Paladin Artifact Traits and Appearances in Patch 7.2

Paladin Artifact Traits and Appearances in Patch 7.2

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a look at the updates
coming to the Paladin Artifact Weapons in the upcoming patch 7.2. The new patch is expanding our artifacts with
new research, new traits and a new set of apperances. In this video, I’m going to take a look at
each of the three Paladin artifact weapons to see their new traits and challenge appearances. Every artifact weapon in the game has the
same 50-point paragon trait in 7.2, Concordance of Legionfall. This is what you’ll be spending most of your
life grinding AP for. It gives your abilities a chance to proc bonus
main stat for 10 seconds, with higher points meaning a bigger stat proc. On top of that, there are three cool new traits
and one generic one that are specific to each artifact. Let’s take a look. Prot pallies will empower their Truthguard
with Bulwark of the Silver Hand, buffing damage and stamina by 10% and armor by 20%. Holy Aegis will increase your Parry chance
by 4%, which is kinda boring but hey, it doesn’t hurt. Defender of Truth lets your Ardent Defender
give you an absorb shield for 12% of your max health when it fades. It’s nice when your summons give you going
away presents. For the new Protection Golden Dragon Trait,
Blessed Stalwart causes your Judgements to buff your next Shield of the Righteous. As far as coolness factor, I think they could
safely swap that with Defender of Truth but that’s just my opinion. For their Challenge Appearance, Tank paladins
can earn the Crest of Holy Fire. It’s a shield that looks equally gorgeous
on BOTH SIDES. That’s how ballin you are. Holy Paladins start with Light of the Silver
Hand, giving them 10% damage, stamina and healing. Tyr’s Munificence buffs up the rangeof Tyr’s
Deliverance by 8 yards, and increases it’s healing and healing bonus by 20%. Stoicism reduces the damage you take for Light
of the Martyr by a considerable 15%. The golden dragon trait is called Sacred Dawn. All allies within your Light of Dawn will
take 10% more healing from your spells for 6 seconds. All these hpal traits seem kinda boring to
me, but maybe holy pallies have different standards when it comes to fun. The Challenge Appearance for the Silver Hand
is called Justice’s Flame, and it looks like this. Honestly, this isn’t one of my favourites-
I’d like to see it in some more holy colors. If you’re putting together a lime green paladin
set, though, you’ll be in business. Retribution starts with Ferocity of the Silver
Hand, granting 10% damage and Stamina. From there you’ll put four points into Righteous
Verdict, causing your Holy Power spenders to buiff your next Blade of Justice or Divine
Hammer by 20%. Blessing of the Ashbringer gives you 2000
strength whenever your Greater Blessings are active. That’s basically like an extra combat pot. For the new Golden trait, Ashbringer gets
Judge Unworthy. When you deal damage to a target with Judgement,
it has a 50% chance to spread Judgement to nearby targets. As far as Class Fantasy, I don’t know how
fair it is to spread judgement to somebody who’s just standing in the wrong place but,
hey, I DON’T PLAY A PALADIN. There’s reasons for that. For the new Ashbringer challenge appearance,
you can earn Shattered Reckoning. They meant shattered quite literally. You broke it. To earn the Challenge apperances, you’ll need
to complete a highly difficult Solo challenge scenario. Those are apparently no joke and attempts
after your first will cost you Nethershards, so you’ll need to take it pretty seriously
if you want the new appearances. In total, you’ll be able to empower your artifact
up to 92 traits, which takes over 81 trillion artifact power. To make that more realistic, you’ll be able
to collect artifact research up to a new level of 50 for a 55.2million percent increase of
AP gains. A big part of that AP grind is loaded in the
last few levels, so the gap between players should be narrower than it was in 7.1.5. All the artifact Power that you’ve put into
your old stacking trait will be refunded, so depending on how close to 54 you were you’ll
get a head start on the new traits right away. So, those are the new traits and appearances
for Paladin artifacts! Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful,
wonderful day. Bye!

20 thoughts on “Paladin Artifact Traits and Appearances in Patch 7.2

  1. As a paladin that has always wanted to hit people with my jello hammer of healing goodness, I can assure you that this is a blessing sent by the Light.

  2. Some of these appearances are not my favorite. Kind of a bummer that so many of the paladin appearance do not go well with transmog gear. Of all the transmogs I've put together, the paladin is perhaps the most challenging due to the coloration of armor sets and the appearances of their artifacts. Thanks for putting this video together, Hazel…very informative as always!

  3. Hazel you can't just skip the biggest thing for prot paladins, and maybe WoW, with flails! Might be a new weapon type!

  4. Way to show the most cool aspect of Prot Paladins… A FLAIL! So excited to see the animations for that when I am tanking!

  5. So that's why they nerfed justicars in pvp. Holy power spenders are going to deal more damage when you get the paragon trait

  6. Hi….what I need to do to open the new traits of my weapon?…..I have already spend all the artifact that I had to all the slots on my weapon

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