MASTER GUIDE: Rachel | Seven Knights [OUTDATED]

MASTER GUIDE: Rachel | Seven Knights [OUTDATED]

Hi guys! Welcome to the first Master Guide where we will be focusing on hero building. Be sure to hit that subscribe button as I’ll be coming up with many more of such guides. Apart from covering the equipment, traits and all the way to Soul Skills, I’ll also be recommending the possible builds for New & Returning players and what is
actually ideal. Subtitles will also be available so do turn them on. Today we’ll be looking at a very important hero Rachel, your PvE Queen. And we will start with Rachel’s weapons which really isn’t the friendliest topic to start with. The recommended substat for Rachel’s weapon is Speed unless otherwise necessary. So let me first explain why speed is used on Rachel even though she is a support
hero. Two reasons. The first reason is related to Rachel’s individual speed relative to your other heroes. The higher Rachel’s speed stat is, the earlier she will do her speed attack and the sooner she charges her awakening gauge. And the earlier she gets a Awakened passive up, you will be able to do more damage
before the bosses go berserk. The second reason is related to your PvE team’s overall total speed. In most cases when fighting in modes like Guild Raid & World Boss, you will require a certain speed total that is higher than that of the World Boss speed. So this allows you to fire off the first skill of the match which will tend to be Rachel’s Phoenix or Blaze. So you realize earlier I did
mention “Speed is preferred unless otherwise necessary”. So when will it not be necessary? In Guild Dungeon, there are certain multi enemy floors which actually require Rachel to have a very very high lethal rate in order for her to target the right enemy with Blaze, which is a single-target skill. Furthermore, some of these floors have enemies, which lower lethal rates severely. Hence, you are want her to have as high Lethal as possible so that she will hit the right target. Also, I have not specifically mentioned that she needs PvE weapons Even though I put that image on the screen. This is because depending
on your team strategy you will be requipping her with different weapons
across different tiers. So if you need her to have the higher speed, you may have to give her awakened raid items with +28 speed. If you need her with slightly less speed, you made opt for revolutionary items or even an unawakened lower tier items. Sometimes people don’t even give
her any item. And in that case sometimes they give her lethal weapons so that she
has very low speed. Some special cases will include when fighting Demon Pascal, where only one speed weapon is needed Or when fighting a Guild Dungeon and some speed attacks are actually considered a waste of time. But other times in Guild Raid and Storm Wing, you will want to have very high speed because of the nature of the bosses. So, for new players I would strongly suggest you to simply equip her with any 7 Knight or lower tier speed item that you have. Also lethal will do. As mentioned, there is no ideal weapon build for Rachel and it truly depends on the strategy as
well as the enemies you are facing. For Rachel’s armor, HP is used. The most ideal would be to give her max Awakened +10 PvE armor. For new and returning players who
lack transcended PvE armor, you should spend some World Boss points to get at least 2 revolutionary HP armor on her. Otherwise really any awakened HP armor
will be good. Now we turn to jewels. There are two mandatory, must-have jewels on Rachel in any situation. They are Life Steal and Increased Awakening Gauge Charge Speed. Life Steal so that every time she attacks, you can get back health and she will have her own self-sustenance. Increased Awakening Gauge Charge Speed for the same reason as mentioned before so that you will get more damage output
earlier within the limited time frame that you have. As for the last jewel, it is truly dependent on the context. Against the Dark Crown Prince,
you can equip her with Reflect Immunity. Against Gelidus, she can have PvE defense or damage reduction from block. You may even want to put on a PvE Debuff Resist Rate increase jewel for her due to the sheer amount of debuffs inflicted by
world bosses and other castle rush bosses. For new and returning players, simply giving her basic lethal rate increase, or crit damage or damage jewel
or even block rate for now is actually sufficient and you can slowly work towards those that doors have been mentioned earlier. Next we have accessories for Rachel. A very common accessory would be the Willful Ring or Evasion Ring or actually both in one with a Evasion being the substat. This is mainly for relying on RNG
