New Characters, New Clubs, New Task – Yandere Simulator August 2018 Progress Report

New Characters, New Clubs, New Task – Yandere Simulator August 2018 Progress Report

In the time since I uploaded my last video, I’ve added four new clubs to the game. In this video, I’m going to describe
what makes these clubs unique, and how each of them will pose a different type of threat to the player. You might already be aware of the sports club, since they’ve been in the game for a few weeks. They have a more complex
routine than any other club. They change their clothing in the locker room, do stretching exercises in the gym, jog on the running track,
and swim in the pool. From a game design perspective, their purpose is to make sure that the gym, running track, and pool area will have witnesses present at various times of day, so that the player will have to be cautious when committing crimes in these areas. The drama club is more simple and straightforward. They start the day with a
meeting in their club room, but they spend most of their time in the school gym, rehearsing for an upcoming play. Similarly to the sports club, their purpose is to make sure that there are always eyes and ears in the gym, both in front of the stage and behind the stage. If the player needs to steal something
from the backstage area of the gym, or commit murder in that general area, they’ll have to avoid the drama club while doing so. The cooking club is a lot more unique. They prepare food in their clubroom and then walk through the school, visiting each student individually
and offering them food. In the process of doing so, they will traverse almost everywhere, and visit a wide number of different rooms, unlike the other clubs, who
primarily stay in one location. If you’re trying to get away
with murdering someone, you will have to keep an eye out
for any cooking club members who might walk in on you while trying to deliver
food to the person you just killed. Technically, the gaming club has already been present in Yandere Simulator for a long time, but I’ve completely changed their
club room and their routines, so now I consider them to
be an entirely new club. They are currently addicted to
an augmented reality game that involves walking around in the real
world to hunt for virtual monsters. If you want to see what they’re doing, you can take out your smartphone and activate AR mode. If you spot one of these monsters around school, you know exactly where the gaming club is heading next. I’m sure you realize how this
factors into gameplay: Because the gaming club is always walking around school hunting for monsters, they are a potential threat if
you’re trying to get away with murder. If you don’t wanna risk being
spotted by the gaming club, you should check for virtual monsters in
the vicinity before you kill somebody. If you activate AR mode, you can
actually destroy the virtual monster and make it respawn somewhere
else in school. This guarantees that the gaming club will
head in a different direction, so you’ll have less witnesses
to worry about. From the game design perspective, all of the characters added to the game over the past month are moving obstacles for
the player to avoid. However, I should mention that any student can also be a useful tool to help the player get away with murder. If you receive a request from a student
and complete a task for them, they will become your friend, and
you’ll be able to ask them for favors, such as distracting another
student for you. But, some tasks will also come with consequences, that will affect the other students at school. For example: Every day, a group of girls will sunbathe at the school pool during lunch time. On thursday, Osana will join them. If you could somehow get all of those
girls out of the pool area, then you’d be able to safely eliminate
Osana without any witnesses. Allow me to demonstrate one
possible way to do this. Gema Taku, the leader of the gaming club, has a peculiar problem to ask for your help with. To complete Gama’s task, you’ll have to talk to each of the five tanned girls and then report back to Gema. The next day, Gema will arrive at school
with a completely different appearance. His transformation is so shocking that
the five girls will spend lunch time spying on him instead of
sunbathing at the pool. This means that nobody else will be
present at the pool with Osana, which provides the player with an opportunity to eliminate her without any witnesses. Well, actually, there will be one other obstacle to deal with…but I’ll describe that in another video. Here’s what the school’s population
currently looks like. These empty slots are reserved for future rivals, these empty slots will be occupied by students who don’t belong to any clubs, and these
empty slots represent the one club that has not yet been
added to the game. Implementing this club will be my next priority. I hope you’re going to enjoy what I have planned next! Thank you for following the development of
Yandere Simulator.

100 thoughts on “New Characters, New Clubs, New Task – Yandere Simulator August 2018 Progress Report

  1. This is a weird request but could you…make one person gay. I think that would be a good idea because you’ll have to find the other gay student and you’ll have to pay close attention to the other gays persona and how they react to things etc . So anyways thanks to anyone who reads my comment blah blah blah also the two gays could be man or woman not really a specific gender and/or could you just make a student have gender problems or having trouble coming out or whatever and I completely understand if you can’t do it or the more reasonable option…you didn’t see this comment…k peace ✌️

    (Btw I think it would distract yourself from killing and I think it would be cool if you could make it so if your with the gay character other people think your gay as well or if it’s a man people will just think your together as a couple)

  2. Well can I ask you a question….
    Why are there only Octo dogs in the cooking club can you make different foods sweets or anything that's pretty cool so that's all I have;-; by the way NEW SUBSCRIBER!!!!

  3. Isn't that black figure at the end the leader of the light music club? With like red hair and black lipstick i think..

