Password Protect Individual Posts, Pages Or Products In WordPress

If you want to password protect individual
WordPress posts, pages or WooCommerce products, you don’t need any third-party plugins. WordPress actually has a built-in function
to help you accomplish this. Just head to the WordPress Editor for a post,
page, or WooCommerce product you want to restrict. Then, under Publish, click Edit for the Visibility
option. Choose Password protected and enter your desired password. Then click OK. When you Publish or Update your post, it will be password protected and look like this. Because this is a core WordPress function, the process is identical for pages, WooCommerce products, or pretty much any other custom post type. One neat trick is to use the same password for multiple posts. If you do that, a user will only need to enter
the password once to gain access to all the posts using that specific password. Our last video suggestion in this video series
about how to Password Protect WordPress content comes next and is about how to protect just
a part of a WordPress post so click the recommended video above or access the link in the description
box below.

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