to give her greater survivability and it’s mainly using in Guild Raid, Guild Dungeon and sometimes even World Boss. Some people have also started giving her Guardian Ring with 7 times of void shield. So I would say this is the go-to combination used in most PvE cases such as Guild dungeon, Guild Raid and even against Demon Pascal. When used in World Boss, the preferred accessory for her may change. Against Dark Crown Prince, she should be given the accessory to Remove Buffs on basic
attack so that she can remove his buffs from
“Ready to counter” and “Ready to defend” by chance. Against Storm Wing & Niu Mo Wang, you may choose to stick with the
standard or give her the Petrify Resist Ring if you don’t have Petrify
Resistant traits. Against Iron Devourer, Paralyze Resist Rings are used. And aside from World Boss, she may also utilize Freeze resist and Silence resist
rings when facing certain Guild Dungeon, Guild Raid, and Castle Rush bosses There’s also some discussion where Rachel could actually make use of the Gelidus
Loyalty accessory such that she only takes damage up to 30% of her max HP but of course this is a very costly investment. So for new and returning players, I feel that there is actually no stres if you do not have all these
accessories okay? If you have common, basic accessories like the Life Steal accessory, the Lethal rate, the Defense increase, the HP increase, the Block rate increase All these are actually also very useful for her so don’t stress
about it. Over time as you acquire the mentioned accessories, you can swap them
accordingly and resistance rings along with debuff resist jewels will actually give her very high resistance to a specific debuff if you
do not have unlocked Traits which we will talk about right now First things first, it is NOT a must for Rachel to have traits okay? So to all new and
returning players you do not have to scramble and use your resources to
unlock her special traits slots. Of course having special traits will make her even better and I will list them by context so that you have better idea of all the possibilities. In World Boss, you will focus on Tab 2 & Tab 4. Whereby the most important one will be to decrease damage received from
Universal heroes. Against Dark Crown Prince, she can have Cooldown increase resist and Reflect nullify. Against Storm Wing and Niu Mo Wang, she can have Petrify resist. Against Iron Devourer, she can have Paralyze resist and against Iron Devourer and Demon Pascal, she can have Poison resist. In Guild Raid, it depends on
which raid boss you are actually fighting. So these are the 3 traits that are very good on her for Guild Raid because it helps to prolong her life and
survivability. Miscellaneous traits are in Tab 1 whereby Lethal Rate, as
mentioned before, it’s very important for her and is strongly recommended due to the
high amount of Lethal required in some Guild Dungeon floors. Crit rate and Block rate are supporting traits that you can also give her but only for the early stage of your
game. So as you can see she has a really long list of potential special traits Hence people normally just stick to one standard set of 3 and change accessories accordingly without constantly spending Topaz so it is
really about whether you have more Gold to spend (via equipping and re-equipping
and building new accessory combinations) or Topaz (changing the traits). So you have to remember that a resistance ring and a 6* PvE debuff resist jewel which costs about 1 million to build In total gives more resistance than a single trait. Next up will be Rachel’s Exclusive Item and currently you only need her to be at
level 44 to unlock all her exclusive items to the maximum stage. So this is even more reason to get it done as it will really boost your PvE damage output
a lot and it is basically a must-have honestly. So there’s no debate and elaboration needed for this. Finally, we will look at the best Soul Skills for Rachel. Soul Skills were only introduced a couple of days ago and this is just based on what is available. I have short-listed the Soul Skills which Rachel will most benefit from and I didn’t restrict it to 3 because it depends ultimately
on what is your final choice and combination of the skills unlocked. So here are 4 of the more defensive Soul Skills by nature and this is really to protect and sustain her in your PvE runs. Debuff resist, especially, will be very
useful to have on her for reasons mentioned earlier and it could
potentially save you a jewel slot or even an accessory slot. With that I’ve come to the end of this master guide to craft your Rachel. So if you found this video helpful do give it a Like and Subscribe to my channel! I will be coming up with more hero building Master Guides for you So if you guys have any questions or thoughts do leave them in the comments
below and I’ll see you next time in my guide. Thank you so much!

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