Personality Quiz: Which Disney Princess Am I? || Cat Rox Music

Personality Quiz: Which Disney Princess Am I? || Cat Rox Music

Hey there! Thank you so much for clicking on this video, if you’re new here, my name is Cat Rox and be very welcome to my channel. By the way, don’t worry about my hand, it’s just tendinitis, nothing much. So, here I was preparing my covers for this next month, I’m planning on covering songs from the classical Disney princesses, like Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty… So you can have an idea of what to expect! When, suddenly, a doubt started growing in me… A question… An existential crisis… But who? Which one? Which Disney Princess am I?? And there is only one way of getting the answer… Yes, internet quizzes! I know, I know you have wanted to know this for a long long time, I know! And I will give you the answer, I will. I have searched on the internet for hours and hours, for the perfect quiz to find out which Disney Princess I am. Are you ready? I don’t think I am… Let’s hold our hands! This is the moment, are you ready? *deep breath* Let’s go! Ugh, I’m so stupid! So, I found a quiz on the internet, on the website QuizPop, I’ll say this, which is obvious, but this is not sponsored. It’s just that it seemed to be the most interesting quiz out of all I’ve seen, so this is the one I’m gonna do. But before I start, place your bets! I’ve already placed mine, as you can see. Which Princess do you think I’m gonna be? My bet is on my favorite red head from the sea. If you want to, we can make this extra fun! I’m gonna leave the link for this quiz in the description box below and if you want you can join me. You can compare my answers with yours and also share with me which Princess you got! Pause this video and open the quiz. Are you ready? Let’s do this! Here we go… “For a desert island, you would take:” “A book to pass the time.” “A camera to take pictures of all the scenery and exotic animals you encounter.” “New clothes and shoes for all occasions, after all, you never know what you might find.” A Prince?? “A map to find the most different places on the island.” or “A fan to cool myself because I hate the heat.” Nope, definitely not. I like the heat, let it come. So, not the last one. A book? I like books! I really really really like books, as you can see. But, come on, we’re on an island! Like, it would be more interesting to explore it, I would say. “A camera to take pictures of everyting you encounter.” It’s a great option, a great option. “New clothes and shoes… you never know what you might find.” Sure, I need to be dazzling to impress the savage lions on the island, or the monkeys, or whatever the hell! No! “A map to find the most different places on the island.” I mean, I’d go without it. A person can go in search of the unknown, and figure it out. So, I would take the camera to take pictures, because If I was rescued, I would want a souvenir, obviously! So, that’s the one. “In a situation of difficult resolution, you tend to:” “Get away in hope that everything will be better resolved without your presence.” “Expect a ‘divine hand’ to solve your problems.” “Adapt as needed and make new allies.” “Do whatever it takes to solve the problem, even if it has a very high cost.” “Face the problem head-on, even if it seems too awful.” To “get away in hope that everything will be better”? I mean… no. I like to keep some distance, but it’s simply to keep problems from happening in the first place. But if they’re already there, I mean… No, this is not a good way to hanlde things. “Expect a ‘divine hand’ to solve your problems.” Kids, that doesn’t exist. That doens’t exist. There is no Deus Ex Machina, no “divine hands”, nothing like that. So not this one either. “Adapt as needed and make new allies.”? I mean… I would say that we can try to adapt, as a means to try to understand all the sides of the story, to try to see the big picture, and to listen to everyone’s perspectives. So, in that sense, “to adapt” or to keep an open mind in the midst of the situation, sure… However, I don’t think that’s what this is suggesting. I think this option is hinting to a two-faced kind of person and I don’t like it. So no, next! “Do whatever it takes to solve the problem, even if it has a very high cost.” No… It would clearly depend on the situation, but it seems like a very extreme approach. The last one however, to “face the problem head-on, even if it seems too awful” is always the best solution. To face our problems right away, to solve the issue right away, not making a game out of it. Even if it’s something very hard to deal with, it has to be dealt with. So, I choose the last option. “When traveling, you prefer:” “A place that has a beach, I love the sea.” Yes! But, let’s keep reading. “A place that is glamorous.” “Go to the countryside, enjoy nature.” “Go anywhere where you can learn about new cultures.” or “A cold place, preferably with snow.” NEVER! Cross the last one! Be gone! Get it out, I don’t want it! Cold?… No way. “A place that has a beach”? I already have a beach 10 minutes away from home, So… meh. I really love it, but it’s nothing new. “A place that is glamorous.”? I don’t… I don’t care much for it. “Glamorous”… “Go to the countryside, enjoy nature.”? That’s cool, but I already have nature behind my house, so… It’s also not new to me. “Go anywhere where you can learn about new cultures.”? Now that one interests me! I would really love to visit different places. A big dream of mine is to visit Japan, to get to know the culture, the country, to see everything! To try all the different foods, to experience the language. All of that is very interesting to me. So, definitely that one. “Would you describe yourself as someone:” “Docile, gentle and kind.” “Able to surprise whoever underestimates you.” “With an adventurous spirit.” “Not afraid to completely change your life.” or “Independent and powerful.”