Naked in Nature! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 118

Naked in Nature! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 118

Good morning! I think I was a little
drunk last night. Oh, really? You think you were? Well, it’s morning. And we’re going for a little
exploration in the dingy. Do you want to come out and
check the Google Earth file? And I’ll show you what
I think might be cool. Yeah, sure. So we’re here, just off the
west coast of Cocos Island. And the weather is a
little bit better today. So we’re going to take
the dingy and just head up north, along this coast
and around the side here. See this pass right here? See if we could just go through
there and then back here. Yeah, that would be cool, huh? If we planed, to
here, it’s 1.5 miles. And then we could
explore back here. So we’re going to make some
sandwiches for breakfast. And then we’re going
to go and explore. Very exciting. [MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] [SINGING IN TOKPLES BO] [SINGING] Onetox represents
Solomon Island, people see. We people style original–
they from my homeland. Like my old man said,
there’s nothing impossible. So we have to bring this
message to me, brother, lyrical. Straight from the crew– Previously on Delos– so we
have a rough 250 nautical mile sail to St. Brandon, but make
it just in time for America Day. Happy 4th of July? Happy 4th of July. Happy 4th of July. Let it be a– Cheers! –day to remember. [WICKED LAUGH] ‘Merica. Everyone’s like,
mm, that’s great. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is exactly
what the moon would look like if there was water. It’s so crazy. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING] I’m moving up. I’m stepping out
of my comfort zone. I’m moving onward
and upward, yeah. Stepping out of
the world I know. ‘Cause I’m weary. I take that back. I really don’t know
much about the moon or what it would look like. But I know it’s a lot more gray. So it probably wouldn’t
look anything like this. [SINGING] Whoa, but
I feel I’m healing. [GULLS SCREECHING] We’ve got some new friends. Cool, man. They’re not scared
of people at all. They just, like, fly right
up to you, this far away. And they just chill there. So I don’t think they’ve
really seen people, so they’re not scared. They just hang out. This place felt unreal, just
a vast landscape of sand and crystal-clear water. This is one of the reasons
why I love sailing so much. You get to explore a new
unknown island like this. And you know you’re
the only person around. I don’t think there’s
many tropical islands left in the world where you can
find this kind of solitude. It always gives me a huge
feeling of freedom and wonder, not knowing what treasures
you might find around the next corner. So what better to do than
to take off your clothes and go exploring? How’s the weather today, Brady? It feels nice. Does it now? So freeing to be
naked in nature, although it’s quite
windy and a bit chilly. Ahh! Where we off to now? I don’t know, off to
find some more treasure on this deserted little island. See what else the day
will bring us, I suppose. Let’s go find some treasure. Hopefully, some
treasure, some beers. I like beers. We don’t have any– we
didn’t bring any beers. No, but we might find some. There’s a lot of
treasure on this island. Ugh. Here you go. Take your stick. I’ll follow you. OK. Here. It turns out we kind of
lost Karin and Brian. And we’ve got all
the food and water. So– The classic Delos call– [CAWING] [WIND] –and I think it’s a life raft. Creepy. 15 people– that’s a lot. Yeah, it’s really creepy. You wonder if people
had to abandon ship or, maybe, this thing is off
that wrecked fishing boat that we saw when
we first came in. You never know. It’s been here a while though. The material’s really degraded. It just rips whenever
you touch it. It’s not recent. It’s a crazy place, man. It’s always a little bit creepy
exploring abandoned places. Like, people used to live here. And there’s mattresses
around and books. There’s empty packets
of cigarettes. But nobody’s been
here for a long time. It just has this sort
of desolate feel to it. But this building is still
in pretty good shape. It’s got nice walls and
a nice roof and stuff. But I don’t know what people
