Not motivated? Do this.

32 thoughts on “Not motivated? Do this.

  1. Omg for the past 2 weeks I keep seeing 444 on the clock and other places. Then I'm looking at van videos and this video has 444k views. Dude, what is going on?

  2. I agree so much with him, everything starts from our mind. We can't let our body control us. PUSH UNTIL YOU MAKE IT.

  3. Dude! You’re such a great filmmaker! Love your videos! Also, good points in the video. I’m a graphic designer and I just have to get up and create everyday. The more I create the more motivated I get. Action creates motivation 💯

  4. I love these videos, you have motivated me to experience camper van life. I hope to have one by next summer.. after battlingleukemia bone cancer the last couple months has made me think a lot differently about life and where I want to be.. I found out last week I am fully in remission. It sure made me think differently about life, I am no longer interested in spending every waking moment at work. I'm ready to experience the country with my dogs. Thank you.🙏

  5. "it's always when i let my feelings dictate my actions instead of allowing my actions to dictate my feelings." -> TOTAL GEM. thank you.

  6. I had that feeling too…your video are so inspiring…I'm a new small youtuber….Our content is almost the same but I don't know if my video are that great…can u check it out bro …I wanna learn

  7. I’m not motivator go to school even tho there are things I really really want to work for and I try but waking up at 4:30am every morning because school starts at 7:40am and gets out at 3:15pm and I don’t leave school till 4:40pm sometime 5:00pm to go home and work on homework it’s a lot it’s stressful

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