My husband didn’t get plastic surgery. He’s a natural beauty! [Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.12.03]

100 thoughts on “My husband didn’t get plastic surgery. He’s a natural beauty! [Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.12.03]

  1. They are like little kids chanting for someone to kiss haha
    Also it was so cute watching them make up. I hope they become a very happy family!!!

  2. Too much drama for something so simple. . . They should be happier. . . . There are more serious problems in the world. Peace and love

  3. I've never seen such superficial people and I live in the U.S.. They are mean if your short. They are mean if you have a difference in looks such as eye color or hair color. They are mean if you look too young for your age. They are mean if you are a women and you aren't feminine enough. They are mean if you are unattractive and obviously if you are attractive the question if you have had plastic surgery!! I wont even start on how they treat LGBTQ+ people.
    Korea is obsessed and very judgemental. It makes me sick as an outsider looking in.

  4. i laughed when i heard that other people were insulting him for getting work done on his face when korea is literally first in the world for plastic surgery procedures

  5. This is happened bcoz mostly korean do the plastic surgery to looked handsome & beautiful. If u stay other countries * not S.Korea..they r never gonna asked tbat question.

  6. The wife need to be confident in herself too. She's beautiful. Have some trust in your husband, but still doubtful sometimes. Lol.

  7. Moral- In Korea even if your handsome/beautiful or ugly you still get judged. It must be hard being too pretty😆

  8. I'm sorry but he looks like Seung-Jae's father (from return of superman) and a bit of Hu Yuitan (from A love so beautiful)

  9. Both of them are good looking but I’m sorry to say not THATTTTT good looking. BTS TaeHyung/V is the benchmark of what good looking really means. He’s not even my bias but I have to admit he is super duper good looking. She should only be this worried if Tae was her husband. Then I would totally understand hahaha.

  10. His look is just normal and he has double eyelids but his eyes are not big. His nose is straight up, but it looks natural. If he has plastic surgery, he should have it done to look better than this. The way his wife describes him, I thought he would look very handsome…I'm so disappointed…

  11. I’m from the Philippines and here they don’t really care if you have monolids or double eyelids but I observed that almost all filipinos have natural double eyelids

  12. bruh this shit is so dumb,like Koreans must be so obsessed with plastic surgery and must hate they way they look so much to think that every natural good looking personal has gotten something done.Yes we good looking people exist and just because we good looking and have a nice nose,eyes,or body it doesn't mean we got sumn done. Y'all so judge mental and obsessive with looking perfect that you have low self esteem and change stuff about yourself to look good It doesn't mean everyone did the same.

  13. I was watching this episode with my mother. And when the husband shows my mother said the guy wearing green cloths is more handsome.😂😂😂
    first I didn't realize. but she was talking about key. My mom has good eyes😊😊😊

  14. Not trying to be rude but the guy tbh isn’t thaat handsome. Like he’s slightly attractive but not drop dead gorgeous like his wife was implying. idk if it’s cause koreans have a different beauty standard to Americans but I’ve seen more attractive asian men than this one

  15. The first issue is solved about people having a misconception about her husband having plastic surgery but the latter about her own inferiority complex is up to herself. She will need to accept her situation and also understand that her husband loves her only and no one else.

  16. just trust yourself and your hubby…you will feel a lot lighter.i feel bad looking at you and your must be feel pressure🙁and your husband too…you two looks like going to cry here…i wont say hwaiting or stay strong…it seems like it just a word when im sayin it…hhh

  17. Oh please….he is not that handsome…kkkkkkk… and the problem is she is very jelous and has no trust at all in her husband..

  18. Plastic surgery is so obvious when you see it personally but it's not obvious in pictures unless the doctor made it obvious

  19. The whole time I thought…"this isn't a concern…this is showing off"

    Edit:until he said how obsessive she was

  20. The more the showed the husband’s face the more handsome he is to me 😂. And btw, when they show their photos before married and when they are married, my jaw dropped becz both of them were really good looking 😍😍😍

  21. Honestly I didn’t find him handsome at all but I must admit he looked better when he was in high school based on those photos to be honest

  22. I'd rather they didn't make uncomfortable jokes about people who are there for really having a problem. but it's just my opinion and that's why I'll stop watching this show.

  23. It's really funny to me that none of them knows that babies nose bridges are usually flat up until they hit closer to 8-10. You don't start seeing any real definition.

  24. Coming to national tv to tell this story makes people think more and more he did surgery because she is trying too hard to prove that he didn’t had surgeries

  25. Obsessed woman cries Woman: YEP! it's depression from pregnancy. Her obsession is now justified.
    Depressed guy with low self esteem becomes obsessive Woman: REeeeeeeeEeee. Controlling jerk! His depression can go to hell.

  26. There are many beautiful people who have never had plastic surgery but it is really the character and personality that matter more. The husband appears to be a good person but it is true there are men who are more handsome than him. The wife is also pretty but is insecure and the jealous type. She should trust her husband more as that is her real problem !

  27. That's what plastic surgery does to the society. People don't trust anybody's looks and start making assumptions. This is just a country but imagine if plastic surgery becomes a norm in the entire world then I wonder to what extent will natural beauty be judged.

  28. I love how they always build the husband up to be really handsome but when he is revealed is like meh. This happens everytime on this show hahaha.

  29. Stupid concerns like these: Taken very seriously and minimal jokes
    Concerns involving abused children: "Remember guys, this is a comedy show!"

  30. People should just get a check up with the Bible not psychologists, psychiatrists and talk shows. People need to turn to Lord Jesus Christ immediately, He’s the solution to our depression and emptiness, that’s all. God bless anyone who accepts His free gift of salvation.

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