do here, just hang out or something. Look at this. Robert Ludlum,
The Road to Omaha. This is some sort of
mysterious white powder. It’s either cocaine or salt. But we have no food. We have no water, because
we lost the Braidester and Camilla. So we should probably
head back, huh? Mm-hm. [CAWING NOISE] Do you hear something? I hear them. We got them. They’re not lost. There they are. It’s so easy to lose
somebody on this island. I guess they can’t
go far though. The dingy’s still right there. More importantly, what do
you think of this spot? “Pshh,” awesome spot. It’s kind of unreal. It’s like BBC, Welcome
to Behind the Scenes. (BRITISH ACCENT)
How we got the shot! (WHISPERING) He’s a little one. (WHISPERING) It’s so cute. (WHISPERING) How old
do you think he is? (SPEAKING) Maybe, two weeks. God, you’d be a good bird-lady. Yeah. I think you have a lot of
birdwatching in your future. Yep. I can feel it. I can feel it too. Maybe me too. I want to get one of those
overly-sized zoom lenses. So it’s all these birds on
this island, which is so cool. Like, all of them
are nesting too. Most of them are having chicks. But some of them
are having eggs too. And it’s just–
it’s really special to be able to walk around and
just having all this wildlife around, right next to you. And there’s literally thousands
of them, like, thousands. And this whole island,
everywhere, on the ground, in the trees– like, they have small nests. And they’re just all
kind of laying around. And they’re really beautiful. But yeah, it’s a very
special place this, a very special place. [MUSIC PLAYING] So we just woke up. Camilla made us a really
delicious sandwich. And– It’s rolling! [LAUGHTER] It’s been getting worse. And last night, the swells
were getting really big. And right now, they’re actually
breaking just a little bit off of our port side,
which is not ideal. Nope. And we kind of had plans
to leave today anyway to go diving. So we’re going to
pick up the anchor and get away from this break and
this rolliness and go that way. And hopefully, it
will be better. I don’t see how it
could be any worse. This is pretty intense. It is pretty intense. Like, these things are
just coming in, “krrrgh.” And you can see them breaking
all along the beach over here. Got to [INAUDIBLE], like,
hold on to everything. Because everything
keeps falling over. And nothing’s in its
space, because we were supposed to be at anchorage. So– Yeah. –it’s time to switch. So we were on our way to this
island, a 10 nautical miles sail, where we hoped to find
some good diving and a more protected spot. [MUSIC PLAYING] What do you see? You see? Or do you see it? Do you see the islands? I see it. 40 to starboard. 0.43 miles. [? Jarbo! ?] Jabbing. I think it’ll be surprisingly
good on the other side. [INAUDIBLE] Where are we? I don’t know. You have the chart. Yeah, we’re right on the corner. It’s just there’s a lot of
breaking winds over there. So Brady and Camilla has gone in
the dingy to kind of scope-out, maybe, a better spot for us. But I don’t know. There’s a lot of big
waves crashing over there. So it’s a little bit scary. The swell really wraps around
this side of the island. So you’re out of the wind more. But the swell is just coming
around, like it was before. So I think, back over
here, on this side, we’ll be more in the wind. But we’ll be out of the swell. This island ended up being
pretty shit, to be honest. We had a huge swell,
no protection, and zero visibility for diving. We weighed our options and
came to the conclusion. Let’s check the weather. We’re the red dot. Saturday morning, it
lightens up to 10 to 15. And that lasts
until Sunday night. And then it fills back in. And then– and
then the red comes. Jesus, guys. This is the red. It’s like 25 to 30 then. How’s the dive, Bri? Well, we’ve decided
to bail on everything. Because the viz– even though
there’s a lot of turtles around, the viz is terrible. And there’s no way
we can land on the– Forward. And there’s no way we
can land on the island, because there’s massive
waves everywhere. And there’s, like, this rocky
shelf that we can’t even swim to the beach. So we decided just to try
and go and find another spot and just cut our losses. You win some, you
lose some, I guess. But it’s all right. We went for a little
