Hold on, I gotta drink my water real quick. Oh god… Hurry up, whore. [ Weed. ] Alright, we get it. [Gimme a second you guys I have to go deliver a baby…] Oh, it’s big Nick dude. Fuckin’ big Nick. [ I don’t know who that is.] He’s a short guy. And Vine. *epic mlg noises xDDDD* It’s a viner, so I’m instantly not covering it. Right, who else. Is that Jacksepticeye? I don’t know any of these people. [Mate, just please do us a favor. Make sure you’re actually recording desktop audio as well so you don’t spend $200 for it to just go to waste.] What–who are these people? I don’t know any of these people. Oh, no, is that the fucking– meme? [Yeah that’s the–] [God.] No, I’m not. I’m not paying! [You have to.] Go to the search bar, and see, like… Type in specific names and see if you can fucking find anybody. Peter Griffin from Family Guy, let’s have a look… [Family man!] [Laughter] Oh, wait. No! Daym Drops! Heeeeere… Ooh, what’s good foodie fam? Your main man Daym Drops is in the– [Laughter.] [I love him. We gotta get him.] We gotta get him, uh, who’s the video for? Who’s it gonna be for? [Um (snapping fingers) should we… send this to PewDiePie?] No, but I’m–I’m Pewdiepie. My username is Pewdiepie. I’m not giving damn drops my phone number. What should he what should he say to PewDiePie? What should he say? I’m not paying $30 to have a guy say E. There you go. IT’S COMIN’! It’s comin’, it’s happenin’! It’s happening. I’m excited. LoOk At ThAt CaMeL bEhInD mE ThO ScRaTcHiN’ HiS NeCk, TuRn Up. I GoT tHe NeW ShoEs diRtY GODDA– I mean it’s canceled guys. Video’s over. Let’s get it trending please. Let’s try Michael… Michael McCrudden. Who is this video for? What should he say to carlos weed? We could go to, the dark realm. Oh god… Or… we could go into Gamers. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Okay Ahhhh, biggest waste of money in my life. How much is this one costing you? $23. My card’s gonna get declined and literally my bank’s gonna contact me and they’re gonna be like… We could get like a fitness guy and just like… Who’s Big Lenny? I want to see Big Lenny. I would like to wish you a great birthday It’s like… some guy just threatening him saying he’s like a fucking loser and then just below: Thank you. You made my bro’s day. Oh my god… the Chocolate Rain Man. We found him. Congratulations on your new release of electronic music Yeah I don’t care. Who’s this video for? You put that’s terrible at Fortnite. Oh, yeah. My mistake. Hello? Matthew don’t worry, I can help pay for your dad’s bail Swagbucks is a research website where you can get cash and gift card rewards You can fill out surveys, watch videos about products, test games and shop online to build up enough money to get your dad’s bail Wow really? *stock audio of clapping* Best of all, if you click my referral link in the description, you can get a five dollar sign up bonus today But… *slow mo oof* Thanks to Swagbucks for sponsoring this video. You got Bam Margera. What’s up John, it’s Bam Margera with my infected ass finger It’s like you pay.. you pay $40 and it’s like Every one’s the same! He opens the video by saying he’s got a fucking hand infection. Oh, fuck. Oh we got Drake Bell! What the fuck? Oh my god. Who’s Drake Bell? I don’t know who that is. my father in prison. – Wait, Kyle Massey.
– Nah. Yes. OH MY GOD (oof) Drake Bell pulled out cause he’s a… literal pussy. They sent black child crying gif, great. I had to make notes because I literally forgot what the cameos were. So for this note I just put on a word document Matthew get a job Hello Matthew! It’s granny potty mouth. How the fuck are you today? Listen… one of your friends is a little bit concerned about you….. and asked me to send you a video that *laughter* *laughter*
and go get a job. Unless you’re one of those super rich flash Twitch streamer dudes You’re not ever going to make a living at this. Being roasted by fucking Nanny McPhee Seriously… video games? Fortnite? War? Isn’t there enough bullshit going on in the world today? She’s gone senile, she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about. And if you have any spare time left or if you aren’t already in love with real life you can go back to playing Fortnite Ok honey, bye! Love you! Dab, please! Please, please! noooooooooooo She’s getting a 1 star from me. Didn’t dab. I literally gave her one star cuz she didn’t d– Right, this one’s for memeulous, I made the note memeulous is a midget, and… Look how dark the video is! I like paying $50 for a video and it’s filmed in fucking eternal darkness The fuck was that did he say me less? “Meelus” I hope you’re 5 years old because if you’re three foot 11 you better eat, boy. Start doing the Hindu squats. 500 squats a day, shouldn’t take five hours. And I’m gonna check back on you because you’re not “yameelus” I’m gonna knock you down to– He’s gonna beat the fuck outta memeulous! There you go, there’s your advice. What is that, why is he.. what, he’s having like demonic fucking twitches at the end, look. Possessed. Cory, you better not let us the fuck down. He better not, he better not. Right, let’s play it. Yo man, Pyrocynical… Yo, let’s talk about how amazing you are. MMORPG Fortnite a’ight? You know I’m saying? That sub count, seven subs. Sub count is outta control. You know what I’m sayin’? Y’know what I’m sayin’? So it all… it all just links together. *Corey hits a fat dab* OH HE DID IT! He gets a $1 tip! Holy moly, welcome back everybody is so very happy to see you back. I hope that all of your days are filled with CHOCOLATE RAIN Why does he gotta do the meme? Some stay dry and others feel the pain. Only that you stay dry Greg, that you don’t feel as much pain and that you continue to win– Feel less pain from in the prison shower May all of your best dreams and best wishes be well on their way to coming true, I’m gonna give you a big, fat… dab, am I doin’ it right? YES!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAA OH MY… Little bit hard to do with– WHAT WAS THAT? Let me just play this without audio. *some epic bass xd* But uh, in closing, I also need to clarify… apparently Greg and uh… *lots of giggles* And congratulations Greg, best of luck. “You need to stop playing that fucking Fortnite!” ThE FuCk YoU SaY tO Me YoU lItTlE sHiT?


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  2. I love the fact that he clicked on Bijuu Mike and asked if he was Jack.
    (bijuu mike jokes around saying that dantdm is his brother, jack is his cousin, and Markiplier is his dad)

    i'm tired

  3. 0:24 no he is not jacksepticeye he is a faggot who panders to 6 year old girls with yandere simulator and has a second channel exclusively for reacting to GACHA ABUSE STORIES

  4. 4:24 it says "I paid for a message from Lenny not the fat fucking lonesome loser big gay fagster chiming in with his worthless fucking input… I wanted motivation for my buddy not that fat loser calling him a pussy.. Jay i…

    Fucking great thank you" I can't stop laughing!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😆

  5. 12:03 UHM WAS I THE ONLY FREAKING ONE THAT THIS PICTURE UNLOCKED MEMORIES FROM M?!?!?!?! I- I feel like I’ve been spiritually awakened… am I the only one????

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