  4. Very good on the updates it was a long wait but worth it keep them up I've been hooked ever since I played lol

  5. deberias hacer un salon o un piso mas para que estén los antiguos estudiantes como mei mio, yui rio, yuna hina,etc

  6. I really wnt to play the game but I don't have my computer right now and I don't know if you need to pay for the game yandere dev please tell me if the game is money please

  7. Like quien abla español y sigues a yandere dev para ver que cosas nuevas de yandere simulator yo quisiera algun mod nuevo y tambien pantis nuevas 👍

  8. I just want to point out one thing that is unrealistic. The kids in the school actually have hopes and dreams…

  9. I know you already have a music club with a club leader but can you maybe add 1 or 2 people for that club?

  10. In the new update I think that the Cooking club can stop you from doing stuff by offering you food, but since they seem so nice if you kidnap them they’re easier to get into mind slave mode, or because they’re so nice you can accept or decline food, and if you decline..well maybe they can’t take it that well so they either leave you alone but it lowers your rep. (If you decline it too much) or they are more ambitious and try to get you to try it, if you accept, they’ll come to you for seconds, and the more you decline the lower your rep gets each time. Just a thought tho.

  11. The first week is needed without the "deadline".
    First our hero needs to get acquainted with all the other characters, to study their habits and their routes of movement, and also to pump a little the necessary skills. And it takes some time, because it will be impossible to implement a multi-step combination, which can take a whole week just before the deadline.

    And yet – the items should not spawn at the same point every day, it would be better if they stayed the next day where we left them. It is better that a respawn occurred at the beginning of each week.

  12. You are making this game harder to play but I love that. Difficult games are my favorite. Keep up the amazing work.

  13. Btw I have a new Framing Elimination Method:
    1) Kill someone (in a location where bullies/gaming club members goes)
    2) Spill a bucket filled of blood on someone (I don't know if it's possible)
    3) Make him/her to follow you and lead him to the murder scene
    4)The bullies/GC members will snap a photo with your bloody victim
    5) He/She will be arrested

    NEW STEP…kidnap SENPAIIII ~❤️

  14. hello and sorry I would like to tell you something very important, I tried to install yandere simulator in all ways, but I can not because in one you see a pink screen and one does not install because it says to run the application and needs to install a of the following versions of the .NET Framework. v4.0.30313Ask the application manufacturer for instructions on how to obtain the appropriate version of the .NET Framework …Can you help me please

  15. what happened to some of the characters from the rainbow 6? I didn't see them on the character list. Or are they the characters that aren't in a club?

  16. Did you ever think about bringing this game to other consoles Xbox? Or is this something you may have played for later. Because I would gladly buy the game I just don't have a PC.

  17. I have been following the development of Yandere-Simulator for many years now, and i noticed, that too little attention is paid to an important aspect: The atmosphere.
    I feel like many of those new club rooms and activities kinda ruin the atmosphere of the game. I would prefer a more "traditional"/realistic environment, like in School- Anime and Manga. I can't imagine that a highschool could afford a Sci-Fi Lab, or gaming consoles. Or that they would allow to put random objects like plants all over the halls. I do understand, that this isn't the final game, many of the activities have a game-play purpose, and it doesn't necessarily need to be accurate, since it's a game, but i think that more realistic activities and environment designs would affect the atmosphere in a positive way. (More activities like: Students cleaning after school, lunch breaks in the classrooms and on the halls, students chatting with the teacher, and minimalist/locked rooms etc instead.)
    Don't get me wrong tho, I love the concept of Yandere Smiluator and I am super happy with the results of the development. Yandere Dev is doing a great job! ♥ I just think that the atmosphere in a game is super important and it seems to me that some of the added features don't fit in so well.

  18. It's pretty cool that you added in four new clubs to yandere simulator I can't wait to see you the next club and I can't wait for Osana to be fully implemented into the game keep up the good work YandereDev

  19. I think the pokemon go spoof is very clever! However i think you should win points for defeating monsters, and getting a high score should give you some kind of achievement or reward

  20. i wish some students would have different physiques and heights. It's wired every student looking similar in height, width and weight.

  21. Make their be an ability that if u dispose tha body and have some blood on u from the person u assisnated, u should be able to take the blood spread it on u and make it look like someone beat u up and blame it on a rival!

    Can u add this and give me a bit of credit for the idea if u do add it to yandere simulator

  22. You are one of the best developers I know know matter what they say online I will support what you do 😁😁😁

  23. 5:17 disappointing that he’s revealing everything about the game. Like imagine playing the game and finding these things on your own. That would be such a fun thing to find on your own. However now that every new added feature is shown it has nothing to discover.

  24. So dose the mean the rivals will come soon since the charter thing as 1 club and I think 4 or 5 rando student so that would only the he Rivals so ya

  25. Yandere Dev- what about a student who likes Yan-Chan? He is constantly stalking Yandere Chan, and taking pictures of her, talking to her, etc. He would be a very good character considering he'd be hard to get away from and hard to distract. You don't need to do this though, as it is just a suggestion and I don't know how a game works, but I figured it would be cool so please think about it 😊

  26. Yandere Dev, I have 2 questions: You will add other rivals? Or you will put the same rivals, Them will be leaders or club members? – Please Reply!

  27. You should implement a weather mechanic where, randomly, it will storm, thus changing the sports club’s routine. It could also eliminate evidence outside

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