sail this morning. There we go. Get it! Look at that. Fish on! Whoa, big wave. I think that it’s stuck on
the back end of the dingy. [LAUGHTER] Into the dingy. Whee! [INAUDIBLE] Have to pick it up
by the [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. Nice words for a [INAUDIBLE]– St. Brandon– it
takes and it gives. There’s no perfect place. Like, if you want a
decent anchorage that isn’t going to
kill you, then you might not be able
to land your dingy, and there definitely
will not be any firewood. But if there’s
firewood, then there’s no way you can even stay there. Because there’s big waves and– I don’t know. It’s– It’s also the exact wrong
time of the year to do this. She’s a cruel, cruel bitch. [LAUGHTER] You St. Brandon– A very negative
outlet on [INAUDIBLE]. –You son-of-a-Brandon. It took us five hours
of beating into 35 knots to sail back our 10 nautical
miles to the same island we came from this morning. But we scored big time and
found this beautiful anchorage that was way more protected. Brady was getting down with some
kind of sickness this morning. So he dropped us off at the
beach and headed back home. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING] We drew the
early maps of the sky. How it all started is
the question, not why. Welcome to the world. Here is what we know. Hope you find a place
to grow, to grow. Oh. Quite a walk. How cool was that? Yeah, it was really cool. Man, sometimes, the water got,
like, up to here on the bag. It’s just beautiful. And now you’ve got a– It’s really beautiful. –massive nudibranch. Huge snail. [LAUGHTER] He looks exactly
like a nudibranch. Holy– I didn’t know
they could get that big. I didn’t know that either. That’s crazy! He’s massive! I’ve taken about
5,000 shots of it. But I was thinking
we could maybe put him out in a little
bit of deeper water and get a GoPro shot of it. Look at her face. OK? So every day, it’s all cool. Like, we’ve seen these
turtle tracks coming up from the beach and then a nest. So they come up at night. And it’s so many nests here. So this is just one of them. But it’s amazing to see. We’ve walked along this stretch. And I’ve counted,
maybe, 200 turtle holes. So it’s a lot of
turtles coming here, which is really exciting
and really cool. Like, imagine being
here when they hatch. Ah! That would be amazing. So yeah, it’s really cool. Is that OK? Yeah. It’s perfect. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING] Welcome to the world. Here is what we know. Hope you find a place to grow– to grow. [LAUGHTER] Pretty good beach day. Very good beach day. Very good beach day. The sun is coming down. We’re having some wine. Life is good. So while we were relaxing
under the palm tree, we totally forgot
about the tide. And it was coming in fast. Remember that small
stretch of water that we walked across earlier? This was now more
like a small ocean. Ready, ready. So we have a beautiful sunset. But I think we’re going to
have a hell of a hike back. It’s like– it looks
like an ocean almost. Big. But– What has happened? Why is there an ocean
in between our islands? See, the tide’s
come in, you see. The tide, you see. The tide. OK, so we’re actually
trying to take a shortcut. Instead of walking
the way we came in, we’re trying to
go along the reef, so that we can walk more on
sand instead of the water. But I think we’ve
run out of beach. Pretty soon. But we have the drone photo. So if things don’t work out, we
can always refer to that too. This is where we are. We’re on the tip of
this one right here. Are you sure? Yeah? Yeah. OK. So we just walked here. We walked across this. So the quickest way home is
just to walk, like, pretty much straight towards Delos. How’s it going, Karin? It’s going to become
dark soon as well. You come prepared. I like it. Yeah. Always nice for the cool little
afternoon walk in the water. Luckily, we were prepared
enough to bring a VHF and call for help. Calling the calvary. The sun’s kind of
set a while ago. So it’s getting
darker by the minute. Fuck. Help is on the way. We’re just standing here in the
water, the middle of the ocean. Hey, Brady! We’re over here! Whoo! What a day. Was it good? [LAUGHTER] So now, Camilla is
cooking me [SWEDISH]. You gotta have [SWEDISH]
