Meet Lifeline – Apex Legends Character Trailer

Meet Lifeline – Apex Legends Character Trailer

Lifeline: Small up yourself Ajay comin’ through! Narrator: Better known as LIFELINE Ajay has devoted her life to helping those in need. [rapid gunfire] Narrator: This combat medic is the ultimate support element to any squad. Lifeline: I got your back! Narrator: She boasts the fastest revival time with cover, Lifeline: Let’s go! Narrator: Her healing drone is key during intense fire fights. Narrator: And the crowd favorite… Narrator: her care package. Narrator: And though small in stature, Lifeline: Ready to go! Narrator: LIFELINE’s always down for a fight. Lifeline: ‘member this…I’m the one you should talk concerns about

100 thoughts on “Meet Lifeline – Apex Legends Character Trailer

  1. So I understand she's Jamaican right? She's says things a Jamaican would say, like "small up ya self" and " 'member this"

  2. 0:10 has eva 8 in first scene then in next scene magically has peacekeeper. new passive ability? magical boom boom stick?

  3. Love her accent, especially when she says " Care package, good things in here "

  4. I really want Ajay's Lullaby finisher. There's just something so satisfying about her jamming a needle into the opponent's head.

  5. her head character is 虎大(kodai) kodai is kodai industries on titanfall2 maybe. sorry for my

    poor english 😀

  6. Life line ideas: The ability to grab/move doc while healing or personal healing while holding doc. Also have doc deploy shield and revive player at the same time, this would make so you could defend with reviving if your the last one up

  7. I just noticed this….Listen closely. The music in the background of the character trailers is somewhat equal to the music in the character music packs from season 2

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