Only an Insane Person and Genius Can Solve This

Only an Insane Person and Genius Can Solve This

Only schizophrenics and geniuses can answer these three questions. The way a person answers the most straightforward questions, can reveal a lot about them, and about what’s going on in their head. Questions are used all around the world by psychologists, to find out whether an individual is a genius, or needs professional help, or both. You will say: “All right, so if I answer these questions correctly, does it mean my place is in a lyceum?” Of course it does not. In prison times, people become more creative, so your answers will just prove that you have a creative mind. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. We’ve discovered three tricky questions that can determine your true personality. Who are you: Mad Hatter or Salvador Dali? Each question will have a countdown of ten seconds. All you have to do it’s just look at the pictures, and try to figure out what’s in common in these two. The correct answer will appear right after ten seconds. So, you’ll be able to compare it with yours, and draw your own conclusions. Wait until the end, and we will reveal how this method works. Also, we’ll show you a bonus question, that will identify how creative you are, and how fast your brain is. Shall we begin? Okay. Let’s go ahead. Here’s your first question. What do a kettle and a steamboat have in common? I’ll give you 10 seconds to think. So, are you ready for the right answer? It is steam. Okay, let’s go forward. Here’s question two. What do a race car and a tornado have in common? Any ideas? Here are your 10 seconds. So, here’s the right answer. They move in circles. Aww man! All right, number three. That’s the most difficult one. What do a shoe and a pencil have in common? Ready? Go. Do you know the answer? They both leave behind a trace of their presence. Kind of like a skunk, or maybe a snail. Eww. Well, how many correct answers have you got? If none, there’s no need to worry – your state of mind is completely healthy. Except for that one over there. But, if they turned out to be completely simple, then you may have an inclination towards psychological problems. And it may be worth seeking professional advice to make sure everything’s okay. Now, this kind of test is an example of the Contraposition method, which is used to reveal the extent of someone’s awareness. If someone with a standard mind is asked the question: What do a crow and a desk have in common? They’ll probably answer nothing. To some extent they’re correct. In general, these two things can’t be compared. Now, someone with schizophrenia on the other hand, immediately searches for less prominent, deeper connections between the two objects. Without too much thinking, they might exclaim that people write letters at their desks, and a crow has feathers that can be used to write with. Aah! But, how can you tell the difference between a schizophrenic person and a real genius. The difference is that, the former will answer such questions immediately, where as a genius will need to concentrate. Discard the first most obvious, and least interesting ideas that come into their head, and come up with a truly unique answer. Now, were your answers unique? Share your results in the comments. Now it’s time for the bonus. Let’s see how creative you are, and how fast your brain is. Take a look at this picture. What animal do you see? I’ll give you ten seconds again. So, most of the people see the duck first. However, then they switch to the rabbit, which is also a correct answer. What does it mean? The key is how easily you can switch your consciousness from one image to another, and that’s the identifier how creative you are. This switch is like a creative flash inside your brain, which changes your perception of the reality, it helps to understand that the world can be seen in different ways. So, are you a new James Cameron or Albert Einstein? Did you enjoy our simple test? Share your results in the comments, and hit the like button below the video. Don’t forget to click subscribe to join us on the bright side of life.

100 thoughts on “Only an Insane Person and Genius Can Solve This

  1. I'm wondering if the main government supercomputer tabulates all these replies in a huge database as a part of our psychological profiles.

  2. Also for the last one I said they both use a rubber or rubber like material and you use them almost every day

  3. On the first question, I immediately thought of steam, but also heated water, and both used metal in their construction.
    On the second one, I also thought of speed, and/or a high rate of RPMs, and not just that they both move in circles.
    I missed the third one completely.
    Rabbit came to me just a fraction of a second before the duck.

  4. My answer will explain this

    I used to believe that the world and the government was after me, I used to believe that Aliens was about to come to Earth ( delusions )

    I used to hear negative voices in my head ( Hallucinations )

    I am also wondering if I am in the right group because this group is only having a conversation about “Schizophrenia” not ‘Bref Psychotic Disorder’ that is also Psychotic Disorder, I feel lonely, I want the group to be called the Psychosis group because I am not sure if I'm in the right place, because I only suffered from Bref Psychosis, it just makes me lonely!