after a long day ashore, being wind-blown. Yeah. What is [SWEDISH]? It’s just normal pancakes. But you just add
the verb “coziness.” So these are cozy
Swedish pancakes. Yep. So you have tea with it. Mm-hm. And you make yourself very cozy. You wrap yourself in a blanket. Yes. And Karin’s doing really
well doing coziness. Yep, mm-hm. I’m working on it. She’s on top of it. Are you guys as tired
as I am or what? Yep. How is this? Hm. I’ve got some kind of
weird body sickness. So that’s about that. I feel like shit. Fever last night. Stomach is messed up. No energies. I don’t know where it came from. I think Camilla brought it. Didn’t you, Camilla? Special for you, Brady. Special for me. So I’ve just been
chilling out all day, while you guys are doing
your titty photo shoot. But tomorrow’s a new day. I’m going to rest good tonight. And I’m going to be
up [POPPING LIPS], fresh as a daisy. Ooh. You’ll say that tomorrow. Thanks for the rescue
today, brother. Hey, you’re welcome. I’m glad I found you guys. Me too. I’m really very glad. Dang. We’d still be walking out there. Yeah, most probably. Yep. Pancake time! Pancake time. Perfect ending to good day. A very good day. Awesome. Ah! I’m, like, getting sick. Want some tea, Brian? Are you getting sick? I’m feeling weird. Really? Yeah, like, weak and shaky. It’ll be me and you on
the beach tomorrow, Karin. [LAUGHTER] So it’s, like, 6 o’clock in the
morning or 6:30, probably now. The sun is just coming up. But I don’t know. Brian has been puking all night. [VOMITING] Oh, that’s– I haven’t
thrown up in a long time. No. I don’t know if I’ve ever
seen you throw up like that. Ugh. Yeah, it’s definitely a
stomach flu or something. It’s just really bad. We’re in this weird place. And it’s like, where did
this thing even come from? It just feels real weird. I just hope it gets better soon. But the sunrise this
morning is very good. I can’t really sleep anymore. So I’m just going to do some
work and look at the sunset– sunrise. Why do I always say that wrong? Look at the sunrise. [DEEP SIGH] I’m feeling it, bro. I feel like ugh. You got the man sickness. I just need to lay down, man. Puking, dizzy. Puking, dizziness, weakness,
diarrhea, and a general– what’s the word? A feeling of– hm. A feeling of shit. Shit. I have the shit feeling. Ugh. It sucks, man. It’s so weird. And it’s the best– it’s the day we’ve
been waiting for for, like, a week, the day
with the best weather. Yeah, it’s blowing less than 15. And here we are all sick. So while the boys
were recovering, me and Camilla went for a swim. There’s a lot of
remoras down there. Finally, the boys
had stopped puking. And it was time for
one last explore before setting sail
for Madagascar. This school of fish–
massive school of fish here! It’s really cool. I spot some sharks hunting
for a small school of fish. But it’s very hard to film
them, because the water is moving a lot. They’re fun. What are you doing? Flying my kite. So we had a pretty
sweet day at the beach. And now the boys are
building a little fire. So hopefully, we’ll
scramble some firewood and hopefully get
something together. Up next– There’s some nasty
wind coming, I think, in the next four to six days. And there’s no
point in being here when it’s blowing 30 or 40. So– We are heading to Madagascar. We are picking up
anchor and should have a fast and pretty intense
sail to Madagascar, I think. It’s going to be a lot of
wind and a lot of waves. We got some dolphins. [CAN POPPING] Ah! Oh. OK, sweet. First thing in the morning. That’s a wrap. [MUSIC – CHIBA, “MAPS OF THE
SKY”] [SINGING] We drew the
early maps of the sky. How it all started is
the question, not why. Welcome to the world. Here is what we know. Hope you find a place to grow– Mm, like it? [SINGING] –to grow. What have we got, Camilla? What have we got? We’ve got some
turtle-sex going on here. Turtle sex! I think so. There’s two turtles over there. Oh, there they are. Huge ones. Where they at? Get it! Leatherbacks or something. Where they at? There they are. There’s another one right here. There’s one right there. [INAUDIBLE] Oh, they’re so hard
to see in the camera. Yeah, get it! Whoo-hoo-hoo. There. I almost did fall into a pit.

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