Personality Types: A WORD OF WARNING – Dreams Around The World

Personality Types: A WORD OF WARNING – Dreams Around The World

Hey Dan here. Someone recently told me
that it is crazy I don’t do more filming while I am out traveling and about I know
there are a lot of people online who let’s say a pose about an amazing lifestyle
and such and I tend to do the opposite. Actually, Natasha will bug me because
I’ve been on this trip for a week so far and I haven’t posted anything to
Instagram despite as you can see some pretty
amazing scenery going on here and so thought I would film this video both for
that reason and just because it popped into my head and something I thought
very worthy of discussing which is about personality type and judging people
maybe too early based on their type. I read a comment on the channel recently
about essentially: Hey I am NOT going to be friends with in INTJ again because I
was once and they it wasn’t good they were bad blah blah blah therefore I’ll
never do that again and that’s not good. That’s not how you
should think about personality type at all. I’ve recently been spending extra
time with two different ENTPs that I’ve known for quite a long time but spending
a prolonged period with them now and another very good friend of mine is an
ENTP so here we are three ENTPs I all know very well and I can tell you they
are almost as different as they are alike. There are definitely some
similarities in terms of how they think they all generally love to debate but
there’s a lot of differences and let me give you one of them one of my ENTP
friends I would say quite argumentative and very okay standing his ground so if
he orders say a drink out somewhere and they don’t make it right he’ll happily
say hey this isn’t how I wanted it, I’d I’d like you to remake it. On the other
hand a different ENTP friend of mine is the opposite – he will never complain, he’s
super laid-back guy and all that right and and the third ENTP is probably
somewhere in the middle so there’s a lot of differences that can happen within a
personality type you can be more caring maybe more
let’s say your values can be quite different right so one of the ENTPs
that’s close to me really cares about animals
that’s his soft spot right I could see probably at some point in his life
actually working in that area and that’s not an ENTP trait to really care about
animals and and wanna help necessarily but it is for him in particular so
before jumping to conclusions about someone I definitely recommend getting
to know them a bit better beyond their personality type things like our morals,
our values, how we’re raised, different events that have occurred in their life
can have a massive impact on us beyond our type. Now type can be a great way to
learn how to communicate to people, to get to know someone quicker to
understand them, but personally I try not to think of it right off the bat.
Actually sometimes with friends of mine people I meet I won’t get into their
personality type for weeks or even in some cases years into knowing them and
and make an effort to know them more on the individual basis rather than really
focusing on their type which for better or worse can distort things sometimes
someone will be a type that you tend to get along with well and so or you’ve
been told maybe on my channel you saw the ENFP INTJ video and you assume hey
this is this is an INTJ therefore we’re meant to be best friends and work
together and maybe they’re really evil and you shouldn’t be doing that and so
in either case whether it’s thinking really positive of a type or negative
off the bat I definitely recommend getting to know the person a bit first
and and then maybe getting to type and that will give you I think the best odds
of really getting to know someone well without maybe misclassifying them early
on and missing out on an opportunity or getting into a dangerous situation
because you assume really good things based on someone’s type without actually
getting to know them first. Thanks for watching. If you’ve enjoy
this video do hit that subscribe button hit the Bell so you’re notified of new
videos and I will catch you soon!

7 thoughts on “Personality Types: A WORD OF WARNING – Dreams Around The World

  1. I always look at the mbti personality types as the foundation of what a person is made of. It does not represent the person themselves as we are all different in our own way regardless how much we may have in common.

  2. You made a great point. I think too often people are quick to judge based on types. Kind of like zodiac signs.

  3. Hi Dan, before I got to your video, I just got this Pin about ENFPs – "We focus on creating their own way of life". Wow nice to see you doing it, inspites me to do so as opportunities rise to my surface lately.

    About that profiling, MBTI is foremost archetype based on psychological preference right? So it does help us (♂️3% ♀️4%) understand the rest of the 93% of the world population.

  4. Hi Dan, wonderful human! You helped me find me! Positive building ever since 😁 Please may you let me know what your psychology channel is called. Career calling, I'm only 44, ENFP, especially today, no INFP stirring or shadow type sneering 🙃 Have a great day 😊

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