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  1. when interviewing that man who has been locked up since he was 15 , it really made me realize that he hasnt been able to do things that we take for granted.

  2. In my country we dont have death sentence, and i dont think anyone deserves a death sentence. Insted of a death sentence they could get full life time in prision

  3. X amount of life sentences or on death row you best believe im doing anything to get out, killed in the process or not one must try

  4. should a kid who messed up when they were a little kid go to jail with such strict requirements for life? like cmon now i just dont know about that

  5. why do they live a better life than me in those cells doe?😳 i have to sleep with my sister and my mom still. something personal happened but they got their own rooms😡also just realised there arent any asians here i-

  6. I dont get it if he was a bad kid in 1920 then he would benif this is set in 2018 he would be ninety eight and he looks 30 SO WEIRD

  7. Watching videos like this makes me wondering about the phony moral of so called "religious" and god fearing Majority of the "great" United States of America.
    As far I can remember from my religious upbringing killing a human person is strictly against any Christian rule, as declared in the sacred 10 commandments.
    But apparently, Christian ruled America did get an exemption from our Lords guidelines in this regard, or they are just plain phony and disgenuine Christians.
    I do believe that the German Nazis under Catholic Hitler and most other religious dictatorship claimed to have been granted this exemption, which puts the "great" USA in suitable company.
    Well, in a Nutshell, this looks like that the "great" United State of America is going steadily backwards with their progress in civilized human evolution. CONGRATULATION !

  8. This guy is sooooooooo much better at asking questions than Piece morgan and that other English nerdy dude with glasses. lol .

  9. 11:30 That guy deserves to get out of jail, the way of his languege was just really uniqe and critical, anyways he was 13, just a child, childs to dumb mistakes and sometimes people deserves another chance..

  10. I think the reasoning behind the offense should play a huge role. A dude that stabs a baby to death should get death while a man that kills a dude for beating his wife should just get maybe 15 years minimum. And a man who kills in cold blood or irrational anger gets life

  11. Anyone else feels bad for some of these lifetime prisoners but at the same time you remember they committed something aweful

  12. Respectfully sir I agree to disagree with you. What you're calling vengeful and vindictive behavior I'm calling accountability. Every member of society regardless of age has obligations. One of those basic obligations is not to take anyone else's life.

  13. Police get away with deaths all the time. I don’t understand how regular people don’t get away with killing police

  14. Barber got served 3 life sentences? When he dies and reincarnated, he is STILL serving life sentence.

  15. 6:00 – 6:16
    If you honestly applied for many and any job, sought help and get to the point of being homeless. I don't mind, because at that point society failed you.

  16. I can't even imagine how it feels to talk about your wall and know your never getting out .But in the end you do the crime ya gotta do the time .I think if I was there for life I'd keep no wall.

  17. I watched this a day ago and I couldn’t stop thinking of the man that was sentenced at the age of 15. I couldn’t understand why I felt bad for him and why I wasn’t siding with the victims.

    Today it hit me, the documentary avoids details about the victims and in turn, avoids humanizing them. They were a virtual part of society and had a family…loved ones. People that were forever changed by their death.

    It doesn’t matter how old they were, their lives were taken from them as if they didn’t matter.

    They did matter. They still matter.

    I refuse to let the media dictate how I should feel about a murderer.

  18. My uncle just came out for doing 19 years in prison in april of 2019 he got out ….hes been ok for now he loves the food tho

  19. Honestly if u think abt it they got it good.. they have beds and TVs and all this stuff when they could just have an empty room with a toilet

  20. I was very interested in the inmate who has been in prison since he was 15 so I looked up his case and this is what I found-

    On August 18th,1987 both Ronald ( 13 yrs old ) and Sean his friend ( 15 yrs old ) knocked on the door of the house of two elderly sisters named Anna Harris and Julie Bellmar. The boys stated they went to the home to ask to do lawn work for money but Ronald ended up admitting that once Julie ( who had been the only home at the time ) opened the door they both pushed their way in for a robbery. In the end Julie Bellmar was stabbed to death and soon after Anna had returned home, she too had been stabbed to death both being found stabbed in their basement. After all of this, Sean had only gotten 5$ which he then took to the Indiana State Fair. In late 1988 Sean was arrested and was told to testify against Ronald for a lighter sentence. Sean then testified against Ronald stating he was just a bystander of both the robbery and murder of both Anna and Julie. Sean ended up getting 5 years 11 months 30 days but he only had to serve 2 years and 2 days of it. On the other hand, Ronald was given 170 years without patrol, at the time I am writing the comment Ronald would be almost on his 29th year.

  21. i feel like the guy conducting the interviews is quite inconsiderate. maybe that’s just me being a softy for that double homicide guy

  22. Imagine getting in prison when you are 15 in 1968 and getting out when you are 66 in 2019 and then seeing all the technology

  23. Can’t believe they gave a 13 year old that much time. What about rehabilitation. Like that was just unjust I’m sorry. Didn’t give him no chance at all at nothing .


  25. To everyone who feels sorry for the guy who got sentenced at 15… he LITERALLY MURDERED two old ladies in cold blood. Some are saying that he was only 13 and didn't know right from wrong…that's a horrible argument. When you were 13, were you capable of murdering two old women? I'm pretty sure 13 year olds know that murdering is wrong. He took those ladies away from their families forever, and for what, $5? Not many people are capable of such a dark act. Just because he's polite doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to be in prison. Who knows what other unspeakable things he could have done if he was still in society

  26. Lol them white dudes that are buddy buddys!! The young one talks too much he needs to think b for he talks 4 real u can tell that older dude is like stfu in his head!!

  27. I truly believe some of these people deserve a second chance. They definitely shouldn't have the same freedom they used to before their crimes though, but they've at least earned back their chance at living again.

  28. EXCEPTIONAL? My my 25 years in prison how horrible he has never done this or that shame shame HIS VICTIMS ARE DEAD! He should have fried!

  29. When the barber said the pictures are on cardboard so if i ever get it i can take it with me😞. That man not getting out. Hee got 3 life sentences plus 10 years.

  30. They should not have to wait so long let Justice come they are there for only the crimes they got caught for not the hundreds of victims they did not get caught for

  31. The US is the only state in the world sentencing a 13 years old child to death, the entire US system of justice is corrupt !

  32. The arrogance of the last guy is astounding..why are you killing me?, when you say killing is wrong..I did not hear him say, I am sorry for the life I took. Mr McDonald has an agenda..but say, may G-d grant compassion to those people who are prisoners as well as those who judge and sentence them.

  33. He doesn't have to watch his wife grow old behind bars. He chooses to watch his wife grow old behind his bars

  34. I just feel so bad for the guys in death row like even some of them are even just accepting the fact they are gonna get killed 🥺

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