considering the quirk was given to Deku, he wasn’t born with it

  22. Deku+ Kacchan= strong fire baby! Aizawa+ Present mic= erasing someones voice! mrs joke= Aizawa= no quirk bc they are opposites! todoroki+ kacchan= ULTRA FIRE ICE CHILD!!! Mina+ Sue= acid spitting pink frog lady

  23. Todomomo would be when the child creates something it will come out in ice form, not just a block of ice. Then when it comes out on the other hand, it could come out with lava coming out of it forever

  24. But if Deku had children, they would inherit from him either his mom's (ability to attract small objects that aren't far away) or his dad's (spit fire) quirk, not One for all, since you have to actually give One for all to someone.

    So I guess if you combine Zero Gravity with Deku's mom quirk and improve it a bit, you could get a kind of Telekinesis quirk, which is kinda weak and only useful on light objects, but you could make them weightless by touching them and be able to control them freely over some distances.
    And Bakugou + Deku's dad's quirk = spitting explosions, among other things

  25. 3:43 THEY CAN MAKE SOME EGGS , no really if they start to control the quirk they can do a FIRE SWORD or ICE AXE

  26. Bruh i hate mineta and the ships with him and like bakugou and stuff (we all have our own opinions) but mineta×bakugo would be a really cool quirk ngl

  27. Deku + Bakugo = A little brat version of Deku; QUIRK: strength explosions. How does it work?? I guess it would create explosions that 10,000 times stronger than Bakugos… I dunno.

  28. I’f Deku and Uraraka’s kid got a quirk mixed from hers and his mom maybe the kid could touch an object and then have telekinetic control over it

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