#MBTI #ENFJ 정의로운 사회운동가, ENFJ 살펴보기

#MBTI #ENFJ 정의로운 사회운동가, ENFJ 살펴보기

Hello? I’m explaning about MBTI 16 personality types. Let’s take a look at the ENFJ personality today. ENFJ type is a just social activist. In English, it is expressed as Protagonist. ENFJ type is classified by MBTI’s four substrate classifications, Belongs to NF type And extraverted, outgoing Judging, judgmental type. NF type is expressed in idealist temperament in English Such as the rationalist type that is NT temperament They share intuitive inclination. N propensity, that is, intuition propensity It can be understood as the opposite of S propensity. Sensing means the five senses. Visual, olfactory, auditory, touch, and taste. Sensors are interested in things that exist in reality and get aware of the situation on a reality basis. For N Propensity Simply think the opposite of S You can understand it is unrealistic. Based on your intuition or imagination It’s more like looking at the forest than the trees. When I explain, they are very imaginative and I say they daydream a lot. NF type has an F tendency These are people who have good empathy and consider others. As it is combined with the N propensity A world ideally living together, a better world Dreaming of a beautiful world It is expressed as an idealist. To express an ENFJ type image in one word Apostle of justice. We can find them when watching TV dramas or movies also often seen in animations, etc. Isn’t there an apostle of justice fighting the bad guys? The sense of justice burns up and they just encourage people around. It’s not just because someone urge them to do so. They just do it by themselves. That’s why it’s an unusual type But you can see these people around from time to time. Although ENFJ is a rare type Because their feature is so strong If you go through it, you will know this is ENFJ. Now let’s look at the ENFJ description. Social activist is charismatic It is a natural leader with full passion. Approximately 2% of the population belong to this type Politicians, coaches, It is common in the same occupations as teachers. They help others fulfill their dreams, To be the light and salt of the world through good works. Encourages people, As well as myself To make the community a better place to live Get people involved I feel great pride and happiness in leading. This is a description that contains some analogy. First, politicians, coaches or teachers are examples. As a coach or teacher, Rising Coach, Rising Teacher I think we can think of this image. To make a good community In engaging and leading people I feel great pride and happiness It is like this. The ENFJ type is for the group For the group to go in a good direction You continue to fight. When you first hear what they insist It is considerably ideal and is content for good purpose People around you also have empathy. For example, let’s say my friend says this. Some people are socially weak now Let us help you with little strength. It’s pretty good to hear when I hear this. When my friend says Perhaps you will sympathize with this purpose. This is the type of ENFJ. Then I’ll explain. Social activist has the same words and actions We treat others with sincerity. Because of their unique addictive passion To promote harmony among people When to lead change They are happier than ever. Here, too, the ENFJ tendency is evident. Unlike S type, these are N type In this way, Passion, unity, happiness, something like this It’s associated with idealistic words that inspire people. For reference, just like ENFJ The social leader is ENTJ. By the way, for ENTJ type The area that you are most interested in It’s about success. In the capitalist society we live in I’m most interested in making good money. So I am very interested in business If it’s not a business, I’m interested in investing. For example, I am interested in stocks or real estate. Among the YouTube channels we watch Money talk, business talk Success stories, how to deal with people, stock stories, real estate stories There are quite a few people who mainly deal with this topic. For these people, it is likely that they are ENTJ. For ENFJ type Of course we are interested in social success, That I must achieve at all costs Not that goal. ENFJ is about realizing something It is a means to gain happiness. Now let’s look at the drawbacks of ENFJ. Overly idealistic Too ideal. It doesn’t really matter if they’re just equal. If ENFJ type is my boss, boss or parent If you are in this position, you will feel it. It’s so ideal and you have To realize such an ideal vision They just encourage people around them It doesn’t end at the right line. Then people inevitably feel a lot of pressure. Everybody has something to do Or maybe you want to focus on something else Or maybe you have different ideas from the start ENFJ type continues to encourage people around They push people around. This is rather a little bit It can be a burden, you can understand this much I think it will be. Now let’s look at the ENFJ celebrities. Former US President Barack Obama Oprah Winfrey And of the movie matrix Morpheus and Oracle I think you can see these people. I don’t know if these celebrities are really ENFJ I think you can understand how it feels. I can’t stand the injustice around me I want to make the ideal world Want to help hard people It’s people who influence people around you. I feel like justice, idealism, Unbearable, outgoing Actively persuade others Let’s express it with these words. Today we learned about the ENFJ type. Uncommon type but you live It’s also a rare type of encounter. If ENFJ type crush you Getting to know them is not so difficult. And this type plays a leading role in the surroundings It is likely to lead the organization in the right direction. And if they have enough power, Clearly good results will come out. Today I’ll conclude ENFJ. So let’s finish today. Thank you.

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