    The point I am trying to make is that it is not just about people with "Schizophrenia" or "Mental Illness", is about all genetic, or other developmental disabilities, a person doesn't need to be "Insane" a person can be just simply intelligent and genetically different, and, oh, even Neurotypicals can answer this, your video is nothing, but hints and pints, or it is to easy to answer it!

  5. Correction 2
    What does a race car tire and a tornado have in common ************
    A race track is not always a circle

  6. We're taking genius lessons from a dope that said "truly unique." There are no levels of uniqueness. It means one of a kind. It's either unique, or it's not.

  7. Title: "only an insane person and genius can solve this"

    Beginning: "only shizophrenics or geniuses can solve these questions"

    Are you associating insanity with shizophrenia? even paranoid persons, shizophrenics, people struggling with depression are mostly shockingly NOT insane!

  8. 2/3 correct I said the steamboat and kettle both worked with water and they both blew steam, with the tornado and car speed but got it wrong and the last one I said they both leave marks

  9. Did you really just use ‘mad hatter’ as a synonym for schizophrenia?
    Do some research on psychology before telling people whether they are ‘insane’ or not, because having mental illness does not under any circumstances make you ‘insane’.


  10. Yeah  I got them all right and  I am searching for a psychologist to get his number and send it to the speaker who made this video.

  11. I have Deareleashion and i can have a thoughts so technical. Like my friend said he went into the bedroom and slipped on his sox .i said did you fall over .he just laughed at me . And i explain things with graphs and diagrams i can ask someone ther birthday and nearly tell them what day it is on be comes easier .like the question, only a genius can solv this i said i cant i am not a genius. When letters tell me something i have 2 apposite answers !!! Stressing .. i have had court papers and to me it doesn't explain the law and i could explain to me it is wrong !!!

  12. A pencil and a shoe require a limb or body part to move or use it. That's a better answer than leaving a trace behind which is not 100% of the time.

  13. I though similarity of the race can and tornado was that the race car has spinning wheels and the tornado spins. I got he others correctly. Well… I am going to a psychiatrist to get am ADHD diagnose so who knows. Maybe k will get diagnose with insanity xD

  14. A lyceum is something close to a high-school, and neither being a genius or a schizophrenic are what qualifies you to belong there.

  15. Im actually mentally ill but did not get these questions right.. hope peps know that this is bs😢😢 do some real research please

  16. i answered those questions simple but in the tornado one i thought that both the wheels and tornado do circural transition

  17. About the last one, i thought about the fact that they both wear off when used, and is is a better example because shoes don't always leave traces

  18. I solved the problem, but now I'm so insane I forgot the questions, so maybe I'm an absent minded genius. Please Help 🙄😒

  19. So you m very creative and extremely insane
    I’ve been doing tons of tests on YouTube about insanity and I got all the insanity answers
    Do I need to seek help ASAP?

    I also here and see things that do not exist

  20. The ship and kettle are hollow inside and can be filled up

    The tornado and race car both create a vortex. The vortex is created in the cars engine and they both gain more power with more air.

    I said the pencil and boot leave a print

    Seen both the duck and the rabbit

  21. If you think about it, insanity is merely a different way of thinking. You'd have to be a little insane to be a genius.

  22. 1they both contain water
    2 don't know
    3 don't know good
    4 duck rabbit
    what does a cow and a car have in common they both mooooooove

  23. My answers: 1.. they both create steam 2: they’re both loud, they’re both fast, they both do circles 3: didn’t even have a guess…

  24. 3: Both will geht too small one time is Also true, at least If your feet are still growing.

  25. Besides the crow and the desk I got them all correct. Anyone else? The second one was a good one it took me a couple seconds but I got it.

  26. They are both vessels
    They are both sleeves for something inside
    And so on
    I m like how many people are like me
    Or should I say
    Lord whats wrong with me

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