? “Docile, gentle and kind.”? Sure, I guess I’d say so… “Able to surprise whoever underestimates you.”? I’ve done it before… But… I wouldn’t say it’s something that defines me. “With an adventurous spirit.”? I mean… Yes and no. I enjoy experiencing cool new things, but I’m also very homey. I really like to be here in my safe space, with my things, chilling comfortably, happy and cosy. But… I mean, sure, if I had an opportunity to go and try something cool, I would go for it. But I’d say I’m more homey than adventurous. “Not afraid to completely change your life.”? Also yes, I’m usually not afraid to take risks and experience new things. But to change my life completely? I don’t know, I believe that if I had a good oportunity, I wouldn’t be afraid to go ahead and do it, but I was never… I was never confronted with that situation. So I believe I would, but I can’t say for sure. “Independent and powerful.”? I would love to say I am, but… I’m not there 100% yet. So, of all of these I think… “Docile, gentle and kind.” I guess… “Which one is the ideal pair for you:” Hum… Babe? If you’re watching this, I love you very much! Okay? It’s just a stupid quiz, okay? So, my ideal pair… “The one you love at first sight.” Typical Disney… “The one who spares no effort to chase after you.” “The one that surprises you, revealing an unexpected sensitivity.” “Someone who is completely different from you.” “Ideal pair? Honestly, I have not given much thought to it lately.” No… Definitely cross out this one. Because it’s been 9 years already, I don’t know what it’s like to not think of someone anymore. I already have my ideal pair! So, not the first one, love at first sight is a movie thing, it doesn’t exist, forget it. “The one who spares no effort to chase after you.”? It’s nice when the person you like tries to impress you and sweep you off your feet. Although I don’t consider it something essential. But, sure. “The one that surprises you, revealing an unexpected sensitivity.”? Yes, sensitivity is a good thing, it’s very attractive, I like it and appreciate it. “Someone who is completely different from you.”? No, not this. Having some differences, sure. Because the other person can show us and expose us to things we’ve never experienced before and we might even end up liking it. And we can do the same for them. So, that’s very interesting, to be a little different from eachother, because we can compliment one another. Now, to be completely different? I mean, no… it’s cool to have things in common, common interests. So I think I’m going for the sensitivity answer. “What are you most afraid of?” “Of myself, sometimes.” This took a dark turn, suddenly. “Of not being able to take a big step to change my life.” Okay… “Of people close to me trying to pull the rug under my feet.” “Of not being able to realize a great dream.” or “To lose the person I love the most.” Being afraid “of myself, sometimes.”? No. At least I haven’t felt anything like this for many years. So, I don’t relate with this one. “Of not being able to take a big step to change my life.”? No, I don’t think I’m afraid of this. I think that if the opportunity came that I would dive into it faster than whatever. “Of people close to me trying to pull the rug under my feet.”? Yes, this is terrible. I think deep down everyone is a bit afraid of this. But… It’s something so common already, everyone has experienced it… That, I personally feel a little… Numb to it. First, for a person to be close to me I have to know that they wouldn’t do that. And if does happen, they automatically cease being close to me. So, honestly that’s something that doesn’t worry me much. “Of not being able to realize a great dream.”? Ah… This one’s complex. Am I afraid of not being able to realize my dreams? I mean, I am… A lot. I’ve fighting for some dreams for many years, so the idea of not being able to realize them is really… sad. Very sad indeed. But it is a possibility. Not everyone is able to realize their dreams during their lifetime. And it’s a very sad reality, but it is what it is, it happens. And… Although it’s really sad, and although I’m afraid of not being able to do it, I think that the worst of all is the one below, which is “to lose the person I love the most.” That’s the one that would truly break my heart. So… yes, the last one. “Processing your result…” And it’s going to be… Belle! Aw… I also love Belle so much. “Curious, you like to learn new things” “and you’re not scared of the beasts that may appear on the way.” “You know that people may be hiding something very good behind the mean face.” “Curious”? Yes, yes I am. I love to learn new things, I love to deepen the knowledge I already have. “You’re not scared of the beasts that may appear on the way.”? These “beasts” can be interpreted as obstacles, may they be people, or events, or whatever. Am I afraid? I mean… I kinda am, but… We have to face our fears and keep going, simple as that! “You know that people may be hiding something very good behind the mean face.” Yes, obviously. We don’t know that person’s story, we don’t know what they’ve been through. So it is a pleasant surprise when we do get to know the person and understand their side and see that there is a pearl hidding inside the oister. I’m happy! I really like Belle. And what about you? What did you get? Did you like it? Share your results and opinions on the comment section below, and if you enjoyed this… silly video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, also below. This is kinda useful, it’s a permanent thumbs up. And if you want to keep watching new videos every Friday, don’t forget to subscribe also on the button down below. That said, I hope I see you next week, and until then a big kiss. Bye!

