MASTER GUIDE: Spina | Seven Knights [OUTDATED]

Hi guys! Welcome to the Master Guide series where we will be focusing on hero building. Hit that Subscribe button if you want to progress in your game! We’ll be covering all these aspects for each hero and subtitles will be available so do turn them on. As a follow-up from Taka, we will be looking at Spina – your magic DPS. Starting with Spina’s weapons, she should be given Critical Magic PvE weapons. Why PvE? Because she is only used in PvE content due to the nature of her skills. All her skills a single target attacks so this means they are totally meant for single
bosses. And why Critical? Because Spina herself already has 100% lethal from her passive and while two of the three skills ignore defense, none of her skills have
guaranteed Crit. This means that you will lose the 1.5 multiplier and you will want to secure this in every attack. So to maximize damage output, you should give your Spina Crit weapons. As new players, build her arsenal using PvE Kyrielle Critical bows first for decent rounds against Niu Mo Wang and especially against the Level 24 Smart Mode Raid dragon. For Spina’s armor, go with HP-HP. Revolutionary +10 again is ideal. As a Magic hero she lacks bulk so HP armor is crucial on her especially against Guild Raid Isabella which can easily kill her a couple of attacks. So the higher the HP she has, the better. Again I’m not recommending the World Boss scale armor because the HP stat increase is not too different from the Revolutionary Elysia’s armor. There’s a standard set of jewels for Spina which all have to be red to increase her
magic attack. The first jewel you need on Spina is the Revolutionary Jewel with combined PvE critical damage and lethal damage increase. This is superior to equipping one separate jewel for each substat. The next two special jewels are
morph allowing her to spam her skills The first one is to increase her awakening gauge charge speed. Spina has the rare ability to reset her awakened skill once it is used, So she can basically spam this powerful skill again and again. Thus, this jewel is for her to quickly charge up the gauge and be able to use the awakened skill, which also amplifies her magic attack. The next jewel is Skill Cooldown Decrease. So that she can spam her Thorny Wall, a powerful 1000% M.Atk skill that also lifesteals and sustains her. One alternative conditional jewel I can think of would be the PvE Debuff Resist Rate Increase. Though this is rarely used but it is definitely used to prevent Spina from being petrified or even poisoned easily against Niu Mo Wang and Isabella respectively. For newer/returning players who lack all the special jewels, simply giving her a Boss Critical Rate Jewel or Boss Damage Jewel will also be a good temporary
replacement, But try to give her at least a Critical Damage and Lethal Damage and
Crit Rate Jewel to maximize her damage output for the time being but do work
towards the combination of ideal jewels mentioned earlier. Coming to the accessories, it is very simple. The most standard is to use the lifesteal accessory as base and critical damage as additional substat. So why is Critical Damage the substat and not the base? Because Critical Damage as a substat has the chance to grow from 30% to 34%. Why is lifesteal preferred over Isabella’s Vigor? I’m not saying that she cannot use the Isabella’s Vigor but Spina herself already has a self-healing skill to keep her well and alive. So giving her an additional lifesteal accessory instead will ensure that she also heals during her
basic attacks. Furthermore Isabella’s Vigor is a very premium accessory so if you even have one copy, build it for Taka. Due to Spina’s usage being lower now, having just Lifesteal and Crit Damage is sufficient for most cases. However some people also opt to give her Petrify Resist with Crit Damage as the substat against Niu Mo Wang to reduce the chance of Spina being immobilized and causing you a good run. For new/returning players, if you don’t have enough resources or spare accessories then giving her either one of these options actually good enough for the time being. Being a DPS herself, if you’ve watched the Master Guide on Taka, the same trait choices apply to her. You only need to focus on Tab 3. The 2 must-haves are the Lethal and Critical damage boosts to boost her damage output. The last trait is dependent on the type of enemy she faces. Spina is of course the alternative DPS to Taka. So if Taka is unable to do deal with those bosses/enemies, use Spina. Hence I’ve narrowed down the usage with these four traits. Universal primarily for World Boss, Magic primarily against Isabella, and Offensive and Support for Guild Dungeon purposes. For new and returning players you don’t have to stress over her traits for the time being due to the amount of resources you will have to put in but if you do want to rely on her for Guild Raid and Guild Dungeon as the main DPS, because your Taka isn’t ready, then try to give her Lethal Damage Increase Trait first since she already has 100% Lethal you want to capitalize on that. For Spina’s Exclusive Item, it helps to charge her awakening gauge faster, and this is something you definitely want
because you will want to use her awakening skill as soon as it is available because it not only hits very hard, it also helps to amplify her magic attack. So it is used to maintain her high self magic attack buff. Finally for Soul Skills, you will realized that it is a lot more colored ‘ compared to the other three heroes I have covered before and that is because I think Spina is a hero
that could potentially have the space to be crafted in various ways due to her
varied uses . What do I mean? So I believe that it it is a standard to increase single target attack in Grade 1. For Grade 2, I’m actually not sure if this will actually stack with her self buff and needs to be tested. If it does, then you may want to consider having a magic attack boost. On Grade 3 and 5, these are pretty standard ones like traits and depends on who she is facing. So Grade 4 is where I feel could potentially be interesting to have against Isabella. Isabella hits very strongly after a certain timing in Guild Raid. and by boosting Spina’s defenses against the magic enemies, Spina may be able to live an additional hit and lifesteal her health back. Butt this is purely theorycrafting and of
course ultimately, Spina won’t live throughout the match but we want to keep her alive as long as we can, and this is one potential way of doing so Grade 6 – Debuff Resist Rate Increases purely for Niu Mo Wang so you can actually opt for this option to increase Spina’s Petrify Resistance. Along with jewels, formation buffs and this soul skill itself will actually bump her petrify resist rate to 80% already. With that, I’ve come to the end of this
Master Guide to craft your Spina. So if you found this video helpful do give it a Like and do subscribe to my channel! More guides are in the planning and will be out as soon as they are done. If you guys have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thank you so much and I’ll see you in my next video!!

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