Natural hamster cage update!

Natural hamster cage update!

so I was finally able to go to the pet
store and pick up some more bedding to add to bumbles enclosure as well as I
have a couple of new items to put in there as well as spot-clean
so I thought I would show you guys that so when I’m spot cleaning bumbles cage
there’s only two places she actually pees and that is under her hideout in
her sand bath so those are the only places I really have to spot clean I can
tell that they’re soiled because as you can see that they turn a yellowish color
and they’re wet of course and yes I’m using my hands so I know somebody’s
going to get mad about that but that’s what soap and water is for so this is
the Katee cleaning cozy and as you can tell the white is totally different from
the bedding underneath and that is because the budding underneath is the
all living things paper-based so the color is completely different but
that is fine and then for the other side, I’m just
adding in some more aspen wood shavings and this is just the great choice brand in the corner I actually had to make a
little platform for the wheel because I had added so much more bedding that it
wouldn’t be able to stand on its own so I had to make a little platform for it and this here is my new big piece of
grapevine wood I got this for $20 from and I think that’s such a
great price because that piece of wood is absolutely massive and I just love it
so much I like using a lot of grapevine woods in my enclosure because it gives them something to go under as well as climb over as well as same with cork
logs they just give a really great texture as well as they’re super natural
tunnels and Bumble loves them and then here is just some wheat and oat
grass that I’ve grown and I’m going to be placing that in there for her to just
chew on it’s just grass so there’s nothing really unsafe about it and she
can eat it as much as she wants

100 thoughts on “Natural hamster cage update!

  1. I am getting a hamster today for my birthday. I love watching your channel and getting information. Also I am getting a 40 gallon tank so its enough floor space. I have decided I want a syrian.

  2. Hey Victoria love u so freakin much and of course the cute little pets have an amazing beautiful day or night whenever you’re seeing this ok bye love ya

  3. i have a hamster , he’s a syrian and i got him a few months ago , but the pet store gave us a tiny trail cage. I’ve learned it’s horrible for him but i can’t get him something bigger right now , any advice ?

  4. I have gave my hamster Misty 7 inches of bedding, is that enough? and I try and spot clean 1-2 a week. but I can't seem to find where Misty pee's and I don't want her cage to stink. any suggestions? xxx thanks and love ur channel sm xx

  5. Hi Victoria! Why do you have a small sand bath, is it just easier to clean or do you think they prefer it that way?

  6. Today is my birthday and with the money I’m getting later I am going to set like a quarter of it aside for hamster stuff! I want to do natural cage themes like you do! Where do you get your cork logs and grape vines? how much are they? I would love to get one! I’d also love to know where you got your wheel and how much it is! I hope you can answer these❤️ I wanna make a cage theme inspired by yours!

  7. Where do you get your wood vine things I’m upgrading my hamster enclosure and I need more stuff to put in it🧐🤔

  8. do you recommend water bowls? i noticed you had one in the cage, my hamster has a water bottle because i know it's harder for bacteria to get inside but i worry possibly it's difficult to drink from the water bottle. i just worry she'll get her fur wet if i use a bowl. i have a small white bowl i used to put her food in so that's a possibility

  9. Bumble is so so cute
    Bumble has freckles because you have them and you are it's half mom and u have freckles too. And bumble is so cute because you are too

  10. I gave Teddy my hamster a little planted corner – ignored it. Gave him some oats spray – ignored it. Gave him a really deep area of bedding – he chooses to bed down in a shallower area under a platform. I think my hamster is faulty. 🙂

  11. Hey wondering if anyone in the comments can give any advice.
    Today my boy (russian or campbells we arent sure) was acting very strange and started kicking all his sand out of his bath which hes never done before aswell as tried to bite my hand. He nibbles sometimes but its usually when i have a bit of skin torn or smell like food but today he seemed a bit upset. Might be overreacting but concerned for little dude. Anyone know anything?

  12. Hello! I love the idea to make a natural cage for ur hamster. I will do that next week. Can u fillm a video were you show us how to make the grass u give to Bumble?
    Love. Xoxo
    Carissa. 🙈🐹😍

  13. 3:31 Okay unrelated, but those little hiddey holes that are up against the glass gives me life, because its so fun to see hamsters down there and see what they're doing, and plus its probably a cool, enriching tunnel (maybe tunnel starter who knows) for the hamster. Honestly 10/10 lmao.