10 thoughts on “Personality Quiz: Which Disney Princess Am I? || Cat Rox Music

  1. Absolutely love this vid. 👏👏👏
    I got Ariel!!! 🧜‍♀️
    "You literally feel like a fish out of water in a few moments. But remember: nothing is more valuable than your origins and who you are, so always be faithful to it." Ps Hope your hand gets better!!!

  2. Tavas vestida com uma camisola com conchas…nas….;-; , um colar com forma de ancora, cabelo vermelho, tava msm a pedir pra calhar a Ariel :/

  3. Hope your hand gets better Cat!!. Paused it, took the test and got: snow white 😂. I think you'll get cinderella

  4. Cat, não acredito que me convenceste a fazer isto, mas calhou-me a Branca de Neve 😂😂😂

    Branca de Neve – “Gosta da natureza e das coisas simples da vida, como conversar com passarinhos e deixar a casa bem arrumadinha. Tem muitos amigos e todos dispostos a fazer tudo para ajudá-la quando precisar.”

    PS: Conversar com pássaros? Deixar a casa arrumadinha? Estes testes matam-me… 😂😂😂

  5. Para mi, la respuesta es obvia, tu eres la preciosa Sirenita! Eres atrevida para descubrí e intentar cosas nuevas y no tienes miedo de intentar, y tienes la sonrisa y personalidad adorable y alegre y feliz que ella tiene. Pero también una chispa de Bella y carácter fuerte como Jasmine. Tu si eres como las clásicas! Tu mereces ser una princesa, Cat! Espero con ansias tú próximo video! Feliz día! 😊😊👏👏😘😘💕💕💕💕

  6. I loved the video Cat! Took the test alongside you and I got Belle too, even though our answers differed at a few points XD
    (Also: I hope your hand gets better soon <3)

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