100 thoughts on “Man files lawsuit against Pct. 4 deputy after case of mistaken identity

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    You DO NOT have to present ID….unless you are LAWFULLY detained or under arrest.

  2. This is standard practice especially in Gillette wyoming. In wyoming they will beat you bloody just for recording or standing by as a witness

  3. The officer is a sovereign citizen what did you expect him to do follow the laws that in prisons the citizens 🤣🤣🤣 You Fools he works for the government 😉

  4. My thoughts on police,TSA agents and judge conduct.
    (and others in authority)

    Law Enforcement Oath of Honor

    On my honor, I will never betray my badge,my integrity, my character or the public trust.
    I will always have the courage to hold
    myself and others accountable for our actions.
    I will always uphold the constitution, my community, and the agency I serve.

    Let's hold them to it..

    1: Police, judges and TSA agents should be licensed nationally whether they are employed by local, county or state or federal. the license criteria must include basic rights and conduct knowledge with race and disability training.

    2: Police and TSA agents should be REQUIRED to carry $5,000,000 conduct liability insurance with a minimum personal deductible of $5000 (premium paid by the individual officer). if any award is higher than the $5,000,000 then the city/county or state is liable for the balance thereby stopping some of the burden of the taxpayers.

    3: When police or TSA agents are found to go above a threshold of abuse or conduct 3 times or their conduct results in arrest of the officer 1 time or the conduct insurance is exhausted the federal license should be revoked permanently.

    4: All police and TSA agents conduct complaints should be investigated and reviewed externally by an independent organization (Not a private org and funded for by each districts government) .

    5: All officers should be required to carry body cams that record internally and broadcast to a secure place without an on/off switch which can simply be done by the camera automatically turn on when removed from a charger or similarly by leaving the cruiser and should not be at the discretion of the officer. The recordings further should only be able to be seen and not erased unless done by an independent organization outside the jurisdiction and only:

    A: After a completed court trial.

    B: And only after all appeals are completed or appeal times have passed.

    C: And only when the trial judge signs an order to erase.

    The officer should be fined if the lens is covered or the audio muffled by covering the microphone.

    6: Any officer should submit to retraining of the offending incident payable by his/her own liability insurance with some percentage (10%?) paid by way of his liability insurance deductible.

    7: If an officer or officers report purposely or knowingly cause someone prison or jail time on false information should serve at least the amount of time that the innocent victim did or fine he/she paid.

    7: Any officer or agent who condones or allows to continue or hides knowledge of any officer conduct should be held to the same standard as the offending person over and above any sentence for his/her crime.

  5. When a pig asks you for ID you DO NOT i repeat you NO DOT have to show anything to that pig if you haven't done anything wrong and that is the law.

  6. The lawsuit aside since the gentleman is definitely in the right for suing the LOEs involved. This was a really poorly produced & written story. Choppy and hard to follow even though I know the background.

    i hate cops..

  8. That was no mistaken identity, that was plain racial profiling. If it was then he would have said Quinton in the first place but he started off saying he stole the dog .I've been approached by cops looking for suspect before they asked if I was so and so and I said no then they asked me for i.d. and I present it.I would also believe they were fishing for probable cause.

  9. Internal Affairs will most likely say the cops were Great … and did nothing wrong.

    Internal Affairs should be eliminated and develop some cop investigation court.

  10. Are you serious that a Constable is citing that people should show their identification in a situation like this, calling this "under lawful means"? This was not lawful means, therefore you do not need to identify yourself. Mark Hermon needs to read a book to educate himself in the laws he sworn to protect.

  11. unfortunately when a cop asks for id youre supposed to show it,the average person would just show id and it would be over in 5 min! some people are just retarded or looking for a lawsuit!

  12. Nothing was lawful period. Chief needs to stop lying and hold his deputies accountable for their actions. This is why ppl don't trust 'cops period

  13. The cop is only stupid enough because of the stupidity levels of his police chief 🤣 god protect the people of that town from that PD

  14. file a lawsuit so high it will shut down the pct. And you better leave the city or state or wherever the f*** that is because they will be gunning for you at every turn.