  14. Heyy do you still freeze your bedding? I remember you made a video on that a while ago, I'm just wondering if you still do that 🙂

  15. Hay I have a question can u reply the would be grate I have as u a quick question before but now my hamster died and I’m so sad and I want to upgrade the Cage because I’m getting a new hamster so what tank should I get and also what kind of hamster do u recommend?plz reply thx

  16. "That piece of wood is just absolutely massive and i just love it so much" ive never seen someone so excited for wood but hey if you are happy thats all that matters

  17. Hi! Quick question, I've heard you mention in other videos that hamsters should be solitary; does that only apply to siberians? In my country it's illegal to have a dwarf hamster in solitary 😮

  18. I use my hands to pick up my bunny’s poop. it’s just more efficient, i hate that people come at me for it sometimes.

  19. I have a male 7 week old robo hamster, are there any toys you’d recommend for him? I think his cage looks kinda boring :p

  20. Omg bumble is so cute she has such a happy and good life with you. You can tell she love you and her life and also love you vids

  21. i'm not really sure what to do because my hamster's enclosure is really big with lots of toys but she keeps chewing on the bars and climbing on them! any advice?

  22. I am looking into doing a natural theme cage but some of the items you use i can't find. Where do you get them from?

  23. So awesome! When I get some money, I’d love to redo my enclosure as a natural one – I love it and think it’s very enriching for our furry lil ones ❤️ Thx Victoria!

  24. Suggestion: I think you should make cat videos because I’m thinking of getting a cat and I don’t know what to research☺️

  25. Hey. I have a huge question. Hamsters need sand bath, but what I supposed to do when my hamster is eating that sand (of course I take away that from him)? Try with another sand (I tried, with the same company), or maybe give him something different?

  26. I hope this can give others a bit of inspiration for there own cages! Bumbles cage is a DIY enclosure with 1,152SQ inches of floorspace which I showed making here: Bumble is a female syrian hamster who is 17 months of age! All the things I use in my enclosure are in the description bar!

  27. Hey I know this if off topic from the video but I am planning on getting a bunny soon and want to know what to accpect. Do you have any advice or know anything that could help me? (This will be my first time owning a bunny but I have had hamsters and gerbils)

  28. Finally! I live in Singapore so I tried staying up till 10.30 pm, that’s when you usually post!!
    Unfortunately I couldn’t use my phone when you posted:((

    Btw Bumble’s so cute!! 🙂

  29. I got my hamster today and he’s so cute!!! I’m letting him get use to his new environment before I interact with him😃

  30. I use my hands ALL the time grabbing piggy poops lol. I don't even think about it anymore. I just wash my hands a lot during cage cleaning nights.

  31. when i use the kaytee cozy white bedding it always has so much dust, and my hamster is constantly sneezing and clicking with a runny nose. What’s should i do?

  32. Great video tori! Could you make some mor rabbit videos? Like react to other people's rabbit cages? I saw 101rabits do it and it was amazing! ❤️

  33. this is so creative! also, my hamster is not accepting her hay and sprays and it seems to stress her out. should i remove the hay or only keep a tiny bit in her enclosure to get her used to it?

  34. Hey! I just got 2 teddy bear(long hair) hamsters. I finally got one after a year of watching u there separate and only together under my supervision ❤️

  35. What hamster would you recommend for a 456 square inch cage? I prefer dwarf but idk what species to get if/when I get a new hamster

  36. Would love to see a video on why you made the descision to only have 1 hamster at a time and how you are liking it!
    Every time I watch pet tube videos, I always leave with the toxic idea that I need a million more animals. I love your channel because I never felt like that, and you have always been so mature and not followed any trends! Sure I might want some other pet, but I don’t want it at the expense of taking time away from my other animals! I have my hands full with my 4 sugar gliders and rabbits,
    new pets? no thank you!

  37. Awesome set up I love the big pieces of wood! and I love the pots of grass, great idea! I'd like to try that with my hamsters! I think they would love nibbling on the grass! Bumble is adorable and it looks like she's enjoying her new set up! 😀

  38. Aww bumble 😍 you’re just too cute! And have such a beautiful cage. Lots of love from my German Hamster channel ❤️

  39. hey Victoria, this isnt to do with hamsters but one of my rabbits are scared of fireworks is yours scared of fireworks?

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