100 thoughts on “©Nintendo | Mario Kart 8 All Selectable Characters Voices

  1. Mario: oki doki
    Luigi: Luigi
    Peach: let's go
    Daisy: Daisy
    Rosalina: lets go
    Metal Mario: Metan me
    Yoshi: dang dong
    Toad: yeah
    Koopa: Koopa koopa
    Shy guy: mengereng
    Lakitu: wo ha
    Toadete: yahoo
    Baby Mario: oh yeah
    Baby Luigi: (random words I don't know)

  2. Mario – Oki Dokie
    Luigi – WeeGee
    Peach – Let’s Go.
    Daisy – DAISY
    Rosalina – Let’s GO.
    Metal Mario – lets a Win!
    Yoshe – Ding Dong
    Toad – YAA HA
    Koopa troopa – Koopa Koopa
    Shy guy – Bing wing!
    And that’s most of the I know I could if spell the name right for the girl toad or the rest so 😛 enjoy 😀

  3. Okie dokie!, Wegee!, Lets go!, Daisy!!, Lets go, Lets a win!, ne non!, hyaaa!, tu-tu tu-tú, wewon!, Yihaaa!, Ya ho!, oh yea!, waho…ho..ho…, wuhuhu!, Yipy!, wuhu!, uh yes!, He!, Uhu!, Chiker! (I dont know what he says), Oha!, Eeehe!, Haaaa!, haha!, HA HA!, ohohooo!, ohohehehee! ,BwaAaAa!, Tanoki!!, Miau!, HA HYA!, Tluuuuuuun x2, brabraraiii, WAHAHA!, hay!

  4. This is video is the Wii U version not the Switch Version.
    – New Update –
    Mario Kart Wii Version is here!

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