Myers-Briggs Intuitive Feelers Experience Mandela Effects

Hello, this is Cynthia Sue Larson, and I’m
talking to you today from Boulder, Colorado. I’m here to give a talk
about ETs, artificial intelligence, and the evolution of human consciousness. Part of the material that I’m presenting has led me to recognize a pattern that I had not
seen before, which has to do with personality types who are most likely to
be experiencing Mandella Effects and reality shifts. What I noticed is
that the “intuitive feeling” types–that’s from the Myers-Briggs personality
testing–those types that include INFJ, INFP, and so forth that always
include the “N” for intuitive and the “F” for feeling–while if you add those
usual percentages in the population together, you would get about 25% of the
current population–are those types who are considered by some to be catalysts.
Others might call them empaths. But in any case, these are “intuitive feeling”
types of people, like myself. These are the ones who primarily experience
Mandela Effects and reality shifts, and I think this is the place to look in
terms of evolution of human consciousness–to notice what kind of
changes, if any, are occurring with the populations in the United States and
around the world of these types. So I think it’s definitely food for thought.
And if you haven’t taken your Myers-Briggs personality test, you can go
to a site like Human Metrics and it’s free; just answer a bunch of questions.
Perhaps it’s not the most accurate Myers-Briggs evaluation, but you can quickly get some results, and take a look and see if it sounds right to you. There is a
Myers-Briggs website as well. This is a personality test that was devised by a
mother and daughter, who I think we’re interested in different ways of looking
at human personality. Probably this is not one of the
applications they had in mind, but there have been many applications of
Myers-Briggs over the years. And how good can it get when we take a look at
personality types and start noticing correlations? Which, as you know, does not indicate causation, just correlation between people who are “intuitive feeling”
types, and those who experience the Mandela Effect and reality shifts. So I’d say
I’m noticing a very strong connection and correlation right now,
just with some limited initial data. But I’ll keep checking, and if any of you
know information about how this may be changing over time, I’d love to hear
about it. So until next time, keep asking “How good can it get?” This is Cynthia Sue Larson with Thanks so much!

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