  16. Until the citizens of this country (USA) decides enough is not and take back control of local, state and federal government nothing is going to change. Get out and vote, dont vote on personal ideology, which is to say dont vote for politicians whose platform is to take away liberties of the other, or they promise you they are going ot bring religion back to public life, or because they promise you they are gonna deal with the gay issue. We need to vote on what type of governance we are going to leave to our children, what type of country and what type of planet we are going to leave. We all can have our personal views on certain social issues, these are our personal views and we cannot expect others to live by our social views.

  17. Notice how the Chief is Protecting his Thug's , can they get nothing right at all , any wonder from State to State there are so many Court case's against so called Law Enforcement ,and costing hundreds of MILLIONS OF$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$s in-law suits , gee wizz they'd sooner pull a gun and shot some one before they get it right.

  18. I thing I will make clear . NO cop unlawfully will push me or grab my arm . I will end that problem from that officer assaulting me . NO man grabs me no man

  19. Sue this cop under us code 241 and 242 of reporting false reports against this citizen. Also sue this cop under us code 183 as in Kik ,,which violates black people's rights and civil rights.

  20. Lawful order?? See cop lies even when he knows we know nothing that scumbag pig did was legal, they can't help from lying

  21. All new cops should wear a uniform with a BULLS EYE on the front and back. THAT will teach them how to be fair!!!

  22. I remember I had that happen to me just cuz I look similar to somebody thankfully when they tried to arrest me I was right next to my house and my dad was able to confirm who I was smh they need to hire smarter police that actually know what they're doing the qualifications must be low for that job

  23. Do these constables not know ID laws in Texas for chrissake? That fat mouth cop needs to be told – just because a cop wants an ID, does not mean a person MUST give it. Cops need to learn the law.

  24. See the cops care less how much anyone sues for it cost them nothing . Although it will cost the tax payers a lot but cops don't really care about you're wallet. What the new game is walk up to a man and it wont matter if you are Black or white you look like a man wanted on charges his name is Lori you are Lori I have to see you're ID .Give me you're F N ID now . Thats a fake ID you are under arrest.

  25. The root of the problem is evident with the news conference with the police chief. Fire the chief and put someone in his place that knows the law and will not cover for illegal behavior.

  26. I pay my taxes faithfully and feel maybe some of these Caucasians who's drinking buddies and friendly neighbors are harassing people of color would start caring if their pockets got hit for their mistakes.

  27. Extremely satisfied that Harris county will be sued for their ignorance! I've never seen a white person ever been mistaken for another person that is wanted at least no one has videoed it. We the people are suppose to be secure in our persons, places, and items against unreasonable search and seizure. This conduct is disgusting, and as a citizen I'm getting tired of seeing those in costumes play by their rules book them the rule book established years ago that keep us free. Seeing this behavior allows citizens like me to question are we really free. Has slavery really been abolished? I think that would be a NO!

  28. You've got to admit that this guy is a look-alike of the other man being sought by police. Why not just show some ID and clear-up the situation? The danger is that someone can get triggered, and I mean cops and shoot anyone thinking this man was indeed a criminal.

  29. Yeah, it's ALWAYS the citizen's fault. You HAVE to file a lawsuit to make these LEO criminals accountable to the people. But, until you start making them pay out of their own pockets, NOTHING will change, because they don't share the burden of their misdeeds. They get paid vacations and paid time off. In may other cases, citizens languish behind bars unable to make bail until the case is thrown out.

  30. That cop looks suspicious. Maybe he should be arrested for impersonating a cop breaking the law. Oops…not a case of mistaken identity.

  31. What the hell is going with these police with Mistaken Identity they about to arrest the wrong man have nother do with who every they looking for this this how people end up prison for years for crime they not commit this wrong.

  32. You know what I mean brother?
    Well, not actually. My father was a doctor and my mother was a lawyer and all my friends were white. They used to make fun of me because I couldnt speak jive…..

  33. If we are to take seriously the amount of YouTube videos showing the rampant misconduct and abuse of power cops get involved on a daily basis is clear to me we are living in a Police State here in America, The U-SS of Nazi America!

  34. When did it become illegal to live in a house! If your not who the police say you are then you get arrested! Can that officer find his way out of a parking lot!

  35. I'd sue too.

    If you're gonna come onto my property and put your hands on me, you'd better be 110% sure I'm the guy you're looking for.

  36. All police should be bonded for liability of lawsuits. Just like auto insurance if your a risky cop like a risky driver you pay higher premiums or get dropped and can no longer